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  • Forum Post: Tell us your favorite New England ice cream spot

    Posted 05/27/2013 09:35:19 EDT

    Mapleline Farm in Hadley, MA They use the milk from their own Jersey cows to make the ice cream.

  • Forum Post: Hedgehogs

    Posted 04/01/2011 09:40:15 EDT is a good place to get more info about owning hedgehogs Smile

    Dr. Graham posted a great response above Laughing She is an awesome vet if your small pet ever needs vet care Smile

  • Forum Post: Best Water Fountain For My Cat

    Posted 02/02/2011 08:10:58 EST

    I have the basic Drinkwell fountain. There's also a deluxe version. It works well for my two cats. A little noisy but it's kind of like an aquarium air pump-like noise. I second the web si more »

  • Forum Post: Fat Cat - won't follow diet

    Posted 02/02/2011 08:05:21 EST

    Here are tips on how to get a cat to safely lose weight: The web site also has tips on how to get stubborn dry food addict to eat canned food, which is so much h more »

  • Forum Post: Cat with litter box problems

    Posted 12/27/2010 09:22:46 EST

    Keep at least 2 litter boxes and make sure to scoop frequently. Cats hate dirty litter boxes. There are more tips here on how to solve litter box problems: You can t more »

  • Forum Post: feline acromegaly

    Posted 10/17/2010 10:31:59 EDT

    If you haven't already, check out There is a wealth of information there on how to manage your cat's diabetes in conjunction with your vet's advice and treatment. There's more »

  • Forum Post: Older Female Cat Suddenly Having Litter Box Problems (yuck!)

    Posted 08/06/2010 08:04:46 EDT

    In Response to Older Female Cat Suddenly Having Litter Box Problems (yuck!): This web site lists common reasons why a cat will stop using the litter box and how to solve the problem: http://catinfo.or more »

  • Forum Post: Cat has bad breath and picks at her food

    Posted 08/06/2010 08:02:48 EDT

    In Response to Re: Cat gaining weight: Any tips on the best way to get a cat's weight down? My cat should lose a pound or two to be at a healthy weight, and I don't want him to get heavier. Thanks. Po more »

  • Forum Post: Obsessive water drinking?

    Posted 08/06/2010 08:00:48 EDT

    In Response to Obsessive water drinking?: Excessive drinking could be a sign of diabetes. Other signs include excessive hunger and weight loss. I would have the vet do a check up and bloodwork to rule more »

  • Forum Post: any low cost vet care out there?

    Posted 08/04/2010 12:19:13 EDT

    In Response to any low cost vet care out there?: I'm hoping somebody out there might help me out! I have an older cat ( 10+ years ) who is on daily medication for hyperthyroidism. He is due for a vet more »