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  • Forum Post: Team Dinner Footage...

    Posted 01/31/2015 04:01:16 EST

    that was the funniest ever!! a 100 thanks for posting!

    "Giggedy, Giggedy!"

  • Forum Post: Patriots vs Seahawks Game Thread

    Posted 01/31/2015 03:44:01 EST

    I am "jacked and pumped" for this super bowl!! Oops err bad choice of words lol LETS GO PATRIOTS, BRING HOME THE LOMBARDI!!

    "Giggedy, Giggedy!"

  • Forum Post: Whew! At least we dont have to face.......

    Posted 01/31/2015 04:21:52 EST

    Dominique Easley at DT! If we remember back to the draft last year, when the Pats selected Easley, there were reports that Seattles draft room was upset and Pete Carrol may or may not have stormed out more »

  • Forum Post: Chancellor injured in practice

    Posted 01/31/2015 04:12:15 EST

    I normally dont wish an injury upon anybody, but in this case......yay!!! (P.S. I hope he is better in 2 weeks)

    "Giggedy, Giggedy!"

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  • Forum Post: How the NFL Made a Fool of You with Deflategate

    Posted 01/31/2015 04:06:03 EST

    Great read! Thanks posters above who convinced me to open the link and read it!

    "Giggedy, Giggedy!"

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  • Forum Post: Percy Harvin.....

    Posted 01/30/2015 09:55:04 EST

    am I the only Pats fan who is glad we dont have to defend him this Super Bowl?! Guy was a beast in last years game.

    "Giggedy, Giggedy!"

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  • Forum Post: Rex Ryan's Thoughts on Deflategate

    Posted 01/29/2015 09:45:49 EST

    Don't really care what that buffoon thinks, pro or con...

    "Giggedy, Giggedy!"

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  • Forum Post: Chris Long on Deflategate

    Posted 01/29/2015 02:19:32 EST

    In response to NYC's comment: In response to Quagmire3's comment: [QUOTE] Thanks for clarifying! (Where did I get Peabody from?) can we agree Howie is the one that punched pats owner billy Sullivan I more »

  • Forum Post: Chris Long on Deflategate

    Posted 01/29/2015 02:17:29 EST

    In response to donrd4's comment: In response to TexasPat's comment: [QUOTE]      Good to hear that there are some other people out there besides us who see deflate-gate for what it is.  To Pats fans i more »

  • Forum Post: Chris Long on Deflategate

    Posted 01/29/2015 11:39:23 EST

    In response to PatsLifer's comment: In response to pauldeba's comment: [QUOTE] In response to Quagmire3's comment: [QUOTE] But dont forget Chris is Howeys son and Howey grew up in Peabody, Mass. Wonde more »

  • Forum Post: Chris Long on Deflategate

    Posted 01/29/2015 02:43:41 EST

    But dont forget Chris is Howeys son and Howey grew up in Peabody, Mass. Wonder if Chris has a soft spot in his heart for the Pats?!

    "Giggedy, Giggedy!"

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  • Forum Post: now its on to FUMBLEGATE!

    Posted 01/27/2015 02:20:19 EST

    Commy/imagy we all celebrated when we thought you left for good! can you please stay gone?!

    "Giggedy, Giggedy!"

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  • Forum Post: Full Summary of all stuff since first superbowl in 2002 - loved this

    Posted 01/25/2015 11:04:11 EST

    In response to cyncalpatfan's comment: Well thought out and very comprehensive.  Thanks for taking the time.  Maybe I'll simply print that out and make a bunch of copies.  The next person who comes up more »

  • Forum Post: When did Tom Curran become such a dick?!

    Posted 01/25/2015 10:55:24 EST

    pissing off BB twice in his presser?! I guess trying to be more like his idol Felger...

    "Giggedy, Giggedy!"

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  • Forum Post: BB is truthful, but made provocative comments.

    Posted 01/25/2015 10:32:55 EST

    In response to BabeParilli's comment: There is no way BB is lying. This guy knows his screwup of disregarding the memo is casting a shadow on his players in this, and you can tell he feels bad about t more »

  • Forum Post: Why I believe BB 100%

    Posted 01/22/2015 08:59:08 EST

    "Borges' hostile opinions have frequently earned him criticism. He has severely criticized Bill Belichick; some media figures, including Bill Simmons, have asserted that this is because Borges relied more »

  • Forum Post: Why I believe BB 100%

    Posted 01/22/2015 08:47:05 EST

    I truly believe BB 100%. When the spygate witchhunt commenced, BB never lied. He said from the beginning he did tape opposing team signals and that he "misinterpreted" the leagues guidance. He does no more »

  • Forum Post: Not a PSI thread

    Posted 01/22/2015 02:04:26 EST

    we used to call her Linda Ronsnatch

    "Giggedy, Giggedy!"

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  • Forum Post: Siliga injury

    Posted 01/22/2015 12:32:14 EST

    wow an actual thread about football! Thanks dapats! I really like Siliga and think he will be a very important part of the game plan to stop the run. He, Vince, and Branch will be very important in th more »

  • Forum Post: Pats will be exonerated

    Posted 01/21/2015 11:27:43 EST

    wow! after reading every post in his thread I have a few comments: CatfishHunter- still the funniest poster in here! Muzwell- Excellent points and rivaling catfish for funniest post "magic bullet of d more »

  • Forum Post: It's funny but...

    Posted 01/21/2015 10:00:22 EST

    In response to mthurl's comment: When a hockey player's stick is suspected to have too big of a curve on it, it's measured and if it's not within specifications the player gets a 2 minute penalty. The more »

  • Forum Post: Official NFL Rules for Ball Supply

    Posted 01/21/2015 01:56:14 EST

    your reading it wrong. 12 balls per team....

    "Giggedy, Giggedy!"

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  • Forum Post: 11 of 12 balls under inflated, NfL angry and disappointed

    Posted 01/20/2015 11:35:18 EST

    lol i think its hilarious! Just hearing UD6 chime in like thats the reason they lost! roflmao!!!!! so what is the league going to do to Aaron Rodgers for overinflating?? Oh Yeah, thanks for the bad in more »

  • Forum Post: No one likes the Patriots

    Posted 01/20/2015 10:13:33 EST

    this is the 3rd thread on this moron in a week. He is Indys version of Felger, just a "shock jock" trying to get his 15 mins of fame! Not sure why our posters keep giving it to him! Ignore the noise! more »

  • Forum Post: Finally! Someone (Brady) Said It! Tom Brady responds to deflated football charge: 'Ridiculous'

    Posted 01/20/2015 11:55:03 EST

    In response to stinkman's comment: In response to donrd4's comment: [QUOTE] In response to Kingface12's comment:   In response to donrd4's comment: [QUOTE] In response to bredbru's comment: [QUOTE] ht more »