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  • Forum Post: NASCAR: The single-greatest sport ever!

    Posted 12/08/2011 10:56:19 EST

    Quite frankly, this post is spot on, whether you like racing or not.  The facts are in: Advertising dollars for racing dwarfs all other sports.

  • Forum Post: Concerned.

    Posted 12/08/2011 12:15:59 EST

    In my opinion, your thread is as weak as they come.  Essentially, you are attempting to override what many Bruins' professionals have already squashed.  However, your ever important baseless sentiment more »

  • Forum Post: Krejci or Bergeron, Who's #1?

    Posted 12/03/2011 08:43:05 EST

    Q: Krejci or Bergeron, Who's #1? A: Doesn't it depend on whom they match up with?  For some, one is #1; another is #2; etc...   Let's be pragmatic and say that one is 1a; the other is 1b.  However, th more »

  • Forum Post: Kokolachev Adds To Point Streak In Loss

    Posted 12/03/2011 08:38:14 EST

    From obscurity to the front burner of the Stanley Cup Champion's board.  Not bad, Koko. more »

  • Forum Post: Rutherford on Kaberle

    Posted 12/03/2011 08:36:37 EST

    In my opinion, these (Carolina) sentiments are echoes of how the B's might have been feeling.  Regardless, I was elated when the B's acquired Joe Corvo. more »

  • Forum Post: Montreal won last two- put streak aside - payback!

    Posted 11/19/2011 10:16:56 EST

    Yeah, the Habs were the last loss(es)..back in October.  Consider putting the (winning) streak aside, and realise that Montreal took the last two in a row..their division rival.  The streak they want more »

  • Forum Post: Cannon added to the rostor, Could he play?

    Posted 11/17/2011 11:33:28 EST

    If he's a returning healthy player for next year who knows the deal and has a few games under his belt, he could turn out to be quite an asset.  Right now, he a great story with lots of promise.  It's more »

  • Forum Post: The Bruins future

    Posted 11/16/2011 08:47:54 EST

    How do you think that younger players associate with the Boston Bruins, today?  Yeah, this has a lot to do with the future.  Right now, I'd say that this original 6 team is a hot item.  Way to go Cam more »

  • Forum Post: Who'll be the first to run at Seguin?

    Posted 11/16/2011 08:33:49 EST

    Dougie Hamilton will probably be at 225 by then..LoL!  EDIT: how the ^&* did I mis the Captain..sure he will have something to say.  In addition, there's McQuaid and Sedes. Bottom line: this team stan more »

  • Forum Post: Who'll be the first to run at Seguin?

    Posted 11/16/2011 06:54:52 EST

    Segs ain't a whimp.  Of course, those that play for those open hits with the inten of taking that person out of the game (or worse) are whimps..all they are good for. more »

  • Forum Post: $EGUIN'S FUTURE

    Posted 11/14/2011 01:07:47 EST

    I am sure that Segs knows that the pay will take car of itself.  In the meanwhile, take a look at teh cast he gets to play with..yeah, it's a team sport- perhaps, the most demanding in that regard.  O more »

  • Forum Post: Hamill

    Posted 11/14/2011 01:00:37 EST

    Hamill should know this: Bruins fans want all of their prospects to do well- that is natural.  Nuff said. more »

  • Forum Post: Marchand-Bergeron-Seguin...

    Posted 11/13/2011 03:51:06 EST

    Please be reminded that their performance also makes the other lines (and match-ups) better, as well. more »

  • Forum Post: "The kid is hot tonight..."

    Posted 11/13/2011 03:48:30 EST

    Ugh, which night was that? more »

  • Forum Post: I've never been so cool on this team since #4

    Posted 11/13/2011 03:45:16 EST

    I believe this team has the right type of players to make a few runs.  Their past SC performance was stellar..something real teams are made of.  Now, this real team must find new ways to win.  Of cour more »

  • Forum Post: Taylor vs. Tyler: Who is the better player?

    Posted 11/10/2011 01:03:26 EST

    Taylor might never get what Tyler got last year: his name on the Cup.  What that has done for Tyler is unbelievable..already seen the game 7 bit in the opposition's home arena..big stuff. Remember: gu more »

  • Forum Post: TYLER SEGUIN!!!!

    Posted 11/10/2011 12:57:40 EST

    Through it all, I have maintained that Tyler Seguin was THE pick of the draft.  In one year, he has begun to do the things that he did in juniors.  The fact that he has just played for a Stanley Cup t more »

  • Forum Post: Who is your choice as next manager of the Red Sox?

    Posted 10/01/2011 10:04:38 EDT

    Regardless who the manager is, they will take their marching orders from BILL JAMES- the real coach behind the scenes. more »

  • Forum Post: Why isnt Theo on the hot seat?

    Posted 10/01/2011 10:03:02 EDT

    At this junction, his stature has nothing to do with performance..more of a quell the peasants role. more »

  • Forum Post: Could the problem simply be that..

    Posted 09/30/2011 10:20:14 EDT

    Honestly, I haven't felt the Red Sox have spent their money well on "hard core" players since they resigned Trot Nixon.  It appears to me that they are constantly chasing the so-called "best available more »

  • Forum Post: Pedroia's take on Francona leaving

    Posted 09/30/2011 10:11:21 EDT

    Pedey is a winner.  Personally, I put a lot of stock in this particular winner's opinion on the matter.  His endorsement speaks volumes. more »

  • Forum Post: Let's make it easier....who should be retained?

    Posted 09/30/2011 05:03:38 EDT

    Re: Let's make it easier....who should be retained?

    more »

  • Forum Post: I really like the Corvo acquisition

    Posted 09/30/2011 04:53:53 EDT

    He's the right type of player for their team; came at a fair price.  I believe he will help stabilise this power play..a matter of time.  The Bruins will depend on Joe and will need him to stay health more »

  • Forum Post: Do you believe Ells wants to come back, now?

    Posted 09/30/2011 03:59:19 EDT

    What happens to Ells?  It sounds like he keeps to himself; close with a few players..sign of one who has one foot out the door, yeah? more »

  • Forum Post: Report: Red Sox pitchers drank beer during games on their off days

    Posted 09/30/2011 01:53:35 EDT

    ..trying to be the best that they can be- that's why they get the big bucks! more »