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About Me: Author ALFRED HITCHCOCK FRESHLY SHOWERED, THE NEXT JAMES DEAN, AUDIE MURPHY IN VIETNAM. Read the first full account of the New England Patriots on the road to the Super Bowl: NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS WHIMSY and the 2012 season called NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS UNDRESSED. Boston is the focus of ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SPORTS IDIOCY. Football fans may enjoy COMPLEAT GRONK, a compendium of humorous pieces. Also available: RED SOX 2011: A WHIMSICAL AUTOPSY, RAJON RONDO: SUPERSTAR!, and SEX, DRUGS, SPORTS & WHIMSY (volumes 1 & 2). If you like sports movies, try GREAT SPORTS STORIES: THE LEGENDARY FILMS. All are available in paperback and as e-books on Amazon.com. Each and every book is loaded with invective and ready for download to your device.

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