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  • Forum Post: tebow cut

    Posted 08/31/2013 11:59:06 EDT

    All this talk about giving his all, what player on the roster wasn't giving their all, they all want jobs. He is the worst player I've ever seen get as far as he's gotten and it's all because he is su more »

  • Forum Post: BYE BYE WELKER!!

    Posted 01/22/2013 09:27:47 EST

    I dont know who you are or how big you are, but as tough as Welker is unless you're a cage fighter I'm pretty sure that choking midget would kick your (butt) with no trouble.

    more »

  • Forum Post: WELKER in the thick of it again.. His wifey calls out and dances all over Ray Lewis after the game!

    Posted 01/22/2013 09:02:30 EST

    like others have said, she's just telling the truth. Ray Lewis walked for at best covering up a murder. He was allowed to because he had the money to make a deal with the families. I'm very surprised more »

  • Forum Post: Brandon Lloyd

    Posted 10/22/2012 04:53:55 EDT

    I don't know how much they signed him for, but it's a terrible pickup. He has no chemistry with Brady, you can tell Brady would love to go off on him, but thats not the way Brady is. I think he's anot more »

  • Forum Post: time for a new fieldgoal kicker

    Posted 09/30/2012 05:13:35 EDT

    I think there's a good chance BB atleast signs another kicker , I would, and the first one Ghost misses, he sits. Ther are too many good kickers out of work

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  • Forum Post: 46 passes. 28 runs. 2 point game.

    Posted 09/16/2012 05:01:23 EDT

    whoever started this post is an idiot. We ran the ball almost all of the first half. It was like we want a close game today so we're just gonna let Brady handoff most of the first half. We are a team more »

  • Forum Post: Coaching lost this game

    Posted 09/16/2012 04:44:57 EDT

    I agree one hundred percent, is this league fixed or something. Why did we run the ball 15 out of the first 20 plays( not an actual count, it sure seemed that way though) when even without Hernandez w more »

  • Forum Post: The Patriots After Tom Brady

    Posted 05/25/2012 05:20:50 EDT

    in about 2 or 3 years, maybe even next year, the pats will trade TB to San Fran for a couple ones. Then you can let Ryan Mallet, for all of you that think he's so talented, take over.  He can throw, b more »

  • Forum Post: Mangini Mea Culpa on Spygate

    Posted 05/03/2012 09:50:38 EDT

    it was overblown and gave people who didn't like the Pats a reason to say they didn't deserve the titles. But for Mangini to have done that and put a stain on tose great teams and performances is real more »

  • Forum Post: OK, here's my call for Thursday's Draft

    Posted 04/25/2012 10:58:30 EDT

    BB will trade the second pick in 1st round for a 3rd 5th and 6th. Will trade a second for a 1 next year and a 6th this year. Will get a LB with 2nd, a OT and S with 3rds, a WR with 4th, a CB with 5th, more »

  • Forum Post: Prepare yourself now, BB wont use either of his 1st round picks

    Posted 04/01/2012 01:10:11 EDT

    everyone seems to be jumping on the comment about fun, like we don't care who he gets, just want to eat popcorn and watch. Fun(party) has nothing to do with it, it's fun when he picks the best player more »

  • Forum Post: Prepare yourself now, BB wont use either of his 1st round picks

    Posted 04/01/2012 09:45:55 EDT

    I agree with almost everything df5 had to say. Especially the part that BB has taken the fun and excitement out of the draft. I don't have the number handy but how many times has BB traded down and go more »

  • Forum Post: BRADY vs. BELICHICK : Only 1 Is Irreplacable

    Posted 03/28/2012 02:18:49 EDT

      Brady is the reason we've done all the great things during this run. BB is very lucky to have gotten Brady where he did and another coach had to talk him into it. Brady has the intangibles that alot more »

  • Forum Post: How much longer does Hernandez remain a Patriot?

    Posted 02/09/2012 07:27:03 EST

    are you on crack? Hernandez is a multitalented player who the Pats are very lucky to have. He always makes the first guy miss, always gets yards after catch and would start on any team in the league. more »

  • Forum Post: Edelman

    Posted 11/29/2011 08:54:10 EST

    that last post is ridiculous! Can't catch the ball? When Welker was hurt he filled in for him great. He never had trouble catching the ball and has great moves. He catches punts with people all around more »

  • Forum Post: Should Edleman be cut?

    Posted 11/02/2011 03:00:24 EDT

    I don't understand all the Edleman hate. This is one good white boy wide receiver. He's definitely the best punt and kick returner besides Welker, (who shouldn't be doing it and chancing being hurt.) more »

  • Forum Post: Belichick is failing this team...

    Posted 10/31/2011 02:59:10 EDT

    The Patriot defense is the worst in the league, there's no question, and it is BB fault. He has mismanaged the draft the last 5 years with a few, very few exceptions. His free agent pickups at first w more »

  • Forum Post: Worst Pats defense ever?

    Posted 10/03/2011 04:29:48 EDT

    .  I was watching the patriots after watching the early games, and I could actually see a speed difference. The Pats don't have the speed some of the other teams have. They have the bend but don't bre more »


    Posted 09/17/2011 07:37:56 EDT

     these people that are saying Bledsoe could have won those super bowls for us are either stupid or know nothing about sports and playing in the clutch. Brady is why we've won, he's made everyone aroun more »


    Posted 08/27/2011 10:48:22 EDT

      o-line, miserable about got Brady killed   deep threat- none, cut 85, he's awful    running game- see o-line, awful   dbs- worst talent in football   gaurantee I could complete a slant against this more »

  • Forum Post: 1st half analysis

    Posted 08/27/2011 10:41:25 EDT

    The facts are if you can't protect Brady, they'll be no championships. Just like with the jets last year in he playoffs and the giants in the super bowl. maybe the league has scar's # now. That was pa more »

  • Forum Post: Position battles to get a roster spot

    Posted 08/14/2011 08:01:34 EDT

     I don't know why everyone is so down on Edelman, he is a younger Wes Welker. When welker was hurt he came in and did a great job. He's only played WR for a while, and if you cut him he will play grea more »