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  • Forum Post: Time For Brady to Get Off The Stage or He's Going Out on a Stretcher!

    Posted 01/21/2013 10:56:43 EST

    As a Raiders fan on the west coast and a die hard Sox fan I can understand Pats fans pain this morning, but I saw a Baltimore team last night that would not be denied. It reminded me of the 04 Sox mee more »

  • Forum Post: How about them A's!

    Posted 07/30/2012 04:22:09 EDT

    Yeah how about dem A's - Reddick, Moss, Crisp, all former Sox hands making an impact with the A's. .500 by the end of the year? you all could be right, but this A's team has an outstanding Pitching st more »

  • Forum Post: Bailey- damaged goods?

    Posted 04/04/2012 01:10:44 EDT

    "By the way are you refering to the Tom Brady tuck rule  in the playoff game against the Raiders in regards to Jan. 19 / 2002 ? "

    Yes I am, tuck rule, give me a break! more »

  • Forum Post: Bailey- damaged goods?

    Posted 04/04/2012 10:41:51 EDT

    And Reddick went yard again last night, and threw out a runner at the plate...lets see how he does over a 162 game schedule but he looks very good this spring out on the left coast more »


    Posted 02/21/2012 05:54:00 EST

    Chill Bill!

    idk, I'm in CA, close to Sacramento, that means Manny likely ends up on my playground, I'll go to a Cats AAA game and at least give him a shout... more »

  • Forum Post: Al Davis vs John Henry

    Posted 10/09/2011 06:47:20 EDT

    Your kidding me, right? For those of you who know me, I'm the odd ball here because I am a Die hard Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins, and RAIDERS fan! -- in CA. This is not even close, love him or hate, and m more »

  • Forum Post: Well done, Bruins

    Posted 06/16/2011 11:34:53 EDT

    Finally!! THANK YOU Boston Bruins!!! more »


    Posted 06/13/2011 11:45:51 EDT

    The Sox have always been the top draw for me as long as I can remember, specifically since 1975 and onwards. However, my family roots are in Mass. but in CA., so yes the Celtic's and the Bruins are re more »

  • Forum Post: What was your favorite Sox baseball card, how/when did you get it?

    Posted 02/02/2011 06:23:15 EST

    1962 Topps Yaz Card, traded for as a kid, in mint condition to this day, I also have a Topps Cal Ripken card, limited series, found at Disneyland, Anaheim in the hobby shop like ~15 years ago, at the more »

  • Forum Post: Game Day 2/1 Celtics vs. Kings

    Posted 02/02/2011 11:42:19 EST

    In Response to Re: Game Day 2/1 Celtics vs. Kings: Hi gmm21. Good to hear from another Northern CA. resident. I live just a little north of Sacramento just outside Chico.    Unfortunately I have to wo more »

  • Forum Post: Game Day 2/1 Celtics vs. Kings

    Posted 01/31/2011 11:04:24 EST

    Alright everyone, out here in Sacramento (Dustin Pedroia home town - he is a Kings fan) so thought hey why not I'll start a thread. The Kings overall record is really bad but I see this team play on a more »

  • Forum Post: Jets/Patriots Game Thread

    Posted 01/16/2011 04:32:21 EST

    I'm a die hard Sox fan, Celts and B's as well but nothing compared to the Red Sox. I'm not a Pats fan but geez oh man I want them big time today, I hate NY, this has Sox/Yanks feeling to it, come on P more »

  • Forum Post: Seymour all done..?

    Posted 09/15/2009 02:57:52 EDT

    My family is rooted in NE but I grew up in sunny CA. I love the Red Sox (Celtics, Bruins too) check my posts, since 1975 I have been a die hard fan, heck, even my 18 month old daughter at the time was more »

  • Forum Post: Coco traded to KC

    Posted 11/19/2008 05:58:47 EST

    I liked Coco, he showed allot of heart in 2008 - best of luck to Coco and thanks for all he did a RS uniform - I hope he excels in KC. In terms of this guy named Ramirez, hope there is no relation to more »

  • Forum Post: Sarah Palin vs' Hazel Mae Who's The Hottest?

    Posted 10/30/2008 09:37:36 EDT

    To answer the question, for me, this is easy, Hazel by a long shot! I'll leave it at that... more »

  • Forum Post: Industry sources-NYY will make big Manny push!

    Posted 10/30/2008 09:33:07 EDT

    Who cares, hope they overpay. more »

  • Forum Post: Lackey, Hunter "We were the best team"

    Posted 10/07/2008 11:58:31 EDT

    Does anyone recall the Mariners putting up 116 wins then losing in the 1st round to the Yanks? - that was a Lou Pinella Team, um? and Lou was in charge of the Cubs this year. You have to prove it in O more »

  • Forum Post: Do you like the Sox' chances in the postseason?

    Posted 09/24/2008 07:07:01 EDT

    Do you like the Sox' chances in the postseason? NO & wish my confidence was highwer but I just do not see it this year so if I am right, go Cubs.... more »

  • Forum Post: Face Facts - TB pitching & Manager are better

    Posted 09/11/2008 11:13:37 EDT

    No way the Dodgers get past the Cubs in round 1; I am not even worried about it. And this is allot like 05, defending 04 WS Champs, a WC entry the following season, then out in round 1. Thats the way more »

  • Forum Post: Congratulations Jon Lester!

    Posted 05/19/2008 10:03:36 EDT

    Hey Vic, your a class Yanks fan - thanks.

    Congratulations Jon Lester, you are an inspiration!!

    more »

  • Forum Post: April 30th vs Jays- Dice-K vs McGowan

    Posted 04/30/2008 10:08:55 EDT

    Hurraayy!! more »

  • Forum Post: JD for real?

    Posted 04/11/2008 05:15:52 EDT

    "How is A-Rod overpaid???� He is the best all around hitter in the game, lol."This is why I do not post here much, post your opinion then get ripped for it. IMO A-Rod is not worth the bill his money i more »

  • Forum Post: JD for real?

    Posted 04/11/2008 03:13:25 EDT

    Yes, JD is for real and he deserves the support of our fans. Trot Nixon was one of my favorite Sox players for quite some time, so when Trot was not brought back and JD was brought on board, I approve more »

  • Forum Post: April 1 - Sox/Dice-K @ Oakland/Blanton

    Posted 04/01/2008 03:08:17 EDT

    I too live on the west coast, heading out right now for Oakland - GO Sox, and Sox fans, lets be loud tonight, I know you will be out in force tonight more »

  • Forum Post: scared at the Coliseum

    Posted 03/31/2008 03:27:04 EDT

    Concerning the ruckus that is the LA Coliseum, did not know the Raiders still played there.....Rob - See you tomorrow night, also at the game against the A's, and I'd say at least a 50/50 split Sox/A' more »