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  • Forum Post: Want to talk about the weather?

    Posted 02/09/2013 01:54:14 EST

    In response to Robin39's comment: In response to oldman33's comment: This storm is no comparison to the blizzard of 78, I was around then too. Blizzard of 78 I couldn't open my front door for 4-5 days more »

  • Forum Post: Want to talk about the weather?

    Posted 02/09/2013 11:41:05 EST

    When the Globe asks for storm pictures, we want to see the storm, not your cute little doggie or toddler playing in the snow. PLEASE! This is not the place for it. I live in Virginia & experienced the more »

  • Forum Post: NHL releases schedule

    Posted 01/14/2013 11:15:37 EST

    Who made up this schedule? Some clown working for ESPN? They should've stuck more divisional games within the divisions. Who would you rather see? Winnipeg or Montreal? Florida or Buffalo?

    more »

  • Forum Post: Red Sox Pitching;week of Aug. 19-25

    Posted 08/25/2012 09:57:59 EDT

    Take a good look while everyone is wondering about the 'Trade'. This week alone, the Sox have given up over 40(forty) runs. They've played what, 6 games? Do the math. Wow! How come more pitchers weren more »

  • Forum Post: The Official Dump On Josh Beckett Thread-Take Your Best Shot!

    Posted 08/09/2012 01:02:15 EDT

    So I guess no one is enforcing the rule about eating chicken & drinking Sammy's in the clubhouse? Is that it? more »

  • Forum Post: Breaking News

    Posted 08/09/2012 12:58:14 EDT

    Home cookin' more »

  • Forum Post: Be prepared for a lot of statistical analysis pointing to a Ravens win!!

    Posted 01/16/2012 01:02:20 EST

    Ok, you keep saying the Pats D. If you ask me, the Broncos were like beating a bunch of Cub Scouts. It would've meant a LOT more if it had been the hated Steelers, ya think? The way the planets are al more »

  • Forum Post: Claude Balls

    Posted 10/28/2011 08:18:03 EDT

    Yup. Thats what we need here. Unless you don't have any.  What we have here is a failure to communicate. Thats you, Claude.  See all that Champion playoff gear still for sale? Well, you gotta play lik more »

  • Forum Post: Are the Pats just no good against physical teams

    Posted 08/28/2011 10:07:39 EDT

    Am I the only one who sees this as a PRE-SEASON game? Isn't that what PRE-SEASON is all about? OMG, the sky is falling! BB is a bad coach! Trolls are everywhere! Get over it!! Jees!!! more »

  • Forum Post: Package Hamilton, Seguin & Knight for Phil The Thrill!

    Posted 06/25/2011 07:03:26 EDT

     What game are you watching? With all the medical problems that kid had, the B's bent over backwards to appease him. It was Phil who wanted to be dealt. He got what he wanted. Believe me, the Cup neve more »

  • Forum Post: Lackey is an issue

    Posted 06/22/2011 04:21:43 EDT

    Well, it's like this- you can turn on NHL Network right now & watch a really good game that was played last Wednesday night in Vancover, or you could just stick really sharp objects into your eyes to more »

  • Forum Post: Dear Canucks Fans

    Posted 06/17/2011 03:00:24 EDT

    I understand that the Canucks are appealing to the league board of Governors that because of what happened after game #7 that they want to switch names with the Calgary franchise because it seems more more »

  • Forum Post: emerick on point

    Posted 06/14/2011 03:31:33 EDT

    I thought  Darren pang's 20 second interview with The Great One was stupid. Not only couldn't I hear half of what Wayne had to say, but why do these things in the middle of play; couldn't they wait fo more »

  • Forum Post: Marchand for President

    Posted 06/09/2011 03:18:36 EDT

    Why not? more »

  • Forum Post: Do you believe these shiteating as.sholes?

    Posted 06/07/2011 09:43:29 EDT

    Why do you crybabies keep bringing up Chara? That was an entirely different situation. How come no one talks about Ulf Samuelsson, Matt Cooke, or the clown that laid out Patrice? This is the oppositio more »

  • Forum Post: Will the refs swallow the whistles?

    Posted 05/27/2011 08:50:44 EDT

    In Response to Will the refs swallow the whistles?: At the end of game 5, the refs swallowed the whistles and stopped calling penalties on either side. Do you think the refs will let the boys play ton more »

  • Forum Post: Dereks keys to the game

    Posted 05/26/2011 03:36:15 EDT

    This is a no-brainer. Do these three things & you'll be all right. 1. do not give penalties 2. Do not give STUPID penalties 3. For gods sake-listen to your coach; STAY OUT OF THE PENALTY BOX! more »

  • Forum Post: No Reason Why

    Posted 04/30/2011 06:25:09 EDT

    If you watched the Flyers simply implode this afternoon, there is NO REASON why this can't be a done deal to move on. EVERYONE in the media has stated how much more talented the Flyers are. OK, so the more »

  • Forum Post: Obama

    Posted 04/27/2011 11:47:44 EDT

    Come on, Whaduya think? Is beating the Habs as good as Obama losing? more »

  • Forum Post: CJ post game interview - "we had no net front presence"

    Posted 04/14/2011 11:00:26 EDT

    39 years is a long time;too long. more »

  • Forum Post: Darren Pang

    Posted 04/14/2011 10:56:11 EDT

    Guess who was holding the crystal ball tonight? DP made this observation early in the second period & I still can't believe how true it was. The B's shots were just about ALL on the ice & Price had pl more »

  • Forum Post: Congrats to Jumbo Joe

    Posted 04/10/2011 07:35:51 EDT

    Typical B's fans-always talking about 'what would've been'.  Here we go playoffs; against the Habs no less. Speaking of what would've been, weren't we up 3 games against Philly, not to mention a 3 goa more »

  • Forum Post: Why They Won't/How They Could

    Posted 04/09/2011 10:46:38 EDT

    In Response to Why They Won't/How They Could: OK, the playoffs are about to start. Once they do the Bruins need to win 16 games to make us all crazy happy. I'm breaking this post down into two section more »

  • Forum Post: Pats @ Bills Pregame Discussion

    Posted 12/25/2010 08:07:03 EST

    There's two ways to look at the Bills game.The last three games, the B's have kept it close,so it would be nice to have relitively good game. However, the Pats  are in a position that a loss would not more »

  • Forum Post: When Does John Kerry intend on paying his Yacht Tax?

    Posted 11/07/2010 08:16:07 EST

    What do you care? Why don't you discuss real issues- like about how the Queen Nancy says she wants to keep her job on Capitol Hill. Politicians-Ha! Gimme a break! more »

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