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About Me: Name is Sara, I'm studying Biology at Sydney University, started work at SCH making sick kids healthy again. Born in Melbourne (Australia), raised in Vancouver Canada and now back in Oz. Favorite teams; LA Lakers, Seattle Storm & Vancouver Canucks.

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  • Forum Post: NBA finals Game 3 thread....

    Posted 06/10/2015 07:15:34 EDT

    I'm impressed with Cleveland. Minus their 2nd, 3rd and 4th best players. Now leading 2-1. Could have easily been 3-0. Missed free throws are a curse. Stage fright from The Warriors? I don't know they more »

  • Forum Post: Irving out 3-4 months. How long before LeBron bails?

    Posted 06/05/2015 10:40:28 EDT

    Cavs were in the end the best team in the East. Even with a virtually 'new' team and injury concerns. That they made the finals is a testimony to how good a side they are. And this was to me their 'vu more »

  • Forum Post: KG goes home!

    Posted 02/28/2015 12:45:43 EST

    KG may well be a Wolve. But he's the reason, THE reason for the transformation of the Celtics into a championship calibre team.

    I can see his number being retired in both Minnesota and Boston.

    more »

  • Forum Post: Something is missing in today's NBA.

    Posted 01/24/2015 02:04:58 EST

    Maybe 8 teams too many. Exphansion hasn't really helped the quality of basketball. It's helped the bottom line when it comes to revenue though, and that is what matters. Sport is much more of a produc more »

  • Forum Post: Randle out for year!

    Posted 11/06/2014 06:56:13 EST

    Very weak team a very strong conference, good chance at being a lottery team even with Bryant staying fit.  Bottom five is hard to predict though. Bryant's contact is our albatross.  I don't think Ain more »

  • Forum Post: Keep who and get rid of who?

    Posted 11/06/2014 06:45:36 EST

    I would keep Rondo and Smart. But it would appear the team isn't going to improve so much after the first few games of the season. Green would be great if he was coming off the bench.  Nobody ought to more »

  • Forum Post: Evan Turner is no Ron Harper after all.

    Posted 11/06/2014 06:32:48 EST

    He may be used in a trade package sometime soon. Average sort of player, doesn't have much of an upside at the moment.

    more »

  • Forum Post: More kobe

    Posted 11/06/2014 06:26:02 EST

    In response to hedleylamarr's comment: In case we forgot:       What a guy!!   "Climb on my back, boys, and I'll take you home." - Ced more »

  • Forum Post: you cant spell e-l-i-t-e or l-e-g-i-t without RONDO?

    Posted 10/31/2014 08:08:57 EDT

    Long way to go before Boston can be called a legitimate contender. Just hope they are competitive and don't go down the road where they 'tank'. Which is just about the worst thing any team can do IMO. more »

  • Forum Post: Randle out for year!

    Posted 10/31/2014 07:47:48 EDT

    Bad result for Julius. Continued bad start to the year.

    more »

  • Forum Post: NBA Finals

    Posted 08/25/2014 09:09:13 EDT

    In response to Karllost's comment: In response to RUWorthy's comment:     Been away for a long time. Have to say that the Spurs played some of the most beautiful and pure basketball I have ever seen i more »

  • Forum Post: NBA Finals

    Posted 08/24/2014 08:26:33 EDT

    Been away for a long time. Have to say that the Spurs played some of the most beautiful and pure basketball I have ever seen in last years finals. The passing and team basketball was just sublime. Inc more »

  • Forum Post: Top 10 All Time List

    Posted 08/24/2014 08:11:39 EDT

    1 Bill Russell 2 Michael Jordan 3 Magic Johnson 4 Kareem Abdul Jabbar 5 Larry Bird 6 Tim Duncan 7 Wilt Chamberlain 8 Shaquille Rashaun O'Neal 9 Lauren Jackson (didn't say anything about them having to more »

  • Forum Post: The Greatest

    Posted 08/24/2014 08:03:29 EDT

    Russell ...... Nobody from the Russell era Celtics would have won a title without Russell. Russell as history shows was just the most dominant player of any era. Dominant in that he was a winner. His more »

  • Forum Post: Shaq gets #34 retired.

    Posted 02/12/2012 10:53:07 EST

    It's good news. Certainly our MVP during the championship run from '00-'02. No Shaq no championships. I doubt that Orlando will retire his number, same with Miami. Left Orlando in bad circumstances (w more »

  • Forum Post: Where is RUWORTHY?

    Posted 02/12/2012 10:41:22 EST

    Was an impressive win in a very hard fought game. Happy to see it. Certainly took it's toll on both teams though with loses that were not surprising given how this season has been structured. Became a more »

  • Forum Post: Where is RUWORTHY?

    Posted 02/12/2012 08:43:37 EST

    Hi guys! Been busy with uni exams and work. And a holiday :). But yeah, pretty much have been insanely busy lately. Have some reading to catch up on here. Nothing to do a boyfriend who is a Lakers sup more »

  • Forum Post: Taiwanese Punch Lakers in the Grill!!!

    Posted 02/12/2012 08:31:39 EST

    Last time I looked Jeremy Lin is an American. He's not Taiwanese. Was appalled by comments coming from Bryant before the Lakers/Knicks game. Saying he basically had no idea about Lin. Aren't these guy more »

  • Forum Post: GREG ODEN

    Posted 02/06/2012 10:41:22 EST

    Oden is just Oden, Walton at least had a career, winning titles in College and the NBA. The Blazers seemed to play worse when Oden was on the floor. For the me the real sad part in Blazer recent histo more »

  • Forum Post: Green was never the answer for a championship anyway

    Posted 12/19/2011 06:19:45 EST

    The thing with Green is you'll probably never know how good he'd have been for Boston. I always thought he should have started for the team this year, or at least play starter minutes off the bench. S more »

  • Forum Post: Jeff Green potentially not alone

    Posted 12/19/2011 06:14:58 EST

    These guys have been fortunate to have the problems picked up. Blessing in disguise. Hopefully they'll see it that way eventually.
    more »

  • Forum Post: Your 2011-12 Boston Celtics

    Posted 12/12/2011 08:40:14 EST

    I still have a lot of time for Jeff Green. Played well for the Thunder, perhaps took a backseat to Durrant and Westbrook. Always thought he was on track in regards to his development as a player. Woul more »

  • Forum Post: Your 2011-12 Boston Celtics

    Posted 12/12/2011 08:33:45 EST

    Garnett to Centre and Green to PF. Green would offer more as a starter than coming off the bench. more »

  • Forum Post: Drafting since 1980

    Posted 12/06/2011 10:59:26 EST

    Lewis I can agree with. Bias on the other hand is an unknown. If he was a habitual user he'd have been a liability on and off the court. Lewis appeared to be a Paul Pierce type of player. I don't know more »

  • Forum Post: Imagine how screwed Celtics may be IF LA gets Howard OR CP3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted 12/06/2011 08:50:58 EST

    Howard doesn't necessarily need to improve his game so much. More he has to improve mentally and play with some controlled anger during games. Stop trying to be a 'nice guy' in the league. Play with a more »

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