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  • Forum Post: On the Plus Side

    Posted 01/10/2012 09:27:16 EST

    Yeah I'm over all the drama and hoping that the team has largely ignored it. Very much looking forward to seing a good look at Hamill--hopes he makes the most of what could be a once in a career oppor more »

  • Forum Post: Lucic Poll II: How many games will Lucic get for the Rinaldo hit?

    Posted 12/19/2011 11:00:19 EST

    I've been geeking out on the Shanaban suspension vids all season and as such I'm gonna say: 0. The reason is, Looch lines him up for a clean hit and then just prior to contact, Rinaldo shifts sharply more »

  • Forum Post: Anisimov's celebration

    Posted 12/09/2011 10:25:30 EST

    I really do not want hockey to go the way of the NFL, and if it takes a guy getting punched in the head to stop it, then... more »

  • Forum Post: Is the ongoing "Tour d'Cup" a distraction?

    Posted 10/10/2011 06:11:18 EDT

    Yes, but... The players and coaches are not pushing it. The PR are likely fielding an enormous number of appearance requests and here's the thing: if you get a chance to show off the Cup at Foxboro ag more »

  • Forum Post: "You are a magnificent player"

    Posted 10/09/2011 12:20:27 EDT

    So at what point is does the second line become the actual first?

    more »

  • Forum Post: Trade Tukka Tonight

    Posted 06/24/2011 02:43:00 EDT

    While you're at it, trade TT as well.  We'll skate 6 with Ryder and Chara taking turns blocking shots in front of the net. Oh, Ryder's going, I forgot. So just Chara with his skates and knees in front more »

  • Forum Post: Champ Bruins really are Canada's Team!

    Posted 06/24/2011 11:24:49 EDT

    By this logic, the Montreal Allouette's are America's Team!!  Just look at the roster: http://www.cfl.ca/roster/index/team/9 BTW you gotta love how they classify players as "import" and "non-import", more »

  • Forum Post: Anyone else suffering from major withdrawal?

    Posted 06/23/2011 01:13:41 EDT

    Still smiling about The Cup and will be for a long time but I have to admit, a week on, I'm suffering from serious B's withdrawal!  Draft talk and awards programs just ain't doing it for me. I've trie more »

  • Forum Post: What's your perfect ending?

    Posted 06/15/2011 03:11:08 EDT

    What I want is basically a repeat of Game 3.

    What would be perfect is Kaberle scores on the PP late in the 3rd to break a 0-0 tie = a Stanley Cup and redemption for all.
    more »

  • Forum Post: B's First Time Ever in a Finals Game 7

    Posted 06/14/2011 12:04:19 EDT

    I'm reading my Wikipedia right, the B's have never played in a Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals, so win or lose we'll be witnessing history on Wednesday night. And I typically hate stats but I got gee more »

  • Forum Post: Tonight the Fans will make the call

    Posted 06/13/2011 12:54:43 EDT

    Despite the B's being my team for the last 24 years, I only came onto these boards a couple years ago during the roller coaster Carolina series and was pretty disgusted with the whining, blaming and n more »

  • Forum Post: Game 4 Lineup?

    Posted 06/07/2011 03:26:47 EDT

    I also go with Ryder on the top line--very strong play in the last two games and seems the most natural fit to replace Horton, shooter for shooter. I love Peverly's play in the last few weeks and he g more »

  • Forum Post: Very Very Frustrated after these 2 games

    Posted 06/05/2011 11:31:06 EDT

    Funny no one has mentioned what appears to me to be the #1 reason the B's have lost 2: Luongo. The guy appears a huge brick wall in net, then add every Vancouver skater back stuffing up the shooting l more »

  • Forum Post: Milan Lucic: Turnover Machine

    Posted 05/22/2011 01:18:10 EDT

    I didn't get to watch the game and got sketchy reports on my phone which seemed to lay all the blame on Kaberle for the go-ahead goal.  Imagine my surprise when checking the highlights I see with my o more »

  • Forum Post: Fluto Nails It!

    Posted 05/19/2011 02:46:03 EDT

    I saw an out-of-state newspaper headline yesterday that read "Seguin's 2 goals, 2 assist lift Bruins. Boston wins high-scoring affair to even East finals." Imagine before the first game of the season more »

  • Forum Post: Not confident.

    Posted 05/18/2011 12:40:22 EDT

    I chalk up the piss-poor third period to fatigue. B's ran roughshod over TB the first two periods and paid the price in the third. Luckily this is hockey and not running a marathon, in that there are more »

  • Forum Post: Fire Julien! Start Rask! PANIC EVERYONE!! PANIC!!

    Posted 05/15/2011 12:24:39 EDT

    Thanks Kennedy for this absolutely necessary post. The level of panic here after one off game is pathetic.

    B's are 8-2 in their last 10 with a lot of hockey left to play.
    more »

  • Forum Post: Bergeron

    Posted 05/06/2011 11:12:47 EDT

    I'm as concerned as everyone but FF sake, enjoy the win tonight and we'll bust out the get well vibes for Bergie and McQuaid tomorrow! more »

  • Forum Post: Alright.

    Posted 05/06/2011 11:04:48 EDT

    I don't have a ton of posts 'cause when they win I'm just happy and when they lose, well, "if you don't have anything good to say..." more »

  • Forum Post: 3 Stars of the Series

    Posted 05/06/2011 11:02:08 EDT

    My picks: 1. TT 2. Krec = "the wrist is just fine, thanks" 3. Seidenberg = big minutes, solid play at both ends and bailed them out in several critical situations early on. Honorable mention: Pretty m more »

  • Forum Post: The Flyers goose is COOKED. It will be served Friday night in Boston

    Posted 05/05/2011 03:18:58 EDT

    I love the B's but one thing this team has taught the last few seasons:

    Make No Assumptions.
    more »

  • Forum Post: LOL..Pats, Red Sox, Bruins

    Posted 01/16/2011 08:11:13 EST

    At least they're in a position to choke, aka perennially good teams. 

    I'd rather be in Boston choking than in...Seattle or some other sorry-assed sports town.
    more »

  • Forum Post: B's vs Tampa

    Posted 12/02/2010 11:23:00 EST

    Love the win tonight but I haven't seen a team make so many dumb mistakes--or goalies get beat so badly--since the last time I played midnight pick-up hockey at the local rink.  Credit the B's with ma more »

  • Forum Post: don't have a good feeling about this one

    Posted 11/11/2010 12:42:00 EST

    That this game is even a topic of hand-wringing, cold-sweat debate is laughable. Here are the facts: B's humiliate Pens in PA. Brent Johnson is nostalgic about the good ole days back with the Worceste more »

  • Forum Post: The Bruins with 10 games in...

    Posted 11/05/2010 11:56:40 EDT

    And still several games in hand on pretty much every team in the league.  Tough to have to make up that ground with back-to-back games like this but finally we get our fill instead of having to wait l more »

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