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  • Forum Post: Hanley in a trade?

    Posted 02/19/2012 03:20:04 EST

    OP has been on Pych meds ...

  • Forum Post: Revis would make a good Pat

    Posted 11/30/2011 07:40:49 EST

    I agree he is allowed to hold and hang a whole lot more than any other I have seen play his position, as a matter of fact - I can't remember the last time I saw him penalized?

  • Forum Post: I Hope Wakefield Never Reaches #200

    Posted 08/21/2011 03:45:40 EDT

    He's responsible for 4 losses in the last month - what is wrong with you people? Everytime (except when he pitches against the NL, because they don't know his JUNK) he takes the mound it's a 75% chanc more »

  • Forum Post: I Hope Wakefield Never Reaches #200

    Posted 08/21/2011 07:04:43 EDT

    In Response to Re: I Hope Wakefield Never Reaches #200: Next outing for Wakefield is later this month when the Sox goes to Texas.  You can put that in the books as a loss since the Rangers absolutely more »

  • Forum Post: DL Drew Already

    Posted 07/26/2011 03:05:28 EDT

    Way Back Wakefield, needs to go... He's only good to use against the NL (because they don't know his JUNK) or for three to four innings to keep batters off kilter so when you bring in a real pitcher, more »

  • Forum Post: Scuturo is garbage

    Posted 07/26/2011 02:59:59 EDT

    Poopero is a marginal sub at best, shouldn't be a starter not here, not anywhere!!! more »

  • Forum Post: Oops! YANKS LOSE (to Oakland)

    Posted 07/24/2011 07:00:09 EDT

    All I got to say to dopey "nhsteven" is, is, is ... 

    Nothing - the scoreboard is good enough, eat your heart out New York troll boy...!!! NH - my *** Go away old man!!!

    more »

  • Forum Post: Is it possible to trade Carl Crawford?

    Posted 07/04/2011 08:02:50 EDT

    Carl Crawford is the Red Sox equal to the Yankees signing of Johny Damon, the mentality of get him away from the Red Sox, get him away from the Rays, at all costs... Didn't work out for the Yankees - more »


    Posted 07/04/2011 07:51:00 EDT

    My opinion - as far as Crawford goes basically he's been a BUST so what makes him any different then Drew...? Drew will stay for his defense. His bat is dead -as everyone knows, but late in the game w more »

  • Forum Post: What tablets are you interested in?

    Posted 02/24/2011 07:44:58 EST

    Will wait to see - and purchase the best, most productive, but cost effective unit. Will not rush to buy - like all the other lemmings did when Verizon launched the Iphone4, those individuals will be more »

  • Forum Post: Pull the pitcher Fran-coma!

    Posted 10/20/2010 07:16:52 EDT

    Goodbye FrankBona, goodbye Varijerk, goodbye Papelgone, goodbye Ellsbench, goodbye Dice K-lown, goodbye Orca-tiz, goodbye Wakemeupfield,...

    and Good Riddance

    I pray that all that comes around Cool more »

  • Forum Post: Ravens @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    Posted 10/18/2010 07:50:55 EDT

    Defense first half D - Defense second half B+ Offense first three quarters D - Offense last quarter A As far as Ray Lewis he's a Wanna Be Patriot. It's like the nieghbor next door who always wanted a more »

  • Forum Post: Pull the pitcher Fran-coma!

    Posted 08/14/2010 07:23:30 EDT

    In Response to Re: Pull the pitcher Fran-coma!: you're gonna need these guys in the playoffs Posted by Joker7 Where have you been IDIOT - there isn't going to be any playoff's for the Red Flops ...!!! more »

  • Forum Post: Ryan vs Belichick

    Posted 08/13/2010 07:37:25 EDT

    As much as I hate to say this (because I hate him, arrogant, fat clown) fat boy, crybaby Rex Ryan... more »

  • Forum Post: Which player impressed you most.

    Posted 08/13/2010 07:34:33 EDT

    Spikes, Edleman, and Hoyer ... along with the whole offensive line ! more »

  • Forum Post: Pull the pitcher Fran-coma!

    Posted 08/12/2010 05:56:57 EDT

    FrancBONEHEAD the bubbleGummer has struck again... more »

  • Forum Post: Jets make offer to Taylor

    Posted 04/12/2010 07:07:11 EDT

    Agreed - the Jets are trading for Holmes, trying to sign Taylor all the while Billy Boy is picking his a**. Honestly, I think he has lost it, he wants to run everything, the offense the defense, speci more »

  • Forum Post: Jets make offer to Taylor

    Posted 04/09/2010 05:29:26 EDT

    I heard that over lunch Ryan actually broke down in tears again when talking about the jets making the playoffs this past year, choked up over his triple "3lb" basket burger. Some (at the restuarant) more »