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  • Forum Post: PP Kaberle Seguin / Personnel Options

    Posted 05/20/2011 06:27:04 EDT

    I also agree with those who want Seguin"s right handed shot on the left side for one timers on the PP. Such a stratedgy sure seems to work great for Ovechkin and the Caps PP, which has been consistent more »

  • Forum Post: cj's system

    Posted 01/04/2011 02:25:24 EST

    That lunch pail hockey that the Bruins have used over the years hasn't worked all that well. The last time they were offense first, were the days when they were winning Cups. They had hockey's best of more »

  • Forum Post: Chara 3rd shooter in the shootout

    Posted 01/01/2011 10:37:30 EST

    Claude couldn't handle winning a game 7-6, that's why. Now if the score was 1-1 and a shootout, well Claude would have been more with it. more »

  • Forum Post: Tell me this all a joke

    Posted 01/01/2011 10:34:17 EST

    I think Claude is weening Seguin into the NHL, albeit at a snail pace. It was nice to see Tyler get 6 shots on goal tonight, with 1 goal and 1 assist, in 11:16 minutes of play. more »

  • Forum Post: The Bruins Stanley Cup chances

    Posted 01/01/2011 10:29:42 EST

    Way to early to tell. But Bruins do look like they could get at least 3rd seed in the East.  more »

  • Forum Post: PC ARE YOU ALIVE!!!?

    Posted 12/30/2010 11:37:56 EST

    Well said huntbri. And you speak for lots of B's fans. more »

  • Forum Post: How about Kluzak as a coach?

    Posted 12/25/2010 10:02:21 EST

    Anyone ahead of another former defenseman as a coach. more »

  • Forum Post: CJ and Seguin

    Posted 11/14/2010 08:24:32 EST

    It's not only ice time that differentiates Skinner and Seguin. Skinner plays on Carolina's top line I think also. I notice a lot of his points corresponds with points for Eric Staal as well. Seguin on more »

  • Forum Post: CLAUDE MUST GO!!!

    Posted 11/14/2010 08:20:30 EST

    Right on Blitzer. Then there's also the snooze factor. Claude Julien hockey equals boring hockey. more »

  • Forum Post: don't have a good feeling about this one

    Posted 11/10/2010 11:55:01 EST

    Shawn Thornton was the #1 Star of this game. Who woulda thought it. more »

  • Forum Post: .

    Posted 11/10/2010 04:07:33 EST

  • Forum Post: KDP - small centers remark

    Posted 11/08/2010 07:47:15 EST

    KPD probably meant that the B's centers (Savard, Krejci, Bergeron) are on the soft physical side more than anything. They do seem to get their fair share of injuries.

    more »

  • Forum Post: would you have seguin center the first line with david out.

    Posted 11/08/2010 07:41:11 EST

    I like Seguin on the first line also. You need Bergeron centering another line so that a lot of scoring isn't just on one line. more »

  • Forum Post: Julen Haters: What are the facts?

    Posted 11/08/2010 04:37:44 EST

    Hockey needs to be entertaining as well. Julien hockey = sleeping pill.

    more »

  • Forum Post: David Krejci

    Posted 11/08/2010 04:32:14 EST

    In Response to Re: David Krejci: In Response to Re: David Krejci : Yeah youre IMO all matt cookes fault suspend him for sure. Better question why does Krejci go for that hit lol. We need him to play a more »

  • Forum Post: timmy thomas best goalie in bruins history

    Posted 11/08/2010 04:19:30 EST

    Tim Thomas for Vezina anyone. If he does, and I know it's way too early to say so, that will be 2 Vezinas in 3 years for Timmy. more »

  • Forum Post: Is Thomas being showcased?

    Posted 11/05/2010 12:57:43 EDT

    Claude Julien has a history of sticking with a hot goalie. Tim Thomas is hot. Claude Julien is playing Tim Thomas. End of story. more »

  • Forum Post: "KESSEL IS ELITE"

    Posted 11/05/2010 11:23:42 EDT

    Kessel is elite. Let' see ... he's 58th in league scoring. Give me a break. more »

  • Forum Post: Terrible game by TT but B's won 5-2

    Posted 11/04/2010 06:38:21 EDT

    I'm not worried about Timmy. But to me, last night would have been a good game to play Tuuka and get him going, mainly because he played so good against the Sabres last year (especially in the playoff more »

  • Forum Post: pick four

    Posted 11/04/2010 10:08:03 EDT

    You most definitely need Ovechkin in there. Remember you are an expansion team. You need to sell tickets. Ovechkin does that better than any other player. As for the others, I'd go with Crosby, Duncan more »

  • Forum Post: O.... to be a leaf fan

    Posted 11/03/2010 02:50:46 EDT

    Other than this year, I do feel for the Leafs fans a little. But unfortunately, I think that team is built for mediocracy for the nect decade or so. Basically, the best they become, is an average team more »

  • Forum Post: gameday vs. Sabres (No Miller)

    Posted 11/03/2010 02:44:03 EDT

    Althouh Thomas is doing good, I would like to see Rask in nets tonight. He did very good against the Sabres last year, especially in the playoffs. But I think Timmy is probably gonna get the start ton more »

  • Forum Post: Hockey News Ranks Neely # 1Power Forward All TIme

    Posted 11/01/2010 06:58:46 EDT

    In Response to Re: Hockey News Ranks Neely # 1Power Forward All TIme: Cam Neely was the gratest power forward ever bar none! easy choice for THN, mention should have been given to Clarke. Neely was th more »

  • Forum Post: a new & improved concern

    Posted 10/30/2010 10:51:02 EDT

    In Response to Re: a new & improved concern: In Response to Re: a new & improved concern : Correct! Let's also remember that more money is spent on forwards and the Bruins forwards backcheck like craz more »

  • Forum Post: Eklund, Eklund, Eklund

    Posted 10/28/2010 03:18:10 EDT

    Yeah, you definitely have to take Eklund's rumors with a grain of salt. I don't see any team going after Savard, due to his concussion.

    more »