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  • Forum Post: Can Ryan Lavarnway play any third base?

    Posted 02/09/2012 11:36:57 EST

    I would say that "Fisk" is an assessment that is way premature.  I can say that "Buster Posey-like" is his maximum attainable upside.  If you ask Arnie Beyeler, he will tell you that this kid can seri more »

  • Forum Post: Your favorite Chinese food in the Boston area?

    Posted 12/31/2011 12:20:06 EST

    Bernards and Golden Temple are the very best around.  But when you are a little bit further North, you should try the Great Wall in Bedford.  Nowhere near as elegant, but extremely flavorful tradition more »

  • Forum Post: If Dougie is in next year, who's out?

    Posted 11/11/2011 12:36:33 EST

    I think its highly likely that Dougie does another season in the OHL.  He won't be at least 20 yrs. old until after the end of the 2012-2013 season, and therefore, I believe he's ineligible for the AH more »

  • Forum Post: Sizemore contacted by Sox

    Posted 11/11/2011 12:05:30 EST

    Acquiring Grady Sizemore is like taking a $5MM+ solid gold anvil with you for a swim at Revere Beach.  5 surgeries, 2 reconstructed knees, 101 at bats in the last 2 seasons, just a little over 200 at more »

  • Forum Post: Who are the big names that would be considered a "home run"

    Posted 02/17/2011 12:56:02 EST

    Mikhail Grabovski and Michael Grabner.  Either of them with their speed, agility, ability to create space and time, as well as their ability TO SCORE GOALS, while remaining on the + side on D, would b more »

  • Forum Post: What are your favorite New England clam shacks?

    Posted 04/28/2010 10:30:21 EDT

    Jerry's Seafood on Route 28 in West Yarmouth was fantastic 5 years ago.  Better clams than Woodman's or Arnold's.  They had the absolute best lobster roll of all time - sauteed in drawn butter, not sl more »

  • Forum Post: Buchholz=C. Hansen MAKE THIS TRADE!

    Posted 12/31/2008 08:17:00 EST

    Actually, I have my hopes set on the Sox using Buccholz to acquire a quality young starting catcher, like Brian McCann of the Braves or Kurt Suzuki of the A's, to replace the aged and poorly hitting V more »

  • Forum Post: Anybody else a little sad?

    Posted 07/31/2008 05:51:19 EDT

    Hallelujah!!!! Could not be happier than to have put this punk on the plane myself. Manny is everything a professional should never be. He is a disgrace, and I hope he never gets to grace the HOF. Goo more »

  • Forum Post: Obama aide quits after 'monster' comment

    Posted 03/07/2008 10:34:45 EST

    Yes.� Smart or not, it was assinine of her�to call Hillary a monster ... on or off the record.� I might as well call Obama a Muslim mullah and terrorist sympathizer.� I suppose that would be brilliant more »

  • Forum Post: Ellsbury discussion

    Posted 12/30/2007 10:10:40 EST

    While I can't expect Ells to be a hall of famer, I envision him achieving Ichiro status, hitting .325 or better for 10 years, driving in around 70-80 runs (if the bottom of the Sox lineup remains stro more »

  • Forum Post: Santana wants $140 mil from Yanks or Sox

    Posted 12/14/2007 07:32:03 EST

    While I have no problem with approximately $20MM per year, and possibly giving up one major prospect, there are too many demands here for a deal. First, the Twins want Clay in addition to Jacoby - abs more »

  • Forum Post: Santana-Sox-Yanks: (closed 4:14pm)

    Posted 11/30/2007 10:32:36 EST

    Hall of fame pitcher or not (I think that's arguable) the fact remains that we do not NEED him; we may WANT him. Wanting means that the price we are willing to pay is not commensurate with buying a ne more »

  • Forum Post: Manny's weekend plans?

    Posted 02/21/2007 09:40:06 EST

    Manny needs to be Manny ... somewhere else!


    more »