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  • Forum Post: Fariyweather's celebration

    Posted 10/25/2010 05:54:13 EDT

    Agree with 617...U watch the highlights around the league n you see a lot of defenders back off and let plays extend because of hesitation. Brandon didnt let it stop him. The celebration was dumb tho more »

  • Forum Post: Suggs not the only one upset in

    Posted 10/18/2010 12:40:28 EDT

    Ray Lewis Killed someone.. :/

    more »

  • Forum Post: Edelman head injury

    Posted 10/18/2010 08:05:59 EDT

    While I do agree that anyone would have been laid out by that hit, Edelman has been kind of brittle soo far it seems...I wonder if its really all injury related (as far as New England getting him in t more »

  • Forum Post: Edelman head injury

    Posted 10/18/2010 05:37:49 EDT

    Yeah its a head injury, sustained when Ray lewis almost beheaded him near the goal line at the end of the 4th Qtr. Didn't look so good... more »

  • Forum Post: Shawn Merriman on IR

    Posted 10/14/2010 10:49:29 EDT

    as soon as I heard the chargers were waiting for him to be healthy so they can release him, I thought: Somebody will start a topic about this guy possibly coming to New England lol...happens with EVER more »

  • Forum Post: Give up Moss for a 3rd, Pick up Branch for a 4th!

    Posted 10/12/2010 06:34:45 EDT

    Now I could be wrong ( Because Branch pretty much disappeared when he left to Washington ) But hasn't his HEALTH been his issue the past few years??? Hasn't he not been able to stay healthy for a full more »

  • Forum Post: You've Got to Be Kidding Me...

    Posted 10/11/2010 01:35:54 EDT

    12989 - 3 Pats win just because Bradys out to prove a point that NO ONE makes fun of his Hairstyle.. Just a bold prediction more »

  • Forum Post: The cleansing of knuckleheads from Foxboro continues, hopefully Meriwhiffer is next....

    Posted 10/06/2010 12:45:52 EDT

    Your not alone ..What did everyone expect?? The Pats were going to give him big bucks to be nothing more than a "decoy" all year?? No way! If not Tate, someone will step up, this is how its always bee more »

  • Forum Post: Moss trade??

    Posted 10/06/2010 07:05:22 EDT

    SOOOOO STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at least a 2nd...W*T*F! more »

  • Forum Post: Moss trade??

    Posted 10/06/2010 05:54:11 EDT

    Remember: Even when Moss wasn't catching 5-10 passes a game and scoring 3 TDs a game, He was still drawing double coverage A LOT...this has helped Welker a lot..I feel with no other deep threat, Welke more »

  • Forum Post: 2011 Patriots Draft Options ***THANKS TO ALL WHO CONTRIBUTED!***

    Posted 10/04/2010 10:16:44 EDT

    I agree with a lot of the posts, But I would be kind of bummed if the Pats Pass on Ingram if he is still available with their first pick..

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  • Forum Post: The NFL will suffer greatly...and, for what?

    Posted 10/01/2010 11:04:38 EDT

    I agree...Too much reading on here...Plain and simple: I dont care what goes on behind the scenes, as I am not paid to care. Not my job....I will care however, when I work my A$% off and I want to sit more »

  • Forum Post: Danny Woodhead our Sproles?

    Posted 09/30/2010 05:52:02 EDT

    The Kid holds basically all rushing records for DII schools in the country ( Yeah Div 2 but still ) the kid can obviously run, I am excited about it, hope the Pats use him more and bring out his talen more »

  • Forum Post: We could have a top 10 first round pick and a top 3 2nd round pick.

    Posted 09/27/2010 11:47:32 EDT

    INGRAM.. more »

  • Forum Post: Prediction.........

    Posted 09/22/2010 06:34:39 EDT

    What about this dude Woodhead..Seems like he has played a similar role in college and what limited time he saw in NY..Rex was high on the kid, but had to cut him to make more room..The Pats tend to us more »

  • Forum Post: Ty Law

    Posted 09/21/2010 01:51:37 EDT

    Someone please start a " Bring Back Drew Bledsoe " thread!!!

    more »

  • Forum Post: I am a man of my word

    Posted 09/20/2010 01:18:22 EDT

    Id rather lose this one now, this early in the season, than drop the Dec. 6th monday nighter to them at home, when it may be a potential playoff-determining game. more »

  • Forum Post: Will Brady get Booed?

    Posted 09/20/2010 06:00:10 EDT

    Why will Brady hear boos you tool bag?? I guess he was responsible for the pee wee secondary that made Dirty Sanchez look like a hall of famer. Braylon Edwards owned yesterday, and so did LT. This def more »

  • Forum Post: Fred Taylor Hurt Again

    Posted 09/17/2010 11:59:56 EDT

    I say forget Steven Jackson, and the Pats wait it out to see how bad Oakland finishes, so with their 1st rounder we got from the Seymour trade we can potentially draft someone like Mark Ingram (assumi more »

  • Forum Post: **Maroney Traded to Denver**

    Posted 09/15/2010 06:12:37 EDT

    Is it now too soon to hope to god that Oakland does bad this year and Ingram Goes into the draft??? Wishful thinking I guess...

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  • Forum Post: Poll says PATS will miss the playoffs.

    Posted 05/21/2010 10:23:29 EDT

    SoOoOoOo....let me guess.. who will make the playoffs from the AFC East if not the Patriots?? the Paper Champ Jets?? I agree with u guys on it being a good thing that we are the underdogs again. But w more »

  • Forum Post: Tom Brady is a Happy Man

    Posted 04/27/2010 01:39:16 EDT

    Edleman = Breakout Season. more »

  • Forum Post: Pats Could Score Big in Second Round

    Posted 04/23/2010 07:10:37 EDT

    Pats will probably pick a punter next then trade the next 2nd rounder lol more »

  • Forum Post: Quick? before the Draft...please help

    Posted 04/15/2010 07:09:14 EDT

    OK... soo┬áI have been reading some posts on here...and I have been reading through some BB interviews recently... and I know the draft is right around the corner.. I keep hearing about "the calm befor more »

  • Forum Post: Go Get Brandon Marshall

    Posted 04/14/2010 06:49:48 EDT

    Please get Marshall....I havent been impressed much at all with any of our moves this offseason. I almost feel as though they are waiting for something big. This looks like it could be it. Wonder if B more »