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  • Forum Post: Pats versus Steelers - Why we Win on Sunday

    Posted 11/10/2010 02:27:29 EST

    i hope bb hid some tapes because we're going to need them against pitts.  pitts not only plays harder, like 100MPH harder, but their players have killer instincts. maybe our young kids are skilled and more »

  • Forum Post: Pick the Pats vs the Chargers

    Posted 10/24/2010 12:59:30 EDT

    pats 30 bolts 23

    the game gets close late but it was always too far away for the chahjahz

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  • Forum Post: more popups than porn sites

    Posted 10/24/2010 12:54:39 EDT

    im using safari on my mac. it blocks 98.5% of all pop im really getting a kick of out this thread. ;D more »

  • Forum Post: Don't Vote for ANY Patriot for the Pro Bowl

    Posted 10/31/2009 12:45:26 EDT

    i doubt superbowl participants will be playing in the pro bowl....commonsenseade - drink some more »

  • Forum Post: Tim Tebow to Pats

    Posted 10/31/2009 12:40:39 EDT

    tebow is overrated. he'll be LUCKY to get snaps in a wildcat formation in the pros. more »

  • Forum Post: Madden 09

    Posted 08/16/2008 08:03:56 EDT

    this is a great thread! keep the madden knowledge and strategy coming. post your best D plays for the patriots as im sure since we're all pats fans we only use them in madden. atleast i have for the l more »

  • Forum Post: Brett Favre a presence the defense has to RESPECT

    Posted 08/09/2008 01:11:16 EDT

    favre is going to get crushed and buried when he plays us. favre/jets will be a failed experiment. more »

  • Forum Post: Walsh tapes -- All Spygate comments here

    Posted 05/07/2008 11:16:55 EDT

    goodell is enough of a pompous pr*ck to hand down more fines and X# of games suspension even though the tapes�are prob copies of tapes the pats already handed over. i hope this thing is finally over.

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  • Forum Post: caldwell

    Posted 03/21/2008 08:01:03 EDT

    crazy eyes caldwell sux. end of story more »

  • Forum Post: Why Draft a CB?

    Posted 03/20/2008 11:44:52 EDT

    i think we should draft cromartie and hope he plays like his bro. but seriously, we won rings because of our d. homeland defense. our linebackers are old and slow and our corners are short n small. we more »

  • Forum Post: Patriots Theme

    Posted 12/14/2007 12:58:20 EST

    A song missing from the choices and what should be our theme song is "Sunday Bloody Sunday" by U2 because we leave the competition dead and bloodied every Sunday.

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  • Forum Post: RS fans reaction-Ellsbury in lineup!

    Posted 10/20/2007 04:26:22 EDT

    i wish we could ban coco, lugo, and especially GAGNE from evening come near fenway. i would trade them for a fenway frank and a wooden nickel

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  • Forum Post: Who's to blame?

    Posted 10/17/2007 12:13:29 EDT

    collectively, the sox look lifeless. the pitching stinks and the bottom of the order should be replaced. please, dont even let gagne attend this last game.

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  • Forum Post: Need to vent about Game 2?

    Posted 10/15/2007 12:15:14 EDT

    I HATE ERIC GAGNE! Shut him down NOW. I'd rather see the Sausage Guy come into pitch. Please, save him for next season. Anyone or anything but Gagne! When I see him warming up all I can think is 'Reme more »

  • Forum Post: Harrison Suspended!!

    Posted 09/01/2007 09:21:44 EDT

    i stand by rodney. he plays every down like it was his last, full-throttle. he prob. used it in the off-season to recover. i bet a doctor prescribed it for healing, but its against the rules. he apolo more »

  • Forum Post: J.D. Drew discussion

    Posted 08/31/2007 02:20:43 EDT

    jd drew sucks and should be sent down to the minors or cut or let go or traded. he brings us down. he has the emotion of a sloth. he's better off as the water boy or teaching math
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  • Forum Post: Is Brady being a traitor with NYY hat?

    Posted 05/03/2007 05:35:53 EDT

    ok so he's in ny. before the pats he was a yankees fan so ive heard. he's not an idiot. im sure he was just trying to blend in in nyc. if you rock a sox hat in the evil empire, youre going to get some more »

  • Forum Post: Patriots Acquire Randy Moss

    Posted 04/29/2007 01:19:49 EDT

    HOLYSH*T! Tom Brady to Randy Moss AND Stallworth? This is like a fantasy team. We're going to need to come up with a nickname for Brady and Moss. Thunder and Lighting, Ebony and Ivory, Class and Kick more »

  • Forum Post: Schilling's sock

    Posted 04/26/2007 02:22:26 EDT

    Why are we taking Thorne seriously? He's probably just being an attention #### like Britney Spears or TO. He should be fired for his remarks. Doesn't this qualify as slander? People of higher stature more »

  • Forum Post: Defense needs help still!!

    Posted 03/11/2007 03:00:06 EDT

    OK, we have the WR's we desperately needed. Now we need to build the D. It's old and weak and the no-name secondary needs attention. Sign a big,nasty ,shutdown CB and and good safety to replace Harris more »

  • Forum Post: Pats Sign Stallworth

    Posted 03/11/2007 02:43:57 EDT

    YES finally a decent WR! i guess all those abusive and pleading emails Ive sent to Kraft about signing some WRs have worked. we need a SHUTDOWN CB, a safety, and another RB. We, the Patrio more »

  • Forum Post: Pats-Chargers in 30 words or less

    Posted 01/13/2007 09:34:10 EST

    merriman is a cheater. the chargers org. isnt allowing out-of-state'ers to buy tickets...this is all bad karma. add in a first year QB... the Bolts will be Screwed on Sunday. 4 RINGS IN 6 YEARS! PatRI more »

  • Forum Post: Sound off on Merriman

    Posted 01/11/2007 06:55:07 EST

    i wish the very wicked worst for merriman. i hope he tears up his knee sunday. he's a cheater! in any other sport, he would be banished. F merriman and screw the bolts! more »