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  • Forum Post: Celtics-Raptors Proposal

    Posted 12/22/2014 03:45:31 EST

    Why in the world would the Raptors do this? DA is going out on a limb hoping that Green can fetch one first rounder, and you think a team is going to give up two AND take Wallace's contract?

  • Forum Post: picks

    Posted 12/22/2014 03:43:04 EST

    They have 2 left and the option to swap on another. They already used one of the Nets in the 2014 draft.

  • Forum Post: Pistons waive Josh Smith.

    Posted 12/22/2014 03:40:29 EST

    I wouldn't want him on the Celtics, but they could maybe become involved. I'm not an expert when it comes to trade exceptions, but could the $12.9 mil they got in the Rondo trade be used to pull back more »

  • Forum Post: Jeff Green for Towns on draft night.

    Posted 12/21/2014 04:11:19 EST

    If we can pull that off, swap Zeller for Durant and then move Bass and Wallace for Harden I think that team could be a solid contender.

    more »

  • Forum Post: Surprise

    Posted 12/21/2014 03:40:14 EST

    In response to billge's comment: We should score enough runs.  You are right Joe, so itcomes down to pitching an defense I agree with this completely. The lineup shouldn't be the problem if they go wi more »

  • Forum Post: Karl Towns looks like the next Tim Duncan

    Posted 12/21/2014 03:15:23 EST

    I haven't seen a whole lot of this kid, but from what I hear he's the real deal. I've seen Okafor at Duke a few times, and he is as well. Add to that Cauley-Stein and Johnson (also at a loaded Kentuck more »

  • Forum Post: Smart, Crowder, Bradley tough defenders

    Posted 12/21/2014 03:09:25 EST

    They should be able to continue the high pressure perimeter D...but when you do that, you're more likely to give the lane to your man. Wright should be able to help negate that. If he can become a pai more »

  • Forum Post: Tank or playoffs?

    Posted 12/21/2014 03:06:19 EST

    I say trade off Green, Bass, Wallace (if you can) and anyone else not in the future plans, and then have the kids go play their tails off. If they win they win...but I don't see it happening. I don't more »

  • Forum Post: Will Dallas make the playoffs this season? Did we just land a LOTTO pick for Rondo??

    Posted 12/19/2014 02:15:17 EST

    As they're currently put together they would have some serious issues if Chandler went down. I don't see them just completely tanking from here on out barring injury, but they have some serious teams more »

  • Forum Post: Will Dallas make the playoffs this season? Did we just land a LOTTO pick for Rondo??

    Posted 12/19/2014 12:53:36 EST

    That's the thing with the West. We're trying to figure out if a bad Celtics team will even miss the playoffs in the East, and a Mavs team has a real chance of missing the playoffs. I don't think you'r more »

  • Forum Post: Crowder will be the keeper

    Posted 12/19/2014 12:17:28 EST

    He's one of those guys who could become an end of the bench fan-favorite. He's developing into a pretty good 3 and D guy, but isn't going to be the player who makes or breaks your team. I can definite more »


    Posted 12/18/2014 09:33:25 EST

    I've seen some Thunder sites saying they'd think about trading to get him back. I think he could fit in well there. The Bulls or the Rockets would also be pretty solid landing spots. Pretty much any c more »


    Posted 12/18/2014 07:20:24 EST

    I think Bass would wind up being a pretty good trade. He's not going to fetch a ton, but he'd be a good piece on a contender.

    more »

  • Forum Post: Lakers offered Nash and multiple picks for Rondo

    Posted 12/18/2014 03:15:19 EST

    If there was any way to be certain the Lakers' pick this year would be top 5 I would go for that, but Rondo might help bump them jsut enough to lose that pick to the Suns. The best thing the Mavs have more »

  • Forum Post: Celtics in "Serious Talks" with Teams about Rondo

    Posted 12/17/2014 08:03:50 EST

    As long as they get something worth it for him!

    more »

  • Forum Post: Should we trade for Melo if....

    Posted 12/13/2014 11:55:49 EST

    That would be a terrible trade. Right now you have a pretty solid core and just need a star...Melo is not going to be that star for any team. It's kind of crazy, but the poster who said he's not a who more »

  • Forum Post: Sox current OF

    Posted 12/13/2014 11:22:59 EST

    Victorino should be the one left out in the cold unfortunately. You have a lot of versatility with Nava, Craig and Holt as they can play multiple positions, and Betts should be your everyday RF or CF more »

  • Forum Post: The OutField I Wanted From Santa.....

    Posted 12/13/2014 11:04:57 EST

    I wonder what you might be able to get for a package including Victorino, Brentz and Ceccini. Throw in one of the higher rated pitchers not named Owens and I think you could get a pretty decent player more »

  • Forum Post: Matt Harvey te

    Posted 12/03/2014 11:51:09 EST

    In response to ctredsoxfanhugh's comment: In response to xxcodyfxx's comment: I rather get wheeler.. Throw in marrero/cechini [/QUOTE] As in trade Marrero and Cecchini for Wheeler??? or as in trade Bo more »

  • Forum Post: M's sign Nelson Cruz pending physical

    Posted 12/02/2014 08:54:14 EST

    In response to southpaw777's comment: In response to jgallag1's comment: [QUOTE] I wouldn't say this takes them out of the running, it just means they're less desperate. It takes one of the comparable more »

  • Forum Post: Matt Harvey te

    Posted 12/02/2014 03:50:01 EST

    The big question I have in this whole thing is why would they be trading for Cespedes? Where is he going to play? You have their best young player in CF, and their two big free agent pickups in the co more »

  • Forum Post: Matt Harvey te

    Posted 12/01/2014 03:48:31 EST

    I don't see them getting rid of Harvey unless they get something amazing in return. I think the fans would be more willing to give up Wright than see him go. However, if they could pull something in f more »

  • Forum Post: A's trade Josh Donaldson to the Blue Jays

    Posted 12/01/2014 03:44:41 EST

    I don't think I would have wanted Betts or Bogaerts in a Donaldson trade. IMO he's a great player, but he's not THAT much better than Sandoval that I would be willing to give them up for him. That bei more »

  • Forum Post: Marlins Asked About Allen Craig

    Posted 12/01/2014 03:29:24 EST

    I would only move Craig if they were getting back something of equal value to what he was before the Sox/Cards WS. I think the injury completely messed him up, and that should be temporary. If he retu more »

  • Forum Post: Why not Gio Gonzalez..

    Posted 12/01/2014 03:22:25 EST

    The Nats aren't going to let go of Gio, because both Zimmerman and Fister are in the last years of their deals. They are looking to move Zimm from what I hear, and I would love to see him on the Sox. more »

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