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  • Forum Post: Decision is in........No suspension for Lucic

    Posted 11/15/2011 01:31:05 EST

    I actually thought the concussion thing was BS (and it might be) but apparently he suffered one a few months ago, so it doesn't take much for a second occurrence.  Of course that doesn't mean Lucic is more »

  • Forum Post: Lindy Ruff's comments

    Posted 11/15/2011 01:14:06 EST

  • Forum Post: Cole Runs Over Enroth

    Posted 11/15/2011 01:10:35 EST

    A statement on the non-suspension? Clearly intended.

    more »

  • Forum Post: Big bad Bruins, bullies?

    Posted 11/15/2011 01:09:11 EST

    It's easy to look like a bully when you're big and strong and your collisions do a lot of damage.   And of course it's easy to hate a winning team. I'd rather be hated than pitied. Watching Buffalo vs more »

  • Forum Post: Things to do to Maxime LaPierre

    Posted 06/05/2011 07:23:34 EDT

    I'm really looking forward to the next few games! Win or lose, my highlight will be to see Max skating around with a broken jaw in the final fame. I think it's only right that Chara should do it. This more »

  • Forum Post: Shame shame shame

    Posted 05/17/2011 12:32:35 EDT

    LOL great job guys! Wish my students knew how easy it is to spot plaigarism :p more »

  • Forum Post: If Bergeron returns...Who should Julien take out of the lineup?

    Posted 05/17/2011 12:27:13 EDT

    In Response to Re: If Bergeron returns...Who should Julien take out of the lineup?: " Reply: Watch G1 against Tampa again (those few shifts -- a measly 9 and a half minutes of Seguin). He's no hitter more »

  • Forum Post: Seguin

    Posted 05/16/2011 11:13:10 EDT

    Boucher has all the intellectual profundity of Dr. Phil. MSc in sports psychology -- lol more »

  • Forum Post: If Bergeron returns...Who should Julien take out of the lineup?

    Posted 05/16/2011 10:46:45 EDT

    In Response to If Bergeron returns...Who should Julien take out of the lineup?:     Posted by BobbyOrrAlumni I love Recchi-the-man but Recchi-the-player is currently replaceable by an elite talent who more »

  • Forum Post: Seguin

    Posted 05/16/2011 10:42:01 EDT

    Well he's the only guy on the ice capable of outskating Tampa and doing something with the puck. He also carried the puck from end to end and got a shot on goal last game. Oh, and with about 7 minutes more »

  • Forum Post: Thomas is toast! Rask PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    Posted 05/16/2011 10:34:31 EDT

    Stop displaying your ignorance of hockey by starting useless threads.

    more »

  • Forum Post: Shame shame shame

    Posted 05/16/2011 10:23:32 EDT

    In Response to Shame shame shame: It's intriguing that some journalists did'nt report the shameful end of the match between the Bruins and Lightning. To date, only the Gazette journalists seem to have more »

  • Forum Post: Best Replacement for Bergy?

    Posted 05/16/2011 10:15:25 EDT

    If you correct for PP time, SH time and time spent playing with the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th line, Campbell's got amazing stats per minute* played in terms of hits, shots on goal, shot percentage and fac more »

  • Forum Post: Anyone else wonder this?

    Posted 05/16/2011 09:45:06 EDT

    Actually, it's rumored that he's really Keannu in disguise so makeup is a possibility.

    Sound crazy? Think again:

    more »

  • Forum Post: Seguin

    Posted 05/16/2011 09:43:13 EDT

    It's impossible not to be optimistic about him after what we witnesed. He even got in the faces of a few ppl, if you notice the scrums. I expected nothing from him at first (too early, I thought), but more »

  • Forum Post: Seguin playing on PP in Pre-Practice

    Posted 05/16/2011 09:32:13 EDT

    I agree. He should be on the PP. Anything to put some mobility and speed in the PP.


    However, keep this in mind. Seguin played over 100 minutes of PP in reg season and got one goal.


    more »

  • Forum Post: Edwards signs multi year extension with NESN! Shab fans will love this...

    Posted 05/12/2011 01:59:42 EDT

    If you can't change it, learn to love it. more »

  • Forum Post: Good Luck Seguin

    Posted 05/12/2011 01:58:39 EDT

    Fingers crossed. Rookies have been delivering the goods for the Bs for some time now. Until they score 30 goals and retire. more »

  • Forum Post: Top 5 favorite bruins of all time

    Posted 05/12/2011 01:56:30 EDT


    more »

  • Forum Post: Joe Thornton

    Posted 05/12/2011 01:51:16 EDT

    One borderline case of diving doesn't make you a diver but this was more embarrassing than Subban's PP dive. Ouch. more »

  • Forum Post: Someone please take Richards out before he gets Krecji again

    Posted 04/30/2011 08:12:56 EDT

    Yup. My only concern in this series is injuries. These dogs are obviously out to injure. more »

  • Forum Post: The Bruins MUST've set another record!

    Posted 04/30/2011 08:09:04 EDT

    Montreal broadcaster #1 today after the win: Bruins have some serious issues to deal with on the PP.

    Montreal broadcaster #2: They scored 7 even-strength goals today. I'd say they're not hurting.


    more »

  • Forum Post: "Get UP!!"

    Posted 04/19/2011 04:11:22 EDT

    I forgot I'd posted this last night lol - I just posted a link to the video in the other Jack Edwards thread :) more »

  • Forum Post: Jack Edwards

    Posted 04/19/2011 04:02:56 EDT

    He's there to call the plays and entertain. It's a tough job (ever tried?) and he does it well. I find many people hate him for not speaking like a hick or for not using improper grammer like "had he more »

  • Forum Post: Virus?

    Posted 04/19/2011 12:09:36 EDT

    Um... what if it's personal? What if his wife gave him herpes? Should he advertise it? lol more »

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