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  • Forum Post: Celtics need a split to beat Heat

    Posted 05/30/2012 11:00:52 EDT

    I know it's only game 2, but the Celtics must win tonight to have a chance against Miami. If the Celtics lose, I just can't see them winning 4 out of 5 games. Getting the split will change the tide an more »

  • Forum Post: Bergeron......

    Posted 04/22/2012 08:04:54 EDT

    Valiant effort today by Bergy today, clearly not 100 percent. Yesterday, I was fearful that he sustained another concussion but I assume he woudn't be out there today if that was the case. Hope he can more »

  • Forum Post: Time to bench Ocho?

    Posted 11/07/2011 09:14:46 EST

    Watching this continued mis-communication between Brady and Ocho, I wonder if it's time to replace him or even cut him from the roster altogether. Not having a real threat on the outside has hurt the more »

  • Forum Post: Randy Moss is still in RI

    Posted 09/12/2011 03:25:56 EDT

    As great a player as Moss was in his career, especially in '07, I don't want to see him with the Patriots in 2011. There were too many plays, (post 2007 season) where he couldn't get separation from t more »

  • Forum Post: Metta World Peace

    Posted 06/28/2011 04:25:47 EDT

    In his past, he hasn't walked the walk of the Metta philospophy, which is to view other people with "loving-kindness". It seems like Artest could be soul-searching right now? I hope this isn't a gimmi more »

  • Forum Post: Is Thornton in the lineup?

    Posted 06/05/2011 10:38:26 EDT

    In Response to Re: Is Thornton in the lineup?: In Response to Re: Is Thornton in the lineup? : Why?  Campy kills PP and Recchi scored on the PP.  Stop it.  If anyone comes out it would be Seguin.  No more »

  • Forum Post: Is Thornton in the lineup?

    Posted 06/05/2011 09:22:42 EDT

    I think Claude has to bring Thornton back for game 3. The Canucks are too comfortable out their with their bush leage tactics because they know there will be no reprecussions. The Bruins are need to s more »

  • Forum Post: Why pass on Ingram?

    Posted 04/29/2011 09:34:11 EDT

    The Pats could have drafted Mark Ingram at 28 but they traded it away for picks. Ingram was a Heisman winning superstar at Alabama and the Pats need help at RB. What were they thinking? more »

  • Forum Post: PK Fn SUBBAN. WOW!

    Posted 04/28/2011 11:14:36 EDT

    The Montreal flopping is systemic, so I don't place all the blame on Subban for his embarrasing dive in game 7. The Habs knew that their best chance of beating the Bruins was to get PP opportunities. more »

  • Forum Post: Avery Bradley- a terrible businessman

    Posted 04/21/2011 09:00:20 EDT

    The way the second unit has looked in the last 2 games, Doc may as well give Avery Bradley some minutes. If anything, he can put pressure on the ball and bring some energy to the second unit defensive more »

  • Forum Post: Knicks Play No D

    Posted 04/14/2011 12:31:59 EDT

    I believe the Celtics will prevail in the first round series against the Knicks for the simple reason that the Knicks play no Defense. Typical Mike D'Antoni team, that can score with the best of them more »

  • Forum Post: C's can still get 2 seed

    Posted 04/11/2011 01:01:25 EDT

    In Response to Re: C's can still get 2 seed: Better to rest our guys at this point then worry about 2nd seed. Posted by kccorwin I completely disagree. The C's will struggle in Miami in the playoffs. more »

  • Forum Post: Not scared of chicago at all.

    Posted 04/11/2011 12:48:01 EDT

    Chicago's defense scares me. They contest everything... reminds me of the 2008 Celtics. more »

  • Forum Post: C's can still get 2 seed

    Posted 04/11/2011 12:27:57 EDT

    The Celtics loss looked terrible yesterday, fine. But we'll have to wait and see how relevant that game is. Tonight, Heat play in Atlanta, the C's play in Washington...  the C's own the tie-breaker. A more »

  • Forum Post: Danny blew up a 1st place team

    Posted 03/26/2011 03:46:14 EDT

    I have never felt good about the Perkins trade. And my fears about the team have been confirmed as of late. The C's lost some of their toughness and defensive prowess. Danny overlooked team chemistry more »

  • Forum Post: Ainge's Deadline Moves Were Brilliant.......except one

    Posted 03/15/2011 03:59:26 EDT

    The trades are complex. Some moves I approve, like getting Arroyo to back up Rondo. But getting rid of Perkins hurts the team this year. Jeff Green is a good player with a lot of upside, but Perk is m more »


    Posted 03/07/2011 02:43:28 EST

    Avery is a role player but could be a great defensive player. He's strong and athletic and once he learns the NBA game, can put tremdous pressure on the opposing team's point guard. more »

  • Forum Post: Danny but what about our record?

    Posted 02/25/2011 12:14:53 EST

    Danny blew up a 1st place team... enough said. more »

  • Forum Post: You have To Give-Up Something Good, To Get Something Good

    Posted 02/24/2011 06:00:26 EST

    There's got to be more than these moves. The Celtics right now are worse!

    What does Danny have up his sleeve? That is the question.
    more »

  • Forum Post: Benching Welker Reason Patriots Lost

    Posted 01/18/2011 04:30:03 EST

    I think benching Wes may have hurt the team pyschologically. The Pats got outworked/outplayed for most of the game and they weren't able to battle through it. The Pats need to be more mentally tough. more »

  • Forum Post: Jets will lose

    Posted 01/18/2011 04:15:06 EST

    The Jets are obsessed with the Patriots and last week they accomplished their ultimate goal. Now they are being a bunch of kiss-asses to the Steelers, proving that they are satisfied with themselves. more »

  • Forum Post: Kris Jenkins to Brady:Just shut up

    Posted 01/18/2011 04:03:13 EST

    Jenkins isn't even playing... so who gives a crap what he has to say!!! This is non-story. more »

  • Forum Post: AS much this hurts grats too the jets!!!!

    Posted 01/17/2011 12:34:23 EST

    In Response to AS much this hurts grats too the jets!!!!:            As a pats fan  I truely hate the jets but the pats didnt show up and play like they normally do so give credit where its due no whi more »

  • Forum Post: al harris?

    Posted 11/09/2010 11:45:37 EST

    definitely worth a shot... Harris has been an effective corner over the years more »

  • Forum Post: KG is embarassing himself, and the C's

    Posted 11/03/2010 02:57:32 EDT

    I love KG as player, but wow what an ignorant thing to say. He should apoligize because this was over the line. more »

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