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  • Forum Post: Perkins, Doc Rondo

    Posted 09/07/2014 10:52:37 EDT

    A little hard on Perk, aren't you boys. If  Kobe hadn't purposely taken Perk out, we more than likely have another ring. 

  • Forum Post: Celtics games no longer available on Dish Network?

    Posted 09/06/2014 10:29:44 EDT

    In response to DaCeltics' comment: [QUOTE] No way! Dish is AWESOME! GREAT customer service and customer friendly policies. They are everything I wished Comcast was when I was their customer for over 1 more »

  • Forum Post: Rondo! Make Smart our first ROY since Larry Bird!

    Posted 09/06/2014 10:26:15 EDT

    In response to kyceltic's comment: [QUOTE] In response to DaCeltics' comment: [QUOTE] He can't do it without your leadership and mentoring! [/QUOTE]  From what i've seen of Smart, if he gets ROY, Rond more »

  • Forum Post: Is Larry Sanders Walking through that Door?

    Posted 08/31/2014 12:18:53 EDT

    Rondo for Sanders, that's about as much as we're gonna get for him.

    more »

  • Forum Post: BALLMER:"hey WYCSTER, now thats how you treat and pay a DOC!"

    Posted 08/27/2014 04:57:13 EDT

    Good for him. Maybe the Clippers will do like the C's did and win in spite of Doc. Big time overrated.

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  • Forum Post: Rondo To Kings 80% Done

    Posted 08/20/2014 01:09:30 EDT

    In response to BaileyPowe's comment: [QUOTE] Actually I was appreciative. Should have added lol! Used to appreciate SnakeOil's caustic ones as well. Small but with a big zzinggg. prakash, as easy as i more »

  • Forum Post: Top 3 Celtics Players?!?

    Posted 08/19/2014 09:51:06 EDT

    In response to Karllost's comment: [QUOTE] Unless you were too young to see him, it strange more people dont list Cowens as a favorite to watch. Opinions vary and everyone has one..I get it. Just the more »

  • Forum Post: Top 3 Celtics Players?!?

    Posted 08/18/2014 04:51:30 EDT

    You did say favorites. I'm going clutch, Sam Jones, LB and Ray Allen. Who you want taking the last shot out of that bunch?

    more »

  • Forum Post: Keeping everybody happy strategy.

    Posted 08/09/2014 11:55:06 EDT

    In response to DaCeltics' comment: [QUOTE] On back to backs   1st nighters and 2nd nighters   Rondo-Bradley-Green-Sully-Faverani play 30 mins   On the second night, Smart-Thornton-Turner-Bass-Olynyk p more »

  • Forum Post: Happy birthday to the great Bob Cousy!!

    Posted 08/09/2014 11:45:36 EDT

    86 today. Wow time flies! Happy birthday to the greatest Celtic point guard ever. To say he changed the game would be an understatement.

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  • Forum Post: Would you do this?

    Posted 08/04/2014 04:21:23 EDT

    In response to hedleylamarr's comment: [QUOTE] I proposed this trade weeks ago, and you guys all said we weren't getting enough for Rondo....UGH! "Climb on my back, boys, and I'll take you home." - Ce more »

  • Forum Post: Would you do this?

    Posted 08/04/2014 04:09:38 EDT

    Yes. if we don't have to take back Jennings.

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  • Forum Post: Paul George breaks his leg

    Posted 08/03/2014 10:47:45 EDT

    Shawn Marion is an option i'm sure Bird is looking at right now.  I don't think tanking is what LB has in mind.

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  • Forum Post: Rondo responsible for murder?

    Posted 08/01/2014 03:02:41 EDT

    In response to 37stories' comment: [QUOTE] I say yes." rel="nofollow"> more »

  • Forum Post: Zeller & Smart are upgrades

    Posted 07/29/2014 12:50:27 EDT

    In response to Eldunker's comment: [QUOTE] Which team would you rather watch?       Team '13              Team '14       Rondo                 -  Smart          Bradley                -  Thornton     more »

  • Forum Post: Big Win for NBA

    Posted 07/28/2014 10:51:49 EDT

    In response to FierceBrand's comment: [QUOTE] rame This forum is for the exchange of ideas. If you want everything to be positive then go to Sam's board. Some of us are just being realistic.   Like Me more »

  • Forum Post: A. Blatche vet minimum

    Posted 07/26/2014 11:22:47 EDT

    If we were trying to win, i would like to have Blatche on this team. It's rather obvious that we're in for another year in tank mode,so we don't need him.

    more »

  • Forum Post: DOC to LAKERS..u feel me?

    Posted 07/26/2014 01:13:43 EDT

  • Forum Post: DON'T TRADE HIM, FLIP!!

    Posted 07/26/2014 01:11:48 EDT

    I am not sure the Cavs have enough to get the trade done.  There's no guarantee that Wiggins, or Bennett will ever be any where close to great players.  I think the Bulls or Warriors deals are much be more »

  • Forum Post: Why is Philly helping Cleveland?

    Posted 07/23/2014 03:17:13 EDT

    In response to hedleylamarr's comment: [QUOTE] In response to CelticGreenLP's comment: [QUOTE] In response to hedleylamarr's comment: [QUOTE] In response to BrandBreaker8's comment: [QUOTE] Hope this more »

  • Forum Post: If nothing else happens...

    Posted 07/22/2014 10:30:08 EDT

    I don't think the Nets make the playoffs, and we will fight it out with Philly for worst team in the NBA.

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  • Forum Post: Projected Future of the Current Roster

    Posted 07/22/2014 04:32:37 EDT

    Smart, Bradley, Young, Green, KO, Zeller. All the rest, get what you can for them.

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  • Forum Post: Even turner to celtics

    Posted 07/21/2014 08:57:55 EDT

    I think he is more of a 2 guard than a 3.

    more »

  • Forum Post: Even turner to celtics

    Posted 07/21/2014 08:42:41 EDT

    Unless we are trading Rondo and Green, so we can make sure we have the worst team in the league, this signing  doesn't make sense.

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  • Forum Post: 1st Rounders in 2015 and 2016

    Posted 07/19/2014 12:46:35 EDT

    I would trade Rondo as soon as possible.  If we're gonna be bad, let's at least do it right this time.

    more »

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