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  • Forum Post: Predict the AL East standings for 2013 :)

    Posted 02/03/2013 01:12:51 EST

    In response to nhsteven's comment: [QUOTE] Toronto, TB, Balt, NY, Bos. Balt may do better. [/QUOTE Damn i hate to hell to do this but i have to agree with a YANKEE FAN ON THIS 100% RIGHT ON . Sox just more »

  • Forum Post: Mike Aviles is not a SS

    Posted 04/09/2012 02:55:36 EDT

    In Response to Mike Aviles is not a SS: [QUOTE]Move him to UIF and call up Iglesias. Forget the bean counting. Thank you. Posted by hankwilliamsjr[/QUOTE] Nothing WORST to have a SS not being able to more »

  • Forum Post: Welker moving on

    Posted 02/06/2012 01:43:24 EST

    Yeah he is moving on to a local high school coach to show him how to catch a football. more »

  • Forum Post: Why is is ALWAYS Brady's fault because other players DO NOT make BIG PLAYS?

    Posted 02/06/2012 01:13:39 EST


  • Forum Post: Iglesias

    Posted 01/21/2012 03:47:53 EST

    In Response to Re: Iglesias: [QUOTE]"alex, I'll take 'light hitting shortstops" for $500" It is what it is. Posted by 86redsox[/QUOTE] Light hitters are 250---260 not someone struggling to hit 225 at more »

  • Forum Post: 2013 Hall Of Fame Candidates-Who do you believe should be voted in?

    Posted 01/10/2012 03:34:48 EST

    I find it extremely laughable that there are a few here that beleive BONDS   CLEMENS AND SOSA HAVE A CHANCE TO GET IN THE HOF .

    Good luck with that thinking
    more »

  • Forum Post: Make Punto the everyday 2B.........

    Posted 01/05/2012 12:11:56 EST

    In Response to Make Punto the everday 2B.........: [QUOTE].....and move Pedey to SS. He would make a stellar SS, certainly better than the one we have, and Punto is a solid defender as well who is muc more »

  • Forum Post: Would Ranuado, Lars Anderson and Doubront be enought to get Garza?

    Posted 12/29/2011 08:46:43 EST

    In Response to Re: Would Ranuado, Lars Anderson and Doubront be enought to get Garza?: [QUOTE]trade beckett and theo for garza and a prospect...we save 8 mil a year and get rid of a problem child..im more »

  • Forum Post: Verlander deserves MVP

    Posted 11/21/2011 05:11:04 EST

    IT WAS A NO BRAINER more »

  • Forum Post: Two Large Free Agents in the Offseason: Should the Red Sox Bid?

    Posted 10/10/2011 05:26:20 EDT

    In Response to Re: Two Large Free Agents in the Offseason: Should the Red Sox Bid?: [QUOTE]Boston does NOT have Matsuzaka returning from injury, as his contract expired. I believe they need two starte more »

  • Forum Post: Let me just throw this out to you... what do you think?

    Posted 10/10/2011 05:07:03 EDT

    In Response to Let me just throw this out to you... what do you think?: [QUOTE]Pedro Martinez seems always want to come back to Fenway and end his career as RS player.  I know he's a grandpa now and h more »

  • Forum Post: A Realistic look at 2012: Part I

    Posted 10/09/2011 07:12:45 EDT

    Some of these posts have to be by 5 year old toddlers .This dude wants Brentz who has NEVER seen a pitch from a AA PITCHER YET .This clown must be on dope or is just a BID DOPE HIMSELF. more »

  • Forum Post: Would you like to see CC Sabathia in a Red Sox uniform?

    Posted 10/09/2011 02:54:14 EDT

    I don`t beleive the sox employ a tailor that can sew a uni that big. more »

  • Forum Post: ACEVES AS CLOSER????

    Posted 10/09/2011 02:52:29 EDT

    In Response to Re: ACEVES AS CLOSER????: [QUOTE]In Response to ACEVES AS CLOSER???? :  Why not? Paps seems to have that me first mentality that proved to be a problem, can't win with him so, goodbye. more »

  • Forum Post: Derek Jeter - Dustin Pedroia comparison

    Posted 10/08/2011 03:36:22 EDT

    Moron post.

    more »

  • Forum Post: If I am New York I will tell Sabathia to BITE ME!

    Posted 10/08/2011 03:31:58 EDT

    Its well know that CC and the Lee`s are VERY close familys.With that said IMHO  he will be a CLIFF LEE teamate in 2012. more »

  • Forum Post: Tonite's Lineup - Does it Inspire Confidence?

    Posted 09/27/2011 04:13:53 EDT

    In Response to Tonite's Lineup - Does it Inspire Confidence?: [QUOTE]Lowrie hitting cleanup? Ellsbury CF Pedroia 2B Ortiz DH Lowrie 3B Gonzalez 1B Lavarnway C McDonald RF Crawford LF Scutaro SS Pitchi more »

  • Forum Post: Grade our starting Pitchers

    Posted 09/27/2011 04:09:28 EDT

    Have to BARF when you rate miller average 5th starter .You do mean girls pre -school softball i hope. more »

  • Forum Post: Tito misses Schilling

    Posted 09/27/2011 04:06:07 EDT

    In Response to Tito misses Schilling: [QUOTE]Schillling was the guy that kept everyone sharp. He was the "bad cop" to Tito's constant "good cop". That's why none of the players like Schilling. Tito's more »

  • Forum Post: Top 5 for MVP. Your pick?

    Posted 09/27/2011 03:56:19 EDT

    V   E   R   L   A   N   D   E   R more »

  • Forum Post: No Guts, No Heart, No Character

    Posted 09/22/2011 02:36:26 EDT

    Sounds like the same post that the FEW MORONS over at SAWXHEADS post on a daily basis win or lose. 

    more »

  • Forum Post: 2012 Payroll

    Posted 09/21/2011 08:21:19 EDT

    In Response to Re: 2012 Payroll: [QUOTE]In Response to Re: 2012 Payroll : I think Wake has a better chance of hanging around than Pap or David if we do need a starter.  I agree Weiland isn't ready for more »


    Posted 09/21/2011 08:08:15 EDT

    In Response to Re: COUNT SHILLING AS OFFICIALLY OFF THE BANDWAGON!: [QUOTE]I can't figure out if Communist Contrarian starts threads like this because she craves attention or is she a Yankee fan? Post more »

  • Forum Post: Ortiz: Make Aceves a starter

    Posted 09/20/2011 11:23:00 EDT

    He would  do ok but then the sox lose him for 5 days in the pen. more »

  • Forum Post: To the real Red Sox

    Posted 09/20/2011 11:20:16 EDT

    OMG 3 more years of this LACKLUSTER bum. more »