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  • Forum Post: Savard traded for Heatley

    Posted 06/28/2010 03:10:35 EDT

    In Response to Re: Savard traded for Heatley: The town crier was just outside my window and yelled out "Thomas and Ryder were just traded for conditional draft picks no money coming back" Sorry he too more »

  • Forum Post: If B's bring in new player without giving up roster body, who sits?

    Posted 02/11/2010 05:04:04 EST

    i think ryder is getting tons of scoring opportunities but like every one else he is just having trouble putting it in. well see what happens the rest of the week/ after the break more »

  • Forum Post: White Collar fans should give their tickets to Blue Collar fans

    Posted 12/16/2009 07:47:23 EST

    its cuz of the luxury seats. especially when its a bad weather game, people dont sit in their seats they go up in the warmth and watch from there, those red seats are the most quiet in the stadium more »

  • Forum Post: Absolute Disgrace...

    Posted 11/02/2009 01:17:11 EST

    In Response to Absolute Disgrace...: an 80% decrease in season tickets sales. It's about time the majority of the fans decided to take a stand and not stand for this cra p. Posted by Dfury there is 5, more »

  • Forum Post: Media Hates the Pats

    Posted 10/27/2009 01:45:59 EDT

    who cares more »

  • Forum Post: Steven Jackson...

    Posted 10/27/2009 12:31:58 EDT

    the pats are a pass heavy team, i dont think that big of a move is necessary.the one thing about the pats RB's it seems no one can really get a rythm going cuz they substitute out all the time..we sha more »

  • Forum Post: The ignorance on these boards make me ashamed to be a B's fan

    Posted 10/26/2009 02:12:25 EDT

    i wouldn't neccessarily say im ashamed to be a fan because of a handfull of yahoos on it is quite annoying when fans are already talking about how jacobs is awful and the team isnt good en more »

  • Forum Post: Lucic....Big...Strong...Overated?

    Posted 10/03/2009 05:06:42 EDT

    In Response to Re: Lucic....Big...Strong...Overated?: As long as Lucic keeps playing with an edge he will be a cornerstone for the next 10 yrs., he's actually underated in terms of what his prescense more »

  • Forum Post: A Peak at Things to Come??? 5 Reasons Kessel will be sorely missed.

    Posted 10/03/2009 03:12:04 EDT

    get off kessels nut. for christs sake its the first game. they will soon prove that the DONT need goldy locks more »

  • Forum Post: KEEP PHIL THE THRILL!!

    Posted 09/15/2009 09:49:45 EDT

    In Response to Re: KEEP PHIL THE THRILL!!: this is such b.s. enough with the ridiculous kessel posts already.c'mon guys get off this keg already it's so stupid!I mean wait til he actually signs a cont more »