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  • Forum Post: Best Bruins Names Ever.

    Posted 04/07/2012 10:24:19 EDT

    Robert Gordon Orr

  • Forum Post: Do you Extend Wakefield to 2012?

    Posted 09/25/2011 12:19:42 EDT

    I have been thinking for a few years now that Wake is not being properly used, if its agreeable to him I would bring him back but not as a started but middle relief, the opposing batters would be havi more »

  • Forum Post: If the Patriots relocated who would be your new favorite team?

    Posted 08/07/2011 10:16:14 EDT

    My two favroite teams are, The Patriots and who ever is playing the jets.

    more »


    Posted 08/01/2011 05:33:00 EDT

    Well not the exact language the General used but I'm sure they couldn't be printed or posted on this site, but love the quote to bad Patton never became president. In Response to Re: AS GUARANTEED, #8 more »

  • Forum Post: Why SO much hate for Haynesworth?

    Posted 07/31/2011 10:43:56 EDT

     The Patriots are bringing him in to play Football, not to be the leader of a Boy Scout troop or drive senior citizens to the local bingo games or be a member of a local church choir. Being an SEC fan more »

  • Forum Post: Give Chad and Tom a Caption:

    Posted 07/29/2011 08:00:30 EDT

    Chad : Is this heaven? Tom : It's Foxborough Chad: Foxborough I could have sworn this was heaven. Tom : Is there a heaven? Chad : Oh yeah. It's the place where dreams can come true. Tom : Maybe this i more »

  • Forum Post: PATS Have ( Supposedly ) Just Signed...

    Posted 07/26/2011 11:22:35 EDT

    In Response to Re: PATS Have ( Supposedly ) Just Signed...: By Gil Brandt  NFL.com Senior Analyst Here are the top 20 undrafted free agents who will be snatched up in short order: 19.  Kyle Hix  OT, T more »

  • Forum Post: Give this picture a caption!

    Posted 06/27/2011 04:53:26 EDT

    Down Set Hike hike hike ....  Fumble !!!! more »

  • Forum Post: Did Theo make the right moves in the off-season?

    Posted 06/19/2011 07:12:10 EDT

    No other response is needed, well done

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  • Forum Post: Rome: "If I could go back, I'd wish he didn't get hurt but I don't think it would change my decision on the play"

    Posted 06/13/2011 11:54:45 EDT

     Mr. Rome should consider himself fortunate that it was the 2010 - 2011 version of the Bruins and not an of a number or any other years version of the Black and Gold , I can think of numerous former p more »

  • Forum Post: Is there an explanation for this madness?

    Posted 05/02/2011 04:35:12 EDT

     If the season started Today this post would have justification, but it doesn't start at least until September and after a Free Agent Period . more »

  • Forum Post: Ryan guarantees Super Bowl win (again)

    Posted 02/12/2011 05:05:16 EST

    I say why not, his mouth is big enough to stick two feet into. more »

  • Forum Post: What will most likely happen if the Jets win the superbowl?

    Posted 01/17/2011 02:17:01 EST

    My four favorite football teams are The New England Patriots, The Auburn Tigers, whoever is playing bama and whoever is playing the jets. more »

  • Forum Post: Belichick and Brady got it handed to them

    Posted 01/16/2011 08:12:54 EST

    My 4 favorite teams in football are the Patriots, Auburn Tigers, who ever is playing bama, who ever is playing the jets !!!!

    more »

  • Forum Post: Pass Rush Needed ASAP!

    Posted 09/20/2010 11:38:42 EDT

    So you think that Cinderella Sanchez looked like Joe Namath?
    I have to disagree he looked sober to me. more »

  • Forum Post: Trades?

    Posted 09/04/2010 12:07:07 EDT

    In Response to Re: Trades?: In Response to Re: Trades? : Absolutely!  If you are just one injury prone, fumbling, bad running back away from a superbowl run, Mauroney is your guy.  I'd give a 15th rou more »

  • Forum Post: Arlen Spector where are you buddy?

    Posted 05/15/2010 09:09:34 EDT

    As a member of the Warren Commission that investigated the assassination of President Kennedy Arlen is still trying to follow the path of the magic bullet so that flawed theory can for once be believa more »

  • Forum Post: Thoughts on the Millbury / Campbell interview?

    Posted 03/18/2010 08:04:07 EDT

    Campbell is absolutely right he doesn't need a mulligan for this call, he and Cooke alike both are in need of a haymaker. more »

  • Forum Post: Why?

    Posted 08/31/2009 12:56:06 EDT

     You ask why the negativity towards the Bruins may I offer my opinion on this issue. for all to many years now the Bruins have been a team of mediocrity, the Jacobs brothers have been more concerned w more »

  • Forum Post: Cuts

    Posted 08/31/2008 06:25:19 EDT

    Once again BB proves his genius,what better way to get the OL to step up and protect Brady then by having Cassell on the sidelines. more »

  • Forum Post: Obama picks Biden as VP

    Posted 08/23/2008 07:16:05 EDT

    What do I have to say about this pick? Hillary supporter here for McCain more »

  • Forum Post: Is Papelbon really serious? Or is he having fun...

    Posted 07/15/2008 01:28:04 EDT

     Real Athletes want the ball for the final outs in a baseball game, they want the basketball for the final shot of the game, they want to be on the football field kicking the game winning field goal, more »

  • Forum Post: Patriots fans steel Giants Superbowl rings

    Posted 06/12/2008 12:52:24 EDT

    Without a doubt Patriots fans are behind this heist of the Giants rings, with the going price of tin these days I am sure there is a big market for these beauties more »