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  • Forum Post: Which holiday song is your least favorite?

    Posted 12/05/2013 01:22:46 EST

     I hate any traditional Christmas songs. Even the instrumentals. If it isn't a wacky Christmas song then I don't want to hear it.  Some thoughts on the list, however:  Sick of hearing grandpa sing abo more »

  • Forum Post: What is your favorite movie monster?

    Posted 07/24/2013 11:54:20 EDT



    more »

  • Forum Post: What is the funniest movie of all-time?

    Posted 07/24/2013 11:50:00 EDT

      This one's a cult classic so you can't say it was made to make money, and it is hilarious, even more so today due the overly obvious fact that it was made in the early-mid 80's:

     Ice Pirates



    more »

  • Forum Post: Why is the Left attacking "stand your ground" laws?

    Posted 07/23/2013 07:12:50 EDT

     Rather than tossing cannonballs at each other for those on different sides of the fence, ask what you would've done if you were either of those guys.  If you were Zim, when you went on your patrol, a more »

  • Forum Post: Rick Scott Signs Bill Banning Paid Sick Leave

    Posted 06/19/2013 06:34:56 EDT

     Agreed.  There have been days where my boss has taken one look at me and litterely thrown me out of the building. I'll work if I'm limping, my arm hurts, I've got a headache, etc., but if I catch som more »

  • Forum Post: Should voting be mandatory ?

    Posted 06/19/2013 06:30:41 EDT

    In response to StalkingButler's comment: Voting should remain voluntary. Passing a course in American civics should be mandatory. -- Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.  I more »

  • Forum Post: Should voting be mandatory ?

    Posted 06/18/2013 06:55:09 EDT

     That's something I would like to see. Currently, when you go to vote, there is an R, D, of I next to the names. Get rid of the R, D, and I. If the person voting has been paying attention then they sh more »

  • Forum Post: Thank you to the Greatest Generation

    Posted 06/07/2013 06:02:07 EDT

     A salute to those before (grandfather was in Europe in WWII, father was in Viet Nam) and also to those going in:    I was at an anime con a few weeks ago. I was there to push a convention I work on a more »

  • Forum Post: Gomez vs Markey

    Posted 05/03/2013 06:05:17 EDT

     I think of this election in another way.  Do you vote for the career politician (who doesn't even live in this state) or do you vote for someone who lives in, works in, and is a part of his community more »

  • Forum Post: Capping IRA's

    Posted 04/09/2013 03:31:06 EDT

     It's always better for you to decide what to do with your own hard earned money than to let someone else manage it (that included the government).  You should not be a fan of Obama's idea at all. It' more »

  • Forum Post: Shadow of Roe v. Wade Looms Over Ruling on Gay Marriage

    Posted 03/27/2013 06:58:45 EDT

     Heard on the news last night that the court may not actually go through with taking the case. Any confirmation on this?  I think it worth pointing out that the actual case is over the prop 8 motion i more »

  • Forum Post: Domestic spending outlays have fallen in seven of the last nine quarters. Damn you, Obama

    Posted 03/06/2013 05:36:43 EST

     Obama isn't trying to rewrite the constitution, but he sure is doing is best to bypass it any chance he gets.    You can argue numbers, ratios, etc., all you want. The simple point of the fact, howev more »

  • Forum Post: The GOP loves Sequestration

    Posted 03/02/2013 01:27:18 EST

     I think both sides should take the blame for blowing this up to be much bigger than it is. Both sides got us into this but both sides did their best to make it look much worse than it actually is in more »

  • Forum Post: And now the pressing issue of the day: Food Wars.

    Posted 02/27/2013 06:59:25 EST

     I guess I must be an independent according to that list.  Don't care for bagels but I do like croissants and donuts.  I'd go to Burger King for a chicken sandwich any day over KFC or anyone else.  No more »

  • Forum Post: Obama demagogues the sequester, which was his idea!: "It seems like every 3 months around here there's some manufactured crisis"...

    Posted 02/20/2013 06:28:08 EST

     The public can change its mind on who should be in office when things turn south, and a year or two is a long time for things to happen.  The private sector will survive the meltdown. The public sect more »

  • Forum Post: The Super Bowl ad you liked best? Least? Tell us

    Posted 02/05/2013 12:35:01 EST

      Didn't care about Harvey, didn't care about Oprah, but I did like Respect the Tech.

     Anyone else immediatetly think  'it's Pat' when they saw the Go-Daddy ad?


    more »

  • Forum Post: Clinton "I was not aware of any consolate concerns for security in Benghazi"?

    Posted 01/25/2013 06:53:17 EST

     I am less concerned with the fact that the attack happened than I am with the request for more security being ignored.  It suggests the possiblity of a very troubling scenario that the information li more »

  • Forum Post: Taxes? I thought only the rich were going to pay more taxes?

    Posted 01/16/2013 03:25:09 EST

      Sorry, 12, but if you were to reply in a thoughtfull manner that didn't sound like so many 10-year-olds I've beat playing Call of Duty on-line, then maybe, just maybe, people would give you more cre more »

  • Forum Post: Connecticut town to burn violent video games as Sandy Hook returns to school

    Posted 01/05/2013 07:41:28 EST

     This stuff really gets me angry. I have been playing video games since I was 5 years old (back then it was Coleco hand-helds).  If anything, it was the video games that kept me out of jail. They kept more »

  • Forum Post: Poll: Do you think Speaker Boehner can make a deal?

    Posted 12/22/2012 07:55:36 EST

     There is plenty of blame to go around both parties on this one and neither party can fix this problem on their own. It will take both parties to fix and both parties to let it fall.  IMHO, either way more »


    Posted 12/22/2012 04:49:49 EST

    In response to kelldog1's comment: In response to undead's comment:  Isn't there a rules against spamming the forums? Seriously, you only needed the one thread, not multiples.   THE SITE IS MALFUNCTIO more »

  • Forum Post: The wingnuts fail... again. They can't even pass their own "plan B" bill.

    Posted 12/22/2012 02:31:59 EST

    In response to Reubenhop's comment: In response to undead's comment:  Not for nothing but from a rep standpoint this move doesn't surprise me at all.  Remember, there has been no change since last ele more »


    Posted 12/22/2012 02:21:25 EST

     Isn't there a rules against spamming the forums? Seriously, you only needed the one thread, not multiples.


    more »

  • Forum Post: "Classic Rock" vs. "Modern Rock"

    Posted 12/21/2012 05:59:20 EST

     I don't think in terms of classic vs. modern, I think in terms of pop vs. hard vs. metal.  The age of a song doesn't matter so much as the tone. After all, how many songs have been remade over the ye more »

  • Forum Post: Any End of the World Plans

    Posted 12/21/2012 05:52:28 EST

     Actually, for me it is doomsday. I have to go to the RMV today. It's an easy enough transaction, but if you've been to the RMV recently, then you know what I mean.  One bright spot, however, is the p more »

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