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  • Forum Post: CHUCK PAGANO is now my hero!

    Posted 11/05/2012 05:58:51 EST

    I am willing to bet someone in your extended family or colleagues (aka someone you actually know) is battling cancer or a different disease and you don't even have a clue.

  • Forum Post: My 2 cents from the Denver game ( eyewitness )

    Posted 01/15/2012 11:52:54 EST

    was there any chanting in the stands "We want Baltimore"

  • Forum Post: A little help from an unlikely source?

    Posted 01/15/2012 11:37:15 EST

    didnt really need JoshMcD, when the D already had the insight of how to defend Denver when they played them in December. they obviously came out ready for a full game and pretty much took up where the more »

  • Forum Post: Steelers - Saints Superbowl

    Posted 01/15/2012 12:15:41 EST

    What are you talking about?

    nobody picked the Steelers to be in the Superbowl since the playoffs began

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  • Forum Post: Don't jump ship after only 30 minutes!!

    Posted 12/24/2011 05:45:30 EST

    what? you can't boo your 11-3 Patriots team after that 1st half performance.  i am sure if you ask any Patriot veteran at half time, they will tell you they deserve to hear nothing but boos

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  • Forum Post: Tebow SB victory will lead to mosque burnings?

    Posted 12/16/2011 03:27:13 EST

    If Tebow wins the superbowl this year, the rabbi may need to be listened to, and i will also buy into the 2012 doomsday more »

  • Forum Post: World Cup Comes Down to Penalty Shots

    Posted 07/17/2011 05:50:42 EDT

    i thought this was a baseball forum?  women's soccer of all things more »

  • Forum Post: Great Quote

    Posted 04/13/2010 09:06:23 EDT

    i don't know if Medvedev was doing him any favors, as i think he was talking about his boss- Vlad

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