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  • Forum Post: Ridley shows again he's the # 1 back on this team..

    Posted 10/27/2013 04:47:34 EDT

    Josh McDaniels needs to be fired!  The offense was crap until Ridley got in there.

  • Forum Post: D-WADE is dirtiest player in the league

    Posted 05/16/2012 03:50:34 EDT

    Not even close. Ron Artest (Metta World War) is the dirtiest player. Hands down!

  • Forum Post: ***Draft Thoughts***

    Posted 04/28/2012 09:51:32 EDT

    Picks one and two were excellent. Tavon Wilson was a mistake pick. I'm not saying he won't be a good player, he certainly might. What was wrong with the pick is the round. BB could have picked a bette more »

  • Forum Post: Metta Pinhead gets seven games

    Posted 04/27/2012 02:01:16 EDT

    Total dirtbag should have been banned from the NBA for life af this one:

    He should be called Metta World War. more »

  • Forum Post: Aaron Cook, what will the sox do?

    Posted 04/27/2012 12:56:03 EDT

    Cook should get a start and see how it goes. Need Bard in the bullpen since it is a mess. Dubront has been pretty good and Buch really isn't a pen guy so let him get a few more starts before we pull t more »

  • Forum Post: Ross Strikes Out on 5 Balls; Umpires gotta go!

    Posted 04/17/2012 12:10:10 EDT

    And here is another stogey sport finally caving in to the use of technology to assist humans in making better calls. FIFA the governing body for soccer will finally implement the same technology used more »

  • Forum Post: Ross Strikes Out on 5 Balls; Umpires gotta go!

    Posted 04/17/2012 10:42:40 EDT

    This was not my intention for the thread. I was not complaining about the calls. They were poor but at least consistent which is all you can expect from a human. I am a technology guy and I am suggest more »

  • Forum Post: Ross Strikes Out on 5 Balls; Umpires gotta go!

    Posted 04/16/2012 02:48:53 EDT

    This is not sour grapes for losing the game today but another in the series of continued issues I have with officials in all sports. I believe that we now have the technology to eliminate many of the more »

  • Forum Post: TEBOW is the 4th most respected endorser, top 10 in influence +13th in trust, what does it mean?

    Posted 03/28/2012 04:57:06 EDT

    And 8,794th in talent. more »

  • Forum Post: Are The Patriots Better Today..?

    Posted 03/27/2012 10:45:39 EDT

    If you look at personnel only the Pats are only a bit better, with the pickup of Lloyd being the biggest improvement. Having 4 picks early in the draft should help some but these can be a crap shoot a more »

  • Forum Post: Why We Lost in the Super Bowl.

    Posted 03/24/2012 04:58:08 EDT

    I think you should say TEAM a few more times..... more »

  • Forum Post: Big Opportunity for Cook

    Posted 03/22/2012 05:49:11 EDT

    Supposedly he will not be stretched out enough to be ready for opening day and maybe not when they need a 5th starter. But he may be able to take the slot a bit later. We shall see. more »

  • Forum Post: Three candidates left for two rotation spots

    Posted 03/22/2012 05:46:52 EDT

    We are in deep crap. The RedSox needed to add another starter and didn't. That is going to come back to haunt them.  But the payroll rules in baseball are stupid. You have a guy on IR (such as Lackey) more »

  • Forum Post: IF (big if) Tebow was traded to NE what would it take?

    Posted 03/19/2012 08:04:24 EDT

    How about they give us $20M and Tebow doesn't come. more »

  • Forum Post: What are we doing?

    Posted 03/18/2012 11:17:24 EDT

    Bargain hunting is how we win every year. Look at the best teams, none of  them jump into FA early and overpay. You got to win through good drafts and underachieving vets and FAs. Ever been a manager more »

  • Forum Post: In a strange way the starters injuries are helping the team.

    Posted 01/28/2012 09:24:20 EST

    It seems to me that with the starters out the bench has had to step up and they are starting to perform. Could it be that the injuries are actually helping this team get better? Pietrus, Wilcox, Moore more »

  • Forum Post: Does anyone care when/if Selig decides on compensation??????

    Posted 01/28/2012 09:17:26 EST

    Negotiation 101: Don't give the other side what they want until you get what you want. more »

  • Forum Post: Incompetent Ravens killed their own clock

    Posted 01/25/2012 09:46:30 EST

    The Pats would have killed a lot more clock if they would just run the ball! They had shown success with it and quite honestly did not need to get much yardage just run some time off the clock. This h more »

  • Forum Post: Ortiz Arbitration...hurting us now?

    Posted 01/17/2012 11:11:33 EST

    Yes Ortiz' salary is hurting the Sox but so are Lackey's, Dice's and Jenk's. The big problem with Papi is he cannot play the field which makes him less valuable especially in inter-league games (which more »

  • Forum Post: JaJuan Johnson's impact

    Posted 12/08/2011 12:56:55 EST

    His impact will approach zero like most players chosen that late. more »

  • Forum Post: How many games for Suh?

    Posted 11/26/2011 10:13:57 EST

    I would give him 3 games without pay plus a $200,000 fine. Fines like $50,000 are like you an I getting a $100 fine. Gott make this one hurt.  Also put him on probation. If he gets kicked out again th more »

  • Forum Post: Patriots draft record - a more objective perspective

    Posted 11/21/2011 03:47:54 EST

    Very interesting article. It reminds me of Sabermetrics in baseball. Basically because drafting has a fair amount of uncertainty having lots of picks makes your team better overall. But this is a game more »

  • Forum Post: We lose because of turnovers-case closed

    Posted 11/07/2011 06:48:39 EST

    The turnovers hurt but we could have won with better clock management at the end. One run by Law Firm and we win. more »

  • Forum Post: Give Law Firm 20 carries and we win.

    Posted 11/07/2011 06:47:04 EST

    Never mind 20 carries just give him one more carry during our last drive and we win. That would have taken 30 seconds or more off the clock and there goes the Giants come back. I was sitting on my nei more »

  • Forum Post: Mariano Rivera Against the Sox

    Posted 09/02/2011 09:14:17 EDT

    It's time to eliminate umpires making ball and strike calls. All by computer and no payments to them anymore. Keep umpires for calling outs on bases but allow challenges. Put the umpires crew chief in more »