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  • Forum Post: Government shutdown complaint board

    Posted 10/01/2013 11:45:17 EDT

    If these boneheads are willing to play with people's lives for a pointless political pissing contest, then they are clearly the least essential workers in the government and should be first to have th more »

  • Forum Post: Your favorite Chinese food in the Boston area?

    Posted 01/03/2011 02:42:06 EST

    Seeing all these "recommendations" makes me weep.

    If you want real, good Chinese food and not the Americanized junk that passes as Chinese food, you need to go to Chinatown.
    more »

  • Forum Post: Best video games of the year?

    Posted 12/08/2010 08:29:01 EST

    There are so many excellent games, I actually would hold off on new releases and go for the games that were released earlier in the year or last year.  Video game prices drop quite quickly.  I've seen more »

  • Forum Post: Best Buffalo wings in New England?

    Posted 01/09/2009 10:16:13 EST

    Out of the top ten list, I've only tried Whiskey's (good but not great in my opinion but still a great deal for 15 cents). However, the best wings I've ever had are at Wing Works in Davis Square. The more »

  • Forum Post: William Flynn/Gunman in Smart Case

    Posted 01/25/2008 03:01:04 EST

    I have the complete opposite opinion. He murdered another person in cold blood and he needs to complete the sentence that was given to him. If keeping him in jail lessens the pain somewhat for the vic more »

  • Forum Post: Rivera 3yrs / $45 Million

    Posted 11/13/2007 11:24:22 EST

    That's insane money for a closer. They should invest that money in their starting pitching and make Joba their closer but the Yanks must really be in panic mode after the Torre fiasco.
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  • Forum Post: Ryan Braun NL Rookie Of Year

    Posted 11/13/2007 08:42:11 EST

    Tulowitzki should have won. Outstanding defense plus he had an amazingly productive year offensively for a SS. Braun's defense is a huge liability but unfortuanutely, that doesn't seem to matter for t more »

  • Forum Post: Mike Lowell: updates, negotiations, etc.

    Posted 11/13/2007 08:34:00 EST

    I agree. I think it would be a mistake to sign Lowell for more than 3 years. I think the 3-year, $39 million dollar deal that was supposedly on the table is perfectly reasonable, if not even a bit hig more »

  • Forum Post: Beckett Cy Young chances

    Posted 11/09/2007 09:12:43 EST

    Beckett has clearly had a Cy Young quality season and I would definitely take him over Sabathia in terms of who I would want on my team. However, objectively speaking, Sabathia had the better season. more »

  • Forum Post: henry marlins conection

    Posted 11/07/2007 09:28:49 EST

    Cabrera would be a very, very nice "consolation prize" if Lowell can't be re-signed. I would hate to part with any high level prospects but keep in mind this is a guy who is 24 and who has put up mons more »

  • Forum Post: 6 Man Rotation; why not?

    Posted 11/07/2007 09:23:15 EST

    Not really as big a deal as people are making it out to be. With the long season and the inevitable injuries that will come up, there won't really be a true 6-man rotation on a consistent basis. But t more »

  • Forum Post: Curt Schilling

    Posted 10/30/2007 04:44:25 EDT

    If he's willing to take a 1-year deal for a pay cut (no more than $10 million) then yes. However, I doubt it since Curt's pride probably won't let him take a pay cut and he will be able to get more fr more »

  • Forum Post: Lowell vs. A-Rod Pros and Cons

    Posted 10/29/2007 10:56:32 EDT

    When you win the World Series, you should try to keep the key pieces that got you there rather than making drastic moves for little or no upside, especially when you have to pay $30 million a year to more »

  • Forum Post: We could pay ARod

    Posted 10/29/2007 05:16:47 EDT

    Just because we "could" doesn't mean we "should". Every team that ARod has gone to has regressed during his time there. It's not a fluke. We should steer clear of ARod and instead hope to re-sign Lowe more »

  • Forum Post: Your Sox superstitions, rituals

    Posted 10/29/2007 09:16:31 EDT

    Dice-K can thank me for his playoff turnaround. Before Game 7 of the ALCS, I dug out a red Dice-K shirt that I had bought on clearance when Filene's basemant in Downtown crossing was closing and start more »

  • Forum Post: Poll: Schilling/Wakefield/Lowell/A-Rod?

    Posted 10/29/2007 09:10:30 EDT

    You have to separate the sentiment of just winning a WS and not let it cloud your judgment. 1. Schilling - If he's willing to take a pay-cut, then yes. He's still an effective pitcher particularly in more »

  • Forum Post: Your tribute to the Sox

    Posted 10/29/2007 06:56:01 EDT

    Thanks for a great season! What bodes well for the future is how many homegrown players, especially rookies played such a big role in the postseason this year. This is just a start of a great run with more »

  • Forum Post: Thanks for the taco, Jacoby!

    Posted 10/26/2007 12:59:59 EDT

    I forsee a major diarrhea epidemic on Oct 30th. more »

  • Forum Post: What a great game

    Posted 10/26/2007 08:47:12 EDT

    Agreed. It shows the Sox can both bludgeon and finesse you to death.

    Hopefully this will keep up in Colorado.

    more »

  • Forum Post: Poll:Who should start at first base?

    Posted 10/26/2007 08:44:18 EDT

    I personally don't think there's any question about this; you need to start Youkilis and sit Ortiz. It would be one thing if Youkilis was in a slump or something and you need the offense but he's both more »

  • Forum Post: The Thrill and Fear of Getting A-Rod

    Posted 10/25/2007 11:27:18 EDT

    I want nothing to do with A-Rod on the Red Sox. Save the $30 million a year and spend some of it on Miguel Cabrera when he becomes a free agent. more »

  • Forum Post: Who sits in Colorado?

    Posted 10/24/2007 11:15:05 EDT

    I think you need to keep it as simple as possible. Either sitting Youkilis and putting in Ortiz at 1B or simply sitting Ortiz. Sitting Lowell for Youkilis is a bad idea, you then weaken two positions more »

  • Forum Post: Congratulations Boston from Cleveland

    Posted 10/22/2007 10:25:45 EDT

    Thanks to Cleveland for an incredible series. The ALCS really showcased some of the best young players in the A.L. with Pedroia, Youkilis and Ellesbury on the Sox side and Sizemore, Victor Martinez an more »

  • Forum Post: ALCS Game 7 -- Matsuzaka vs. Westbrook

    Posted 10/21/2007 08:28:14 EDT

    I forsee a bit of shootout tonight. I think Dice-K will pitch okay but he'll have another bad inning in which he'll give up 4-5 runs in the 5th or 6th inning. However, I expect the Sox to light up Wes more »

  • Forum Post: Confident the Sox can still win series?

    Posted 10/18/2007 01:40:55 EDT

    I still think the Sox can pull it off. After all, they faced a worse situation in 2004 and managed to do it. It wouldn't be a true Red Sox World Sries run without a series with some angst. However, I more »