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  • Forum Post: Mr Chiarelli....hope you are watching tonight's game against the scabs

    Posted 02/16/2012 10:08:54 EST

    Please not Knuble.  He's a scratch for a reason. I"m not sure if Horton is coming back ....if he is coming back, how long will it take for him to get up to speed?  the only way we repeat this yr and i more »

  • Forum Post: Question : Is Pouliot better than Wheeler

    Posted 12/20/2011 11:06:13 EST

    Rather than comparing Wheeler to Pouliot it should be the guy who they traded for......Peverley.    Peverley is by far a better all around player than Wheeler....this guy can do it all...kill penaltie more »

  • Forum Post: unsung heros

    Posted 12/15/2011 11:04:15 EST

    In Response to Re: unsung heros: peverley should top any list of unsung heroes. Posted by adkbeesfan Have you seen his play lately?  Has to be one the best most consistent Bruins this yr.  His skating more »

  • Forum Post: A shutout, TT, Benoit, skating stooge, JJ and tequilla

    Posted 12/14/2011 11:12:19 EST

    If Thornton isn't in the line-up tonite the boys will get run by Neil,  Carkner and Smith.  We don't need cheap shots on Bergy, Seguin, and Horton not yet ready to with Thornton in the lin more »

  • Forum Post: Call-up potential

    Posted 12/13/2011 01:44:52 EST

    Yes, that is the thought process.  Spread out the risk. LA is a fast skating team and could take advantage of a too young a 4th line.  As much as I like Thornton to pair him with Hamil and Caron could more »

  • Forum Post: Call-up potential

    Posted 12/13/2011 01:42:14 EST

    In Response to Re: Call-up potential: You put Kelly on the 4th line, because a defensively lacking Hamill, an overall skills lacking Thornton, and Caron (who's solid, but nothing spectacular) on one l more »

  • Forum Post: Call-up potential

    Posted 12/12/2011 02:03:34 EST

    I say give the kids  a chance.  Kampfer should be fine for a couple of games.  If soupy/ paille can't go then call up Hamil.  Put him on the 3rd line with Pev/ Pouliot and drop Kelly if necessary to t more »

  • Forum Post: The Ryan trade is slow but...

    Posted 12/08/2011 03:47:31 EST

    I kinda agree with the lacklustre hustle bit on Horton.  Lately he's been digging more in the corners but I still feel he ain't 100% back from the Rome hit and still a little tentative.  He hasn't fou more »

  • Forum Post: What to offer Krejci?

    Posted 11/25/2011 09:23:43 EST

    He easily get $4.5m if he is not signed in Boston.  Any team would love this guy.  He can play 1st line centre,  pp, pk, take draws, great 4 on 4, good in the shoot-out and occasionally take the body. more »

  • Forum Post: Zdeno Chara credit

    Posted 11/24/2011 03:31:06 EST

    The reason the Ducks won the cup that yr was simple.  they threw the puck in behind the oppositon blue line when little wade redden was on the ice and then skated hard in and pounded him to a pulp.  T more »

  • Forum Post: If I am PC...I make an offer to the Caps for OVIE....right now

    Posted 11/24/2011 03:25:09 EST

    Caps won't be getting rid of Ovie.  He puts bodies in the seats.  No doubt a great talent, but he going nowhere anytime soon.  Boudreau and Semin will be gone before trade deadline and Ovie will have more »

  • Forum Post: Happy Thanks giving my fellow black and gold brothers and sisters!

    Posted 11/24/2011 03:18:47 EST

    Yes, Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow B fans south of the border.   I am thankful for having one of the most enjoyable summer's of my life.  2011 will be high on the best yr ever.  I will be travelling more »

  • Forum Post: Wideman-Morris-Kaberle-Corvo -??????

    Posted 11/07/2011 12:24:48 EST

    In Response to Re: Wideman-Morris-Kaberle-Corvo -??????: Corvo has been a bright spot on the Bruins through the first few months. He keeps the puck in and usually at net. The Bruins need to fill the " more »

  • Forum Post: Trades trades and more rumours + november cold rain =

    Posted 11/03/2011 02:25:23 EDT

    In Response to Re: Trades trades and more rumours + november cold rain =: In Response to Re: Trades trades and more rumours + november cold rain = : Easy now, there are several players on the planet t more »

  • Forum Post: Flip Bergy and Krejci

    Posted 11/02/2011 07:19:07 EDT

    I agree.  I've always wanted to see bergy, marchand and seguin together.  they played awesome last nite.  The krejci, lucic, horton line played well too.  Give them a few games together and see how th more »

  • Forum Post: Trades trades and more rumours + november cold rain =

    Posted 11/02/2011 03:55:14 EDT

    DK off to a slow start due to injury.  I think I would keep him rather than rely on Kelly and Campbell to centre Lucic and Horton.  "Krejci to Horton........and the Bruins lead 1-0...... I don't know more »

  • Forum Post: Trades trades and more rumours + november cold rain =

    Posted 11/02/2011 01:08:23 EDT

    Why would we trade DK?  He is a superstar in the making.  He led the playoffs last yr in points.  He is a little sore right now but the long term answer is not to trade DK but to sign him to a LT deal more »

  • Forum Post: Banner raising on centre ice?

    Posted 10/06/2011 02:29:02 EDT

    I've had the package for several yrs.  If an important pre-game ceremony they normally carry it.  This would qualify as an important pre-game ceremony so I"m confident it will be on.  If not will be h more »

  • Forum Post: defending stanley cup champions?

    Posted 10/03/2011 02:11:58 EDT

    It's a long season. PC has built a team along the lines of a "depth" concept built with the intentions to go a long way in the playoffs.  Can anyone really match the depth of our 4 lines?  Espcailly i more »

  • Forum Post: #37 bergy

    Posted 09/26/2011 01:36:06 EDT

    In Response to Re: #37 bergy: The Art ROss? What? I love him, but that is never going to happen. Selke? Sure. Byng? Maybe. Conn Smythe? God I hope so. But the Art Ross. Never. Posted by red75 Conn Smy more »

  • Forum Post: Pacioretty comments on Bruins winning Cup

    Posted 09/19/2011 08:17:48 EDT

    In Response to Re: Pacioretty comments on Bruins winning Cup: In Response to Re: Pacioretty comments on Bruins winning Cup : Nope Pouliot is a coward.... Posted by CactusTonyo I'm hoping you're wrong. more »

  • Forum Post: Pacioretty comments on Bruins winning Cup

    Posted 09/14/2011 04:47:15 EDT

    Can't wait for Pouliot to nail him in the corners. more »

  • Forum Post: Going to Boston for a game.

    Posted 09/06/2011 08:39:46 EDT

    I live in Canada and a fair distance from Boston but have been going each yr in Nov to see a game or two. Best value if you book in advance is Fairmont Copley Sq or the Hilton down the street.  The T more »

  • Forum Post: Chris Clark invited to Bruins camp

    Posted 09/06/2011 08:33:44 EDT

    Clark doesn't make the team...Caron does.  Caron will have a breakout yr...he's got something to prove...he will be last yr's Marchand.  Man, I love these young Canadian kids.  All they want to do is more »

  • Forum Post: Bergeron providing on-going support to Crosby

    Posted 08/24/2011 05:11:00 EDT

    In Response to Re: Bergeron providing on-going support to Crosby: as if you couldn't admire the guy any more. Posted by seobrien I ,ve been a bruins fan since 1970.  I bought a Bruins tshirt back in 0 more »

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