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  • Forum Post: Most annoying TV characters?

    Posted 10/22/2009 02:40:30 EDT

    The only character in the list that i have seen is Sam W. from Law and Order. Never saw any of the other shows. Are they still on TV? 

  • Forum Post: Do we Really need Seau?

    Posted 10/13/2009 06:45:59 EDT

    Of course. Did some nitwit say Peyton Manning and Bill Cowher? Yikes. I f anyone in Patriot Nation is hated, it is Payton, that Mississippi jumping bean. An Cowher? Double yikes.

  • Forum Post: William Shatner reads Palin's TWEETS

    Posted 08/01/2009 07:07:11 EDT

    In Response to Re: William Shatner reads Palin's TWEETS: [QUOTE]Sarah Palin's 'objective' has nothing to do with the boneheaded Left and their Neanderthal media allies.  The very existence of a princi more »

  • Forum Post: Your perfect day?

    Posted 07/03/2009 06:41:53 EDT

    Disco2000. Its too bad you are stuck it a terrible situation. But there are probably lots of spoiled brats in situations like yours. Some are in Somalia.  I think Ming Tsai is on the right track. I wi more »


    Posted 09/25/2008 10:27:11 EDT

    Thanks for all those years of great play and loyalty. I especially remember the Miami game where you scored the winning touchdown in overtime. I was sitting in a sports bar in Las Vegas next to a Dolp more »


    Posted 01/25/2008 03:26:22 EST

    Then it is assured that the Pats will win if Bush chooses the NYG. He hasn't made a correct choice in his entire moronic life.

    Go Pats
    more »

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