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  • Forum Post: Todays LW: Thinking about my first boyfriend. Comment section alternative

    Posted 08/31/2012 09:37:19 EDT

    LW, it's not that C haunts you because he was your first, it's because you only have 2 relationships to compare.  "I think vanilla is better than chocolate" you might say - but then after you've had a more »

  • Forum Post: Bouncing between two exes - Comment box alternative

    Posted 01/23/2012 10:04:33 EST

    Eddie, Reese Witherspoon would probably turn this movie role down.
    more »

  • Forum Post: holy. carp.

    Posted 12/08/2011 10:29:31 EST

    I'm trying to figure out if this is a real email from a real person.  It reminds me of those parodies when a writer spoofs mass-printed "Family Christmas card Letters", like "we have had such an excit more »

  • Forum Post: Thursday, 11/10 - When Raccoons Attack

    Posted 11/10/2011 10:43:13 EST

    My true Mr. Magoo-like story:  Living in Reading after college with roommates - nice, very elderly couple next door to our house.  One day the wife approaches me in the driveway with a box.  She says more »

  • Forum Post: Wedesnday 11/9 - Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream

    Posted 11/09/2011 02:17:07 EST

    Mike Rowe or Ed Harris?  Mike Rowe, without a doubt. DG, I thinks floods in dreams usually mean you are overwhelmed with emotion. I once had a horrible nightmare where I was furniture shopping and tol more »

  • Forum Post: Photos from last weeks LL event

    Posted 10/10/2011 01:58:07 EDT

    Official spirit wear more »

  • Forum Post: Photos from last weeks LL event

    Posted 10/10/2011 01:00:07 EDT

    Schlippo or Choppers?
    more »

  • Forum Post: Why is he looking at online dating sites?

    Posted 07/20/2011 05:47:36 EDT

    If you want advice, post this to Meredith Goldstein's column in Love Letters.  You'll get hundreds of thoughts!  Personally, I don't like this and would call him out on it -  snooping or not. more »

  • Forum Post: LL Lovelies, Lurkers and Fans - I need your help.

    Posted 06/06/2011 11:32:37 EDT

    Hi J- I will have to be in the offering prayers camp, since I don't know of any specialists... I'm so sorry to hear your sad news, keep us posted!
    more »

  • Forum Post: False Advertising

    Posted 04/18/2011 05:28:08 EDT

    I reco unwrapping the npkg by date 4 - this is a serious post!  I want to know what's in there!!  We ask LW for updates, Suig, so it's only fair! more »

  • Forum Post: 3/9/2011 Letter- Shakespeare Not In Love

    Posted 03/09/2011 09:55:29 EST

    JBar keeps getting more posts which is just like any normal day.  How would you like to be me though? -  I''ve checked back to see I'm still consistently the loser post of the 4!!  :) more »

  • Forum Post: LL Word Association

    Posted 03/09/2011 09:07:51 EST

    LWhitt, you must be a smart cookie - I don't even know what a cache is!  Well, besides a store with sparkly dresses in the mall...

    more »

  • Forum Post: LL Word Association

    Posted 03/09/2011 08:47:28 EST

    Has there been some type of Armeggedon up in Boston and I just haven't heard about it yet??  Where is Globe tech support!? more »

  • Forum Post: Texting issues

    Posted 02/14/2011 10:50:54 EST

    I have a Blackberry with very small keys and am constantly typing mistakes.  Why not pick up the phone and call?  SO much easier. more »

  • Forum Post: A Question of Independence

    Posted 02/01/2011 03:35:45 EST

    Wow -DG, I can't follow a bit of this beyond the first two people are married!  Are you any of the people involved?  If not, I would ignore it all and let them drown in the drama and drink. You seem t more »

  • Forum Post: need advice - dating a person with children

    Posted 01/26/2011 02:17:11 EST

    Well, now you're just teasing us BBB - we are used to hearing about problems in one day and solving them before 5 pm - LL can't wait until August! more »

  • Forum Post: need advice - dating a person with children

    Posted 01/26/2011 01:27:27 EST

    BackBay - seems you have solved this by now so I won't chime in on that.  HOWEVER, late summer (for another BIG issue) is about 9 months from now - is that supposed to mean what I think it means!?!  I more »

  • Forum Post: what is your snow situation today?

    Posted 12/27/2010 04:50:43 EST

    got a dusting on Christmas day and that's apparently the first Christmas snow since the late 1800's ... heading to Miami now to chase the sun and swim :)

    more »

  • Forum Post: 2010: Your year in review

    Posted 12/02/2010 12:33:34 EST

    Best - health of my family and our relative financial security during this tough time (which has led to some great trips this yr.)

    Worst - lucky to not have anything come to mind!

    more »

  • Forum Post: question - regarding xmas gifts and new BF's kids

    Posted 12/02/2010 11:01:14 EST

    BBB - I'm confused!  When you were calling your bf College Guy, I really thought he was a younger grad student you were dating!!  So how could he possibly have 4 kids? I'd give them a $20 25 gift card more »

  • Forum Post: Governor of Love Letters

    Posted 10/25/2010 03:51:53 EDT

    Can I vote for Lily and PC with an absentee ballot? more »

  • Forum Post: Love Letter Teams

    Posted 10/12/2010 04:28:50 EDT

    Yesterday I volunteered to start the Team Lurkers, but I didn't know how to get an accurate head count...
    more »

  • Forum Post: Saturday 10/9 Dancing anyone?

    Posted 10/07/2010 12:37:56 EDT

    I know we've never met, but I want to wish you Happy Birthday and thank you for your thoughtful advice recently.  I'm shocked you're just 30 years young - you are very insightful!  Hope many of your f more »

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