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  • Forum Post: What's on your menu tonight?

    Posted 09/12/2011 05:16:07 EDT

    In Response to Re: What's on your menu tonight?:

    Grand Daddy Purp!!!!
    Posted by JayShizzle45

    ditto bro. smoke good, go pats

  • Forum Post: Sanders- So now what?

    Posted 08/29/2011 03:23:47 EDT

    wasnt the safety position thin to begin with? if Sanders wasnt healthy itd be one thing but he seems ready to go. doesnt look good from here but BB knows what he's doing

  • Forum Post: Coverage couldn't hold for THREE seconds for pressure to get to Lions' QBs

    Posted 08/29/2011 10:28:42 EDT

    Lions have a 1st overall at Quarterback, a high first at WR in Calvin Johnson, another 1st at TE with Pettigrew, and have added some very nice complimentary pieces around them. Lions arnt the scrubs t more »

  • Forum Post: fantasy football

    Posted 08/28/2011 10:43:41 EDT

    you guys feel like Gronk is going to produce enough to be worth the TE spot? he's available pretty late and i feel he's gonna tear it up this season more »

  • Forum Post: This Team is Gonna Do WHAT?!

    Posted 08/28/2011 08:29:13 EDT

    everytime JintsFan posts, another Giant tears his ACL more »

  • Forum Post: Pats' Pathetic Performance a Reason for Concern?

    Posted 08/28/2011 07:52:21 EDT

    In Response to Re: Pats' Pathetic Performance a Reason for Concern?:  a few observations: 1. Detroit looked like the Pats and the Pats looked like Detroit 2. the offensive line got dominated  3.  we h more »

  • Forum Post: Patriots with Fantasy Value?

    Posted 08/15/2011 12:17:22 EDT

    you guys need more people? id love to play more »

  • Forum Post: Is Gronkowski the next great tight end?

    Posted 08/05/2011 10:42:55 EDT

    In Response to Re: Is Gronkowski the next great tight end?:

    I want no other TE in the league but this guy
    Posted by JayShizzle45

    agreed more »

  • Forum Post: Patriots were NEVER going to trade for Osi.

    Posted 08/03/2011 09:14:11 EDT

    In Response to Re: Patriots were NEVER going to trade for Osi.: In Response to Re: Patriots were NEVER going to trade for Osi. : WeDerr, I just wanna say that I dig that'cha gave shenanigan some props more »

  • Forum Post: Reason(s) behind the switch to a 4-3?

    Posted 08/03/2011 04:44:34 EDT

    A defense that can play both will be a hell of a defense a la 204 Super Bowl more »

  • Forum Post: Reason(s) behind the switch to a 4-3?

    Posted 08/03/2011 04:43:25 EDT

    Was thinking about this, these early training camp practices are open to the public and the media. they stay open until around the 1st preseason game, correct? what if BB is just practicing the 4-3 wh more »

  • Forum Post: Phat Rex

    Posted 07/31/2011 04:48:02 EDT

    you guys should just meet in connecticut and fight to the death more »

  • Forum Post: Nnamdi is an Eagle 5 years, $60 million

    Posted 07/29/2011 08:02:38 EDT

    Instead of focusing on the Jets losing, lets talk about the Eagles winning. Samuel, Asomuga, Rodgers-Cromartie. who's going to throw on that? more »

  • Forum Post: FA's : WHAT IS BB UP TO?

    Posted 07/27/2011 05:13:27 EDT

    In Response to Re: FA's : WHAT THE F* IS BB UP TO?: Captain strikes me as CC .....think they may be the same Posted by sday4x4 if one of the options was some sort of metrosexual dig at Brady, then you more »

  • Forum Post: Patriots First Move

    Posted 07/27/2011 05:05:02 EDT

    camp fodder. im sure if they cut him in camp it doesnt count or something. he barely played last year more »

  • Forum Post: Patriots Offensive Scheme?

    Posted 07/27/2011 04:58:17 EDT

    Essentially they dropped a lot of defenders back and had the safeties play the inside the number stuff. Pats recievers couldnt beat Cro or Revis 1v1. Even the perfect gameplan and the perfect personel more »

  • Forum Post: NFL.Com Says NE Is In Position

    Posted 07/23/2011 09:03:04 EDT

    Atlanta looks like they'll have a hell of an offense more »

  • Forum Post: Steelers Harrison running his mouth about the Pats

    Posted 07/13/2011 10:54:05 EDT

    i like how the picture with the article is him holding his guns thugz for life style. remember Super Bowl XLIII, when he was all over some Cardinals player that was on the ground. cant remember if it more »

  • Forum Post: How would Pats be affected by proposed salary cap rules?

    Posted 06/24/2011 01:48:46 EDT These proposed changes really clash with Kraft/BB's style of picking up no names/has beens for great value. I couldnt see more »

  • Forum Post: Let's have fun with our 2011 regular season predictions (assume a regular schedule)

    Posted 06/06/2011 11:30:50 EDT

    week 3 at Buffalo will be tough. Buffalo hasnt beaten New England since '03 and they actually look competitive this year. i could see that being this years Cleveland game. itd be easy not to get up fo more »

  • Forum Post: Let's have fun with our 2011 regular season predictions (assume a regular schedule)

    Posted 06/05/2011 08:53:51 EDT

    i cant see a Brady led Patriots team ever lose to the steelers. BB knows to spread them out and Brady's got the goods to execute the plan more »

  • Forum Post: Ras I Dowling

    Posted 05/27/2011 07:38:37 EDT

    he's also huge 6'1 almost 200lbs and has blazing speed. the most obvious matchup i could envision would be him on Brandon Marshall (6'4) although probably not this year. cant wait to see what he's got more »

  • Forum Post: Dane Fletcher Gets It

    Posted 05/26/2011 06:01:03 EDT

    Deadrick racked up 10 tackles and 2 sacks in 5 games. Brace had 41 tackles, 0 sacks over 11 games. When Brace held up at the point of attack against the Vikings, stopping AP on 4th and Goal line, that more »

  • Forum Post: different reciever idea?

    Posted 05/26/2011 05:53:07 EDT

    hopefully a deal gets done before the start of usual traing camp, but seeing how its almost June i feel like free agency and training camp will overlap in sorts. id really like to see what we have in more »

  • Forum Post: Dane Fletcher Gets It

    Posted 05/23/2011 05:31:32 EDT

    If he continues to play like he did against the Ravens, shutting down Ray Rice all game, I can see him getting some snaps to spot mayo or spikes. great depth more »