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  • Forum Post: What do you think of Setti Warren's decision to run for Senate?

    Posted 05/09/2011 01:30:52 EDT

    Bring it.  That's going to be a hoot to watch.  Question from the moderator: "Mr. Warren, would you give us an outline of your achievements in the public sector?"  Response: {the sound of crickets}.

  • Forum Post: Ever had shingles?

    Posted 01/03/2011 05:49:00 EST

    A few years ago my mom had them.  Very similar to what I'm reading here.  She was a tough, I mean tough(!) old New Englander.  These brought her down.  She resorted to drugs and Lidocain patches just more »

  • Forum Post: Neil Entwistle found guilty

    Posted 06/26/2008 07:20:58 EDT

    Wow,  I'm still horrified at two things. 1) That the defense would have the testicular fortitude to try that shameful suicide theory and 2) that Neils "mother" would say what she said.  Unreal.  I hop more »