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  • Forum Post: "u.s. a"

    Posted 03/25/2011 05:47:46 EDT

    USA chant has to go! Its absurd.

  • Forum Post: Your top 5 players that you grew up loving

    Posted 03/25/2011 05:45:59 EDT


  • Forum Post: Max Pacioretty says he’s concussion symptom free

    Posted 03/16/2011 09:30:45 EDT

    Is he broken neck free also?

    Habs/Bruins  3/24 next thursday in Boston! 

  • Forum Post: Seguin Hurt or benched?

    Posted 03/16/2011 09:29:12 EDT

    Haven't seen him all year.  He was benched with Kelly!

  • Forum Post: The door

    Posted 03/15/2011 07:53:00 EDT

    In Response to Re: The door: Boston's bruins fans you're so idiots no wonder why others hate you ... so boring in New england, this '' accident '' gave U something to talk about..for a least a year ! more »

  • Forum Post: 3/24 Habs in Boston!

    Posted 03/14/2011 06:02:46 EDT

    So, whats everybodys take on this game?  I am hoping for a crazy Boston crowd inside and out.  But, I expect the game to be a little tamer than usual because of the Max "should of seen the turnbucke" more »

  • Forum Post: Bears rumour

    Posted 03/06/2011 11:04:58 EST

    In Response to Re: Bears rumour: HUH? Id give anything to go back to the Quebec, Hartford, Winnipeg, Minnesota days but guess what?! Bettman & Jacobs are thick as thieves so forget about it Posted by more »

  • Forum Post: Taylor Hall out for the rest of the Year!

    Posted 03/05/2011 08:13:45 EST

    Don't EVER compare Hall to Sequin unless you live in a hockey envelope. We are talking about apples and a bench orange. more »

  • Forum Post: Devin Setoguchi the next targeted player on PC's list?

    Posted 02/20/2011 09:17:24 EST

    strong indications = lying through my teeth!  The Bruins are done with trading.  They aren't as strong as Philly or Tampa in the East. more »

  • Forum Post: Kaberle's Unique Skill

    Posted 02/18/2011 05:09:36 EST

    Kaberle hasn't won anything nor will he!  Bad blood on a Boston team that already lagged Philly, Pitt and Washington.   more »

  • Forum Post: Trades effect on Seguins development?

    Posted 02/18/2011 05:07:40 EST

    Seguin wasn't team canada juniors ready nor is he now NHL ready. He is a wasted roster space!  Wake up people! more »

  • Forum Post: Have to be very excited and happy today if your a REAL bruins fan

    Posted 02/18/2011 05:05:39 EST

    Real Bruins and hockey fans know this is absolutely an absurdly bad day in Boston Bruins history! It WIlL go down as the day that stopped the momentum that the Bruins have created in the last 3 years. more »

  • Forum Post: Kaberle to be new Bruins D-man in the next 72 hours

    Posted 02/17/2011 10:13:07 EST

    We don't need an old puck moving rent a defenseman!!! Stop believing the TO media.  How 'bout a puck moving or goal scoring forward?  We already tried Derek Morris.

    How soon we forget! more »

  • Forum Post: SEGUIN SITS

    Posted 02/09/2011 10:29:12 EST

    Glad he sat! more »

  • Forum Post: I'm done with this team

    Posted 01/21/2011 08:00:59 EST

    TSN has the Bruins ranked #2 in the WHOLE NHL this week, behind Vancouver. Whats wrong with you people? If this team was in TO or Montreal they would be heroes with hopes of a Stanley Cup. They are no more »

  • Forum Post: RUINS offer up another stinker

    Posted 01/21/2011 07:57:23 EST

    Its amazing that TSN has the Bruins ranked #2 in the NHL behind the Canucks. more »

  • Forum Post: Same Old Crap

    Posted 01/19/2011 04:41:15 EST

    Seguin is 18 years old! Look at your teenager and ask him to play against Chara.  He needs some years not playing time. Hes learning at a good pace.

    Stanley Cup to Boston in 2011!!

    more »

  • Forum Post: What I really missed about tonites game

    Posted 01/09/2011 09:58:34 EST


    Dude, I hope you kept your receipts from the skools you attended.
    more »

  • Forum Post: Rick Nash To Boston???

    Posted 01/08/2011 09:57:18 EST

    The Bruins get NASH and I am at every game 'til they win the cup. more »

  • Forum Post: same old c#@p

    Posted 01/04/2011 05:52:53 EST

    Bruins are in first place and maybe the best team in hockey right now and people are complaining like they are the Maple Leafs?  Give me a break. more »

  • Forum Post: More evidence that is a joke

    Posted 01/02/2011 01:41:18 EST

    TSN covers Hockey in canada first. Do you expect NESN to show the Edmonton Eskimos? Toronto has 4.5 million people, Boston has 600k, never mind Pittsburgh.  TSN is a business that covers hockey primar more »

  • Forum Post: How to Demoralize Young Players- By Claude Julien (2010 Edition)

    Posted 12/30/2010 10:25:41 EST

    The BRUINS are in First Place!!  Give me a break people and stop complaining.

    Seguin isn't ready and Thomas is going to win the Vezina.  more »

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