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  • Forum Post: Weiland kills us Aceves shines

    Posted 09/19/2011 04:29:18 EDT

    Weiland kills us because the hitters know something Francona can't figure out. He's not a major league pitcher. 3 home runs in a crucial game and he doesn't take him out. I know I know he's saving the more »

  • Forum Post: TITO makes me mad!!!!!!!

    Posted 09/08/2011 02:22:03 EDT

    This is why they ran him out of Philly. He's always been an awful situational manager. He keeps the team loose but when the pressures on he folds.  more »

  • Forum Post: Crawford maybe the worst FA Sox signing ever!

    Posted 08/18/2011 03:36:37 EDT

    JD starting to look good. At least he's an above average fielder with a good arm. Any AAA guy could put up the numbers CC is putting up... and hustle too. more »

  • Forum Post: Crawford will never be worth the money

    Posted 08/17/2011 05:41:00 EDT

    Anybody see the ball he should have had but was too afraid of the wall?

    Anybody see the way he runs out grounders?
    Anybody see the way he walked after Damon's double?
    This guy is plaing for a check
    more »

  • Forum Post: Papi out indefinitely

    Posted 08/17/2011 05:26:06 EDT

    Ive had a craw full of Creawford. Does anybody think this guy will ever be worth anything near his contract? more »

  • Forum Post: Crawford will never be worth the money

    Posted 08/15/2011 01:01:15 EDT

    If Carl Crawford was doing what he's being paid to do we'd have locked this thing up already. Aside from a few good games which anybody that plays everyday will have, he has been awful. He doesn't ste more »