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  • Forum Post: Report: Tom Brady Will Be Suspended

    Posted 05/08/2015 11:40:20 EDT

    In response to TheExaminer's comment:

    Why "next week"? Why wouldn't it all be announced at once? That's ret*rded.


    So ESPN blowhards can talk about it for a week. 

  • Forum Post: List of RFA' the Bruins go bold?

    Posted 05/01/2015 12:59:17 EDT

    Will be interesting to see what happens with a lot of teams right up against the cap, and the cap not expected to go up much. Could be lots of players moving around. Can't wait.



  • Forum Post: >>King/Queen of the Forum - the official playoff pool<<

    Posted 04/30/2015 03:25:50 EDT

    Washington in 6

    Lightning in 7

    Ducks in 6

    Minnesota in 7


  • Forum Post: Tampa vs Detroit Game #7

    Posted 04/29/2015 11:36:45 EDT

    I can't stand Detroit. Tampa seems to give Montreal a hard time so it would make for a good second round series. Tampa and Washington in the ECF would be fun to watch, rather than 10 shots a game each more »

  • Forum Post: Gamethread Sunday 1:35 Red Sox @ Baltimore

    Posted 04/26/2015 05:50:35 EDT

    Gotta keep Betts in there, just drop him in the lineup until he breaks out of his slump. Holt should be the everyday right fielder until they figure out what they want to do with Castillo and the misf more »

  • Forum Post: Poor St. Louis

    Posted 04/26/2015 05:47:54 EDT

    Yeah, they get really tough first round match-ups too. Kings, Hawks, and the Wild have been one of the hottest teams since the All Star break. Always expect them to go deep, I think this is their 4th more »

  • Forum Post: Bruins may gain draft pick from Oilers for Peter Chiarelli

    Posted 04/25/2015 12:31:53 EDT

    It makes no sense that a team would be compensated for someone they canned, but nice. 


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  • Forum Post: With the draft lottery complete, who would you like the Bruins to take.

    Posted 04/19/2015 12:37:29 EDT

    I have no idea, don't really follow prospects. I liked the sound of Mikko Rantanen but it seems he's moved up from the teens to the top 10. 

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  • Forum Post: 1 % ! Gotta love those odds.

    Posted 04/18/2015 08:14:50 EDT



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  • Forum Post: 1 % ! Gotta love those odds.

    Posted 04/18/2015 07:38:25 EDT

    In response to WalkTheLine's comment: Here, you can run your own lottery. I hope you have better luck than I did. The stinkin' Oil won when I first did it. B's won fi more »

  • Forum Post: 2015 Playoff thread

    Posted 04/18/2015 02:33:49 EDT

    42 PIMs for Engelland, jeez. Glad I caught the end of that game.

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  • Forum Post: 2015 Playoff thread

    Posted 04/16/2015 03:49:31 EDT

    Nice day for former UMaine players. Flynn with two goals against the Sens and Darling with 42/42 save performance. Also, Brian Dumoulin in the line-up for the Penguins tonight. Only Maine born player more »

  • Forum Post: 2015 Playoff thread

    Posted 04/16/2015 03:47:59 EDT

    In response to BadHabitude's comment: In response to Bisson1's comment: I don't think it's worthy of a suspension. If the slash broke Stones wrist or something like that they might feel inclined to gi more »

  • Forum Post: 2015 Playoff thread

    Posted 04/15/2015 09:13:50 EDT

    In response to cowboys9's comment: The big question is " does he get disciplinary action" from the league?  I know if that was Lucic doing the lumberjack routine, the phone would be ringing off the ho more »

  • Forum Post: 2015 Playoff thread

    Posted 04/15/2015 08:40:00 EDT

    Subban 5 and a game for slashing... Stone injured. Hopefully nothing broken.

    more »

  • Forum Post: Dreger really nails this whole PC thing

    Posted 04/15/2015 05:26:19 EDT

    In response to dannycater's comment: Regardless of how it happened, it happened, so let's move on. Next up, A Clockwork Orange eye torture treatment for Lucic, so that he remembers what it was like be more »

  • Forum Post: >>King/Queen of the Forum - the official playoff pool<<

    Posted 04/14/2015 12:41:47 EDT

    (1) MTL - (4) OTT - Montreal in 7 (2) TBL - (3) DET - Tampa in 6 (1) NYR - (4) PIT - Rangers in 6 (2) WSH - (3) NYI - Capitals in 5 ## (1) STL - (4) MIN - Blues in 6 (2) NSH - (3) CHI - Predators in 7 more »

  • Forum Post: Rank your cup favorites

    Posted 04/13/2015 09:02:01 EDT

    Caps over Blues.

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  • Forum Post: Home Opener Nats @ Red Sox 4/13 2 pm

    Posted 04/13/2015 04:16:49 EDT

    Wow, some little league defense out there.

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  • Forum Post: Home Opener Nats @ Red Sox 4/13 2 pm

    Posted 04/13/2015 03:56:40 EDT

    2 innings... takes away a HR from Harper, steals two bases and scores, 3 run homerun. Not bad.


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  • Forum Post: Home Opener Nats @ Red Sox 4/13 2 pm

    Posted 04/13/2015 02:23:38 EDT

    In response to seannybboi's comment: I live in New Jersey.  I went to this famous zoo near Newark over the weekend with my wife and my kid and was glad to see more Red Sox hats than the Yankees hats. more »

  • Forum Post: Lost in the misery: bruins add a top 4 d man

    Posted 04/12/2015 08:07:13 EDT

    And Trotman looks like he could be a great fit on the bottom pairing next season. I doubt McQuaid is back. Looking at the contract that Engellend got from Calgary. McQuaid should get even more.


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  • Forum Post: Game 82 - Boston Bruins at Tampa Bay Lightnigh (04/11/15) GDT

    Posted 04/11/2015 08:35:25 EDT

    NBC just had a graphic that said the Bruins need a win and a Penguins *regulation* loss in order to qualify. I thought it didn't matter so long as the Bruins won before the shootout, regardless of how more »

  • Forum Post: Tyler Seguin, late for practice, held out of practice, facing discipline

    Posted 04/11/2015 12:14:08 EDT

    It's hilarious how people think missing a practice defines a persons character. It's also hilarious that this is even a story. Humans are late some times. Big deal. Happens to all of us.



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  • Forum Post: @ Yank$, Nava in right, Vic takes a seat ........

    Posted 04/10/2015 05:33:56 EDT

    If only they had a five-tool guy making 70m to put out there everyday...

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