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  • Forum Post: RED or DANNY BOY

    Posted 01/17/2012 12:35:40 EST

    Danny boy sucks let go all the tough guys perks,allen,west,possy and add to that no good draft picks.

  • Forum Post: OLD AND PITIFUL

    Posted 01/14/2012 01:30:35 EST

    where is AAARP when u need one,thanks danny boy u took the team to the grave.


    Posted 06/13/2011 01:01:38 EDT

    nothing to say but how about NOW-WIN-SKI

  • Forum Post: Rondo's Selfishness Really Makes Me Mad

    Posted 03/24/2011 01:24:02 EDT

    i dont no y rondo keep shooting last seconds when the game is on the line, ray allen was wide open for three, at the end of many games the other team loves rondo to take those wide open jumpers.


    Posted 03/19/2011 01:42:59 EDT

    Rondo needs a week off so he can go visit his friend perk, since the dude went south so did his game.Ray needs to step up his game and he will i promise.PP & kg need some practice, this team looks lik more »

  • Forum Post: Maybe Doc should start Arroyo a few times to motivate Rondo?

    Posted 03/16/2011 12:17:05 EDT

    He needs to forget perk cause he aint coming back,he went to fight for the thunders down under. more »


    Posted 03/15/2011 02:17:00 EDT

    Dont worry guys west is coming soon. more »


    Posted 03/15/2011 01:33:05 EDT

    He needs to get over the trade cause its making him weak from the last three weeks missing perks.

    more »

  • Forum Post: B baby is gone for weeks there is need for sheed.

    Posted 03/03/2011 01:42:05 EST

    We need another big man, in case we face chicago in the playoffs cause i wont put my money on the o neals brothers there all alike,they will play two games and go fishing for a month. more »

  • Forum Post: The new center n krstic?

    Posted 02/27/2011 01:39:45 EST

    He is good thanks danny boy what a center and he is a bench guy. more »

  • Forum Post: The aftermath Mad dog is gone, Rasheed is coming back hold on guys the deals aint over.

    Posted 02/26/2011 01:02:21 EST

    He was a good defender, we will miss him but i rather lose him now than next year for nothing, danny boy was smart bringing j green back he is a good shooter.More deals are coming look who is coming b more »

  • Forum Post: Pull the trigger danny boy! Anthony parker is our guy.

    Posted 02/24/2011 12:26:08 EST

    He can give u quality minutes off the bench,defend kobe gino and lebum. more »

  • Forum Post: Hollinger

    Posted 02/15/2011 12:14:16 EST

    He is a faker fun.

    more »

  • Forum Post: why blame rondo the captain did no show up

    Posted 02/05/2011 01:21:58 EST

    u give rondo to shot when the game is on the line like 40 sec left and they go 3 minutes with no basket that means somebody was sleeping on the switch  and the boat sunk anyway the bench guys played w more »

  • Forum Post: Pierce did not come to play against the wiz

    Posted 01/23/2011 12:04:44 EST

    some players a working very hard like kg,ray been running around many miles of screen rondo still learning your man pierce got to show up not getting into silly fouls with a team under 500. he is the more »

  • Forum Post:

    Posted 01/22/2011 11:06:21 EST

    As a captain u have to come with not less than 20 points everyday he is the top score ray is tired kg too rondo still injured he works hard anyway some few mistakes but if the captain is drunk on the more »

  • Forum Post:

    Posted 01/20/2011 01:02:43 EST

    yap i think so,so we can get another prime time shooter around the nba ,cause perks is coming back the other oneal is doing good and this guy he aint goner play again missed so many games what will ma more »

  • Forum Post: Can shaq deliver in big games am worried maybe there is need for sheed.

    Posted 01/14/2011 02:00:21 EST

    i have no clue more »

  • Forum Post:

    Posted 01/13/2011 12:15:21 EST

    A Lot of foul problems silly fouls not in good shape even with small teams i wonder with those big teams like magic and the fakers or miami come playoffs if he can play deliver if perks still have kne more »

  • Forum Post: Harangody thread

    Posted 01/08/2011 01:51:15 EST

    More play time this dude gat nose for rebounds i can feel it and he can score for sure three pointer for real even if kg and perks come back i wanna see him play. more »

  • Forum Post:

    Posted 01/05/2011 01:43:34 EST

    i think this guy can be a great player if he becomes comfortable with this team and gets more minutes can play d his offence is very good and y not if we can get a better player than him or bring rash more »

  • Forum Post: Garnett sitting court side at the Spurs game?

    Posted 01/04/2011 01:38:53 EST

    He has to come out and sit on the bench good for the ball club if they see him no one will say i did not come to play Lol  like the chicago series u saw how it ended right if he dont show up will be l more »

  • Forum Post: Wafer is playing himself into rotation

    Posted 01/04/2011 01:21:09 EST

    we need this keed out there more minutes for him he brings energy he can run with the ball very good d he can shoot just need to get losen up, with haron the only white boy he plays defence straight f more »

  • Forum Post:

    Posted 01/02/2011 01:32:53 EST

    l think he should be for the energy he brings to this ball club.

    more »

  • Forum Post: Well, well, well, FAT GLEN LOST THE GAME TODAY

    Posted 01/01/2011 02:49:35 EST

    glen is improving he is been playing great lately the problem is if your captain did not come to play you will lose your driver did not come to drive you aint going any where and daniel should have fi more »