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About Me: Grew up in Easton, MA. Currently live in VA. Obviously huge Boston sports fan.

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  • Forum Post: Jonathan Fanene released

    Posted 08/22/2012 09:53:21 EDT

    In Response to Re: Jonathan Fanene released: [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Jonathan Fanene released : Unless you know what to look for it can be very difficult to find. Additionally it is part of negotiat more »

  • Forum Post: Jonathan Fanene released

    Posted 08/22/2012 09:10:22 EDT

    The only question I have is how did the Patriots medical staff not see this? That was a pretty big contract to put out there on someone coming off an injury.  I am not here to bash the staff, but if h more »

  • Forum Post: Latest Rex prediction - Top 5 the division..

    Posted 08/19/2012 07:37:48 EDT

    I believe he also said they are one of the top 32 teams in the running for the Super Bowl this season.  Pure genius.  more »

  • Forum Post: BB does it again

    Posted 05/18/2012 01:54:10 EDT

    This coming from the third best NFL New York! Your franchise is a joke.  Even Tampa Bay has won a chapionship recently.  The Jets franchise is below the Giants and the Bills.  Bills fan more »

  • Forum Post: OK I am reminiscing not sure how many of you remember these days.....

    Posted 05/10/2012 01:35:19 EDT

    In Response to Re: OK I am reminiscing not sure how many of you remember these days.....: [QUOTE]In Response to Re: OK I am reminiscing not sure how many of you remember these days..... : I remember w more »

  • Forum Post: have espn insider?

    Posted 05/07/2012 11:00:13 EDT

    Thanks for letting us read the article.  I just can't bring myself to pay to read articles from ESPN.  Do they really need to charge us to read "insider" information? Again thanks for sharing your "in more »

  • Forum Post: The proof of interest in Wilson, and reason to CHILL OUT

    Posted 04/28/2012 01:38:30 EDT

    I was at work listening to this transaction on the NFL channel on Sirius.  At first I was a bit panicked at their reaction to this pick, but then I sat there and realized that these guys feed off each more »

  • Forum Post: If the Dolphins draft Tannehill

    Posted 04/19/2012 06:38:08 EDT

    I think one other factor is the fact that there has been coaching issues with the other teams.  The Bills have not had a consistent style of offense.  The same with the Dolphins.  The Jets have had Ry more »

  • Forum Post: really like how the draft is shaping up

    Posted 04/06/2012 03:15:57 EDT

    I agree. I feel really good about the draft.  And why shouldn't we be optomistic? We are lucky to have a great franchise and management.   more »

  • Forum Post: Welker situation

    Posted 04/05/2012 05:57:29 EDT

    In Response to Re: Welker situation: [QUOTE]I did present the actual facts.  I did not lay them out because I though you had a minimum of how the NFL works both on draft choices and contracts. My inco more »

  • Forum Post: Welker situation

    Posted 04/04/2012 09:43:24 EDT

    In Response to Re: Welker situation: [QUOTE]to echo the above it will be around $5-6M for draft picks; they usually like to save 2M for the in season stuff.  So that leaves at most $2M to sign your fr more »

  • Forum Post: Welker situation

    Posted 04/04/2012 08:21:54 EDT

    Draft choices and mid season aquistions are not going to cost anywhere near that much.  What I am trying to get across is if you pay him 12 this year, then 8 for the following two seasons.  That makes more »

  • Forum Post: Welker situation

    Posted 04/04/2012 07:54:13 EDT

    According to James Walker of ESPN, the Patriots have @ $9.4 mil in cap space as of April 2nd.  With this, shouldn't the Patriots go ahead and sign Welker to a 3 year deal, and let it be a heavy pay fo more »

  • Forum Post: WES WELKER TRADED!

    Posted 04/01/2012 05:07:51 EDT

    Well played sir.   more »


    Posted 03/30/2012 05:09:39 EDT

    If he slips into the second round and is available, I think the Patriots would take him.  It would also motivate this young man to show everyone that they made a mistake in not drafting him.  From eve more »

  • Forum Post: Yeremiah Bell

    Posted 03/25/2012 06:29:31 EDT

    I totally agree.  Bell would be a great signing.  With Brady and Ocho restructering their deals, this is a great opportunity to bring in a solid safety.  I would also like them to bring back James I., more »

  • Forum Post: Retiring from the board.

    Posted 03/24/2012 01:40:51 EDT

    So is this like a Brett Favre retirement? I am sure we will hear from you again.  Until then, enjoy.   more »

  • Forum Post: Is BB a great coach?

    Posted 03/23/2012 06:52:19 EDT

    In Response to Re: Is BB a great coach?: [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Is BB a great coach? : I agree. Completely. Hey hulk, has anybody ever told you you're Incredible? Posted by BabeParilli[/QUOTE No, b more »

  • Forum Post: Is BB a great coach?

    Posted 03/23/2012 06:28:30 EDT

    Back to the subject.  Without question, he is a great coach.  It's not only the wins and losses, but look at his coaching staff throughout the years.  He has done a great job surrounding himself with more »

  • Forum Post: Patriots' free agent re-signings/signings and releases

    Posted 03/12/2012 08:04:44 EDT

    No complaints here.  A solid player that hopefully continues to improve. more »

  • Forum Post: Five FA acquisitions that are BB type value...

    Posted 03/09/2012 02:45:57 EST

    Great post.  I tend to agree with the majority on Abraham.  I think bringing back Anderson and Carter, along with a good draft pick rusher, will be enough.  Carter's injury was nothing serious, and wo more »

  • Forum Post: Peyton Manning and Colts to Part tomorrow

    Posted 03/07/2012 08:15:18 EST

    In Response to Re: Peyton Manning and Colts to Part tomorrow: [QUOTE]Actually I think Manning will end up in the NFC West either Seahawks or Cardinals. I think Matt Flynn will wind up in Miami since P more »

  • Forum Post: Help me out here

    Posted 03/06/2012 07:42:19 EST

    I also agree to a point.  One other issue that may have affected them was to rotating of players in the backfield.  To me, there was a lack of unity.  Working together, is just as vital for the second more »

  • Forum Post: ***Receiver will be the Patriots' top priority in free agency*** Are you kiddin' me?

    Posted 03/04/2012 02:17:27 EST

    The Boston Globe has as much "inside info" as we do. The Patriots are going to go after the FA's that make the most sense for the right price.  After all this, they could go after one of the Saints WR more »

  • Forum Post: Josh Barret, Sergio Brown,Antwaun Molden,Nate Jones Who Will stay?

    Posted 03/04/2012 02:11:44 EST

    Molden is probably the only one I could see coming back.  Like some of you said, he has shown flashes of being a servicable DB.  None of them will be big losses, and I don't see too many teams beating more »

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