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  • Forum Post: Tito Appreciation Thread

    Posted 09/30/2011 03:15:48 EDT

    To survive and win in Boston takes a special person. Terry Francona is such a person. Back in 1986, when Stanley ran out in the 6th inning (first time I ever saw him do that) told me immediatly that w more »

  • Forum Post: Guess which two A.L. MVP candidates have virtually identical numbers? Surprised?

    Posted 07/24/2011 05:43:40 EDT

    I am surprised, but Jacoby just keeps on growing as a player.  more »

  • Forum Post: How You Became A Sox Fan??

    Posted 07/24/2011 05:39:57 EDT

    !967, Ten years old, My Dad took me to the second game of the WS. ¬†Lonborg 1 hitter, Yaz 2 homers. We sat out in the bleachers, saw batting practice and the interviews after the game. What A day. Stil more »

  • Forum Post: a walk and then a home run, terrible pitching plus mediocre fielding, a big hole

    Posted 07/10/2011 08:27:01 EDT

    More proof that the naysayers need to say nay. It's not if a pitcher will have a bad inning. It is what will he do after. The line looks OK to me after the let down. He'll learn from this experience a more »

  • Forum Post: FRANCOMA

    Posted 06/21/2011 07:34:15 EDT

    I do agree with redsoxpride34, if Francona had his players in proper shape, they would have scored 32. It is unacceptable that we only won by 10. I do blame Tito and that lousy GM, what's his name. fo more »

  • Forum Post: Is it time to make Jose Iglesias the everyday SS?

    Posted 06/13/2011 07:25:07 EDT

    Iglaises 9 errors at AAA Scutaro 3 Lowrie 9 Ok I might not have gone to MIT, but 3 errors does not make up for the offensive drop off. Don't you think our bigger problem is at 2nd base? Some of you ar more »

  • Forum Post: What do you think of Gordon Edes's response to David Ortiz?

    Posted 06/11/2011 08:49:46 EDT

    ESPN, being a national outlet, should be neutral. They are not. I stoped watching their drival a couple of years ago. They are like Fox News, they say they are one thing but are only out for their sel more »

  • Forum Post: Take a Pre Belichick Patriots trivia quiz

    Posted 12/21/2010 01:03:30 EST

    10 for 12. Missed 61 draft and leading rusher. I was a kid but remember them playing at BU and went to school with Clive Rush's son in 4th grade. They had a nice house. more »

  • Forum Post: How much Wakefield can we take?

    Posted 04/20/2008 04:15:50 EDT

    I do believe that Tim Wakefield is one of the most important pitchers on the roster. Eats up innings. (let's see, through 8 today he has given up 5 runs, but he is ahead.) Always willing to do what is more »