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About Me: Bruins Fan since 1970 watching with my Dad on the Black & White, with those crazy UHF stations Channel 38. Fred Cusack Score #4 Bobby Orr!!!

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  • Forum Post: Backstrum given match penalty

    Posted 04/17/2012 10:20:30 EDT

    I want to see Backstrom back in the lineup for game for...Rescind it!  I want this series to get ugly, uglier, ugliest of all the first round....Mirror Mirror on the Wall Whose the ugliest of them all more »


    Posted 04/13/2012 12:59:03 EDT

    Trading Tom Brady to Cleveland Browns what would this years draft look like: With the 4th overall pick the Patriots in a trade with Cleveland Browns for Tom Brady, the Patriots trade with Miami for th more »


    Posted 04/13/2012 12:08:34 EDT

    Would any of you so called experts, gurus, writers, wannabee coaching staff or anyone else that's affiliated with predicting the draft, ever consider trading Tom Brady to Cleveland for their entire 20 more »

  • Forum Post: Which Era Has Produced More Head Injuries???

    Posted 12/20/2011 02:09:57 EST

    Here's one for the Hockey Gurus.  The game is fast.  Collisions can't be avoided between teammates or the Competition...So how can you fix it???  I want to see Lindros, Sid the Kid, Marc Savard and ot more »

  • Forum Post: should the red line come back??????

    Posted 12/20/2011 01:53:34 EST

    Nooooooo Return of the RED LINE.  That game was too slow...Charging or leaving your feet should be called more often a penalty...This year is building year for the NHL.  The players will know what and more »

  • Forum Post: Tuukka Rask??

    Posted 12/20/2011 01:34:15 EST

    Tuukka just might get you the top or second pick if he chooses not to sign.  I believe he and Thomas should both be allstars..The Bruins haven't had a one two punch like they do now since Gilbert and more »

  • Forum Post: Deadline Deal.... Ana - Bos

    Posted 12/20/2011 01:22:19 EST

    The Bruins Have Worked On Chemistry For Forty Years!!!!   Now They Have It and You Stooges Want to Throw It Out The Window...Your as bad as some of Sportswriters we have in the Hub....The Only Trades more »

  • Forum Post: Pepe Le Pew...

    Posted 12/20/2011 01:10:27 EST

    French this, a boot in the bass is all the players in Montreal will understand anyway......Losing is ok with them and they can sleep with it...Firing players is what is needed in Montreal...Letting lo more »

  • Forum Post: 18 AND 19 - Now would be a good time

    Posted 12/20/2011 12:56:53 EST

    This game of bounces will ketch up with everyone's ability soon...Claude knows who needs to pick their games up and their minutes will tell you...#37 is the silent leader out on the ice and he'll bump more »

  • Forum Post: Question : Is Pouliot better than Wheeler

    Posted 12/20/2011 12:42:30 EST

    I don't know much about Wheeler, but I like the way Pouliot has improved his game on the third line...If Paille wasn't on the first line, it would have been fun to see PooPoo skate with Krejci & Horto more »

  • Forum Post: Hamill

    Posted 12/20/2011 12:22:40 EST

    Hamill playing well.  He can play any forward position.  Does he play defense and forecheck well??  He and Caron are seeing the most action for forwards.  Are they strong and good enough to crack the more »

  • Forum Post: Bruins Not Getting The Bounces

    Posted 12/09/2011 06:12:36 EST

    We've watched the last two games and the puck hasn't bounced the Bruins Way...Why????  Because their trying to be to cute with the puck.  Roofing more shots and totally missing the net.  Here is an ex more »

  • Forum Post: Kaberle the Hab

    Posted 12/09/2011 06:00:22 EST

    Did they have to give a number one prospect and a 1st & 2nd to get him???  To bring in Karberle, that was way too much to give up, I'm still fuming over that one.  For Montreal to get him Good Luck.. more »