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  • Forum Post: Your thoughts on easier access to the morning-after pill?

    Posted 06/21/2013 11:37:13 EDT

    Let's provide young women that are victims of familial abuse and molestation, and have parents or guardians that they are unable to communicate with, the means to care for themselves and preserve them more »

  • Forum Post: how long will you stay in a waiting room to see a DR?

    Posted 06/03/2011 12:45:06 EDT

    A suggestion, always call ahead and ask if the physician (or other service provider) is on time.  If you have a later appt or a specific window of time inform the office asst or manager of your requir more »

  • Forum Post: Favorite apps?

    Posted 04/14/2011 05:09:15 EDT

    I use Calorie Counter.  It's easy to monitor your daily diet and exercise.  Simple to use and a great tool (and that's the free version (!), the full version is likely superior in some features - if a more »

  • Forum Post: Your favorite Chinese food in the Boston area?

    Posted 12/28/2010 08:59:00 EST

    Yes, Chef Chow's - definitely the place to stop at Coolidge Corner.  And, Chef Chang's, my other Brookline favorite, is missed. 

    Deciding between "Chefs" was always a win-win situation!
    more »

  • Forum Post: Your favorite Chinese food in the Boston area?

    Posted 12/28/2010 05:03:44 EST

    Further out metrowest way, Lotus Blossom on Route 20 in Sudbury is a good choice.   There are many good restaurants mentioned in these comments, choosing one depends on how far you wish to travel or w more »

  • Forum Post: New Pets site is live

    Posted 10/27/2010 02:17:16 EDT

    First, please see my response to the post above. Thank you for your answer to my post.  It's very thorough but I believe you misunderstood my point - the stories in question belong in  newspaper secti more »

  • Forum Post: New Pets site is live

    Posted 10/27/2010 02:04:39 EDT

    Yes, I care about all animals, domestic, wild, on the land, in the sky, seas, etc, not just the cats and dogs in my family.  That's not the point.   I find the classification of appalling crimes as "p more »

  • Forum Post: How to cook full artichoke....help please!

    Posted 09/25/2010 10:49:31 EDT

    Wow!  My appreciation to all that posted their advice for preparing artichokes.  I've prepared mine by trimming stem and tough outer leaves, then a bit off the top, and steaming in a basket for approx more »

  • Forum Post: Do you let your dog sleep in your bed

    Posted 09/25/2010 10:38:52 EDT

    One of our 3 dogs sleeps in bed.  He's a small rat terrier, and loves to work his way under the covers to snuggle through the night. Two other dogs are too large (45 lbs and 90 lbs) to sleep in bed an more »

  • Forum Post: New Pets site is live

    Posted 09/25/2010 10:33:31 EDT

    I just posted this note in the comments section of a story and then I found this thread; perhaps it will gain appropriate attention here. __________________________ portiaperu wrote: To the Globe edit more »

  • Forum Post: What's in your fridge?

    Posted 08/25/2010 10:12:06 EDT

    Our refrigerator is stuffed to the max.  I love to cook, and keep an array of ingredients to create our evening meals.  The only downside is trying to find something I need quickly in the stacks on th more »

  • Forum Post: Quirky fast food items

    Posted 04/16/2010 04:14:58 EDT

    Shouldn't these be called fast food killers?  Disclosure:  I don't eat fast food.  Never have and never will - the offerings appear to be getting more outrageous and hence damaging to your health as t more »

  • Forum Post: How do you earn extra cash

    Posted 04/13/2010 10:08:17 EDT

    I sell used books on amazon.   When I've finished a book and decide I won't be reading it again or keeping it for reference, I list it on amazon and use the funds to purchase the next books my family more »

  • Forum Post: Are receptionists obsolete?

    Posted 03/09/2010 02:02:03 EST

    There is not any worse first impression than having clients walk into an empty waiting room without someone to greet, direct, and answer questions.  Receptionists add value to a company.  If you don't more »

  • Forum Post: Summer camp -- Magazine

    Posted 04/20/2009 12:00:12 EDT

    My children went to summer camp programs for 4 weeks each summer for several years when they were in elementary and middle school. The camps are located in New Hampshire and Maine. I selected camps ba more »

  • Forum Post: Odd Thank you Note

    Posted 04/07/2009 03:41:26 EDT

    The recipient of the gift should specifically mention the gift received. It's not that hard or time consuming to include the vase, bowl, gift certificate, etc in one of the sentences appearing in the more »

  • Forum Post: Do you shop at Talbots?

    Posted 01/25/2009 11:09:03 EST

    "What I love most about shopping at Talbots, the items I have purchased over the last 15 years, especially pants, jackets and sweaters are still in fashion in style and color. Also, they are usually v more »

  • Forum Post: Do you shop at Talbots?

    Posted 10/09/2008 11:15:21 EDT

    I have never shopped at Talbots. Never even entered a Talbots store. Never understood what the attraction is to Talbots. Won't miss Talbots. more »