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About Me: I lived in metro Boston for 25 years and summered in Scituate for over 20, as well. Emmanuel and Boston College degrees. Have currently 11 inside cats, taken from the street, feed 5 ferals whom I trapped, neutered and returned and they come every day for breakfast and supper, and we have 6 insulated feral cat shelters on our property which some use every day. We also had 5 dogs, one at a time, all from shelters, whom we adopted and they are all in heaven now. Retired, married and am now 65 years old. My husband is wonderfully supportive of what I (we)do and is very helpful. Consider Boston to be H-O-M-E. Not a lover of NYC, where we live in a suburb style house. Rarely go to Manhattan even though it's close by! What for?

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  • Forum Post: Downsizing

    Posted 06/03/2011 04:19:42 EDT

    Where are people moving to that is on the lower end ($350,000) for a house?  Close at hand to Boston and a train?  No kids, no desire for a condo or townhouse or gated community of any kind.  

  • Forum Post: What do you love about West Roxbury?

    Posted 10/28/2010 12:19:01 EDT

    In Response to Re: What do you love about West Roxbury?: Carol, Actually, of all the communities in Boston, I would choose W.R. as my "town", so don't get me wrong that I think that it isn't a great p more »

  • Forum Post: What do you love about West Roxbury?

    Posted 10/27/2010 11:26:26 EDT

    Hmmm.  I grew up in Scituate in the summertime (we are talking 1960 onwards) and had neighbors from West Roxbury (winter home).  I must say that (being a New Yorker of Irish ancestry who lived in Scit more »

  • Forum Post: Tips on staying green this summer?

    Posted 10/10/2010 07:42:22 EDT

    We decided that it would be a not-green thing to update our 1989 kitchen with its formica counters and cabinets.  The kitchen is in excellent repair and works great, so we decided that it would be wro more »

  • Forum Post: How did you choose your realtor?

    Posted 09/25/2010 02:58:19 EDT

    We decided to use a realtor based on how realistic s/he was re: the true selling price on a home.  We saw so many who would say the house is worth $850,000 and keep dropping the price over a year's ti more »

  • Forum Post: Home Staging

    Posted 08/27/2010 11:12:30 EDT

    We hope to move back to metro Boston in a few years. I know that staging increases the sale price of your home - or, I see that claim on HDTV and in all manner of articles about selling your house. Bu more »

  • Forum Post: What to Do with a Cat that Won't Stop Crying?

    Posted 08/04/2010 12:06:35 EDT

    Your roommate does not deserve this poor kitty.  And the kitty certainly does not deserve a neglecting human caretakers. Go to, look for the cat rescue groups in your area by zip code, g more »

  • Forum Post: Mother sues party mates of dead teen

    Posted 01/15/2010 02:02:22 EST

    The only person who really ought to be sued is the adult who allowed the party to take place in her home.  The kids should not be sued.

    more »

  • Forum Post: Have you ever met anyone famous?

    Posted 07/08/2009 08:29:07 EDT

    I have met or literally run into famous people, but, as a rule, I feel as if I am invading their privacy and don't speak, just smile if they smile at me (knowing that I recognize them). I have run int more »

  • Forum Post: Have you ever met anyone famous?

    Posted 07/08/2009 08:24:36 EDT

    In Response to Re: Have you ever met anyone famous?: having dinner at the bacarat room in Caesar's palace in Las Vegas, I saw Steve Lawrence and Eyde Gorme.  I quickly went over to them and introduced more »

  • Forum Post: Suspects dismember and cook victim

    Posted 06/17/2009 11:15:49 EDT

    He did a job that most Americans don't want to do.. I salute him for his.. service to the.. community. Why are virtually all ILLEGAL ALIENS described as hard working. I have no doubt they worked hard more »

  • Forum Post: What can you never give up?

    Posted 10/13/2008 04:32:36 EDT

    I cut my own long hair and wear a little make-up for special ocassions or appointments.

    Who needs to spend on beauticians? more »

  • Forum Post: Just keep in mind: Biden voted to go into Iraq

    Posted 08/25/2008 06:59:38 EDT

    Obama can't afford to mention it, but I will: He said he was the candidate for change and stuff about how he didn't support the war in Iraq, etc. but he didn't say that Biden did. (I read the transcri more »

  • Forum Post: Best way to save money on a wedding

    Posted 08/17/2008 08:32:48 EDT

    It must be said first that I was married late in life (first marriage) at age 47, and my husband was a widower. Therefore, we were not concerned about having videos for our children to have, etc. Neve more »