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  • Forum Post: Working moms - How do you do it?

    Posted 08/25/2011 12:52:30 EDT

    I have a 21 month old and a 3 month old so I know how you feel. I have a couple little things to add. I think you have no idea how much the lack of uninterrupted sleep is affecting you until you get s more »

  • Forum Post: May - Pregnancy

    Posted 05/18/2011 07:12:10 EDT

    I am 38 weeks today. Ugh. My feet and ankles are so swollen by the end of the work day I can barely walk. I can't even get my feet all the way into flip flops. I may start working shorter days or some more »

  • Forum Post: Concerned (kinda gross topic)

    Posted 05/12/2011 07:22:04 EDT

    I had spotting with my first pregnancy at 8 weeks and really freaked out. It turned out to just be "breakthrough bleeding" and it happened 1 or 2 more times. I'm not sure if this is comforting or not, more »

  • Forum Post: May - Pregnancy

    Posted 05/12/2011 07:16:23 EDT

    Thanks jennifyr, starting to feel better today. I will need to re-do Mother's Day, that's for sure! I just had a gas station cashier ask me if I am dilated yet! It seems like a rather personal questio more »

  • Forum Post: May - Pregnancy

    Posted 05/11/2011 12:53:26 EDT

    I am 37 weeks today. DS had been turned transverse (sideways) since 30 weeks, but as of last week he was head down and had stayed there! Fingers crossed that he finds it comfy and stays put until he w more »

  • Forum Post: Baptism

    Posted 04/27/2011 12:44:34 EDT

    DH and I did not baptize DS. We were about where you guys are with your beliefs. I would've felt so phony baptizing DS when I don't believe in any of it. The most common comment I got about it from fa more »

  • Forum Post: Pregnancy-April Updates

    Posted 04/27/2011 12:38:29 EDT

    I'm now 35 weeks and at my appointment yesterday my doc said baby feels like he is still transverse, and that I'm measuring like a transverse baby (3 weeks ahead). He's been transverse since at least more »

  • Forum Post: Pregnancy-April Updates

    Posted 04/22/2011 07:12:17 EDT

    I decided to get a new crib and mattress for DS#2. I got one with free shipping from Amazon for $115 and it does convert to a bed. I didn't want to spend the money, but I feel better about it. AFM, I more »

  • Forum Post: MUSIC

    Posted 04/20/2011 07:15:35 EDT

    DS loves Vampire Weekend and the Rolling Stones. He goes to sleep every night to Rockabye Baby Pixies. And on Saturday mornings we frequently rock out to AC/DC. I love to see his dance moves developin more »

  • Forum Post: Pregnancy-April Updates

    Posted 04/18/2011 08:00:41 EDT

    That was a great story am and encouraging to hear about the smooth transition for DD so far. I have 6 weeks to go. I'm much bigger than I was with DS and I'm having trouble keeping up with him at this more »

  • Forum Post: Due dates

    Posted 04/14/2011 07:03:11 EDT

    6/1/11 for me! more »

  • Forum Post: Did you feel differently the day you went into labor?

    Posted 04/12/2011 07:08:24 EDT

    Thanks everybody! The scenario that play in my head is that I'm on my way home from work and stuck in traffic on 128 and my water breaks. DS#1 came pretty quickly so I worry about this one coming with more »

  • Forum Post: Did you feel differently the day you went into labor?

    Posted 04/11/2011 10:37:25 EDT

    I'm wondering if anyone felt different or kind of knew the day they went into labor before the real signs of labor started? I was induced my first time around so I haven't experienced going into labor more »

  • Forum Post: Strollers

    Posted 04/08/2011 07:39:15 EDT

    I have a Phil&Teds sport and absolutely love it. I bought it used off craigslist. 3 inflated wheels, the front wheel swivels but can also be locked so you can jog with it. more »

  • Forum Post: Question for those with 2, or more, little ones.

    Posted 04/06/2011 01:04:18 EDT

    I'm waiting on the arrival of #2 and thought this thread on the pregnancy board was helpful: more »

  • Forum Post: Crib to big kid bed - when?

    Posted 04/06/2011 01:00:16 EDT

    I ask because a few moms I know have done it around 19-20 months. DS is 17 months, and I don't think he is anywhere near ready for the freedom of a big boy bed. He would go play with toys in his room more »

  • Forum Post: Crib to big kid bed - when?

    Posted 04/06/2011 07:18:02 EDT

    What age did you transition your LO from their crib to a big kid bed?

    Was it a smooth transition or did you run into some challenges?

    more »

  • Forum Post: Ever expanding chest

    Posted 04/05/2011 07:31:44 EDT

    I went up two full cup sizes (B to D) with my first. Once I had DS I almost had to go bigger once my milk came in, but managed to stay at full D. I agree with the other posts- buy a couple of bras at more »

  • Forum Post: Second Pregnancy - How Soon Did You Show

    Posted 04/04/2011 07:43:42 EDT

    I started showing with #2 around 11 weeks. I've felt bigger the whole time and #2 is measuring three weeks bigger than number of weeks. I am carrying differently this time. My belly really sticks stra more »

  • Forum Post: Different BF Questions...

    Posted 04/04/2011 07:38:50 EDT

    My DS would nurse 15 - 20 minutes per side. When he was a newborn he would always fall asleep while nursing and wake up and start feeding again when I tried to switch sides and that would prolong the more »

  • Forum Post: Stressed with pumping

    Posted 03/22/2011 07:47:26 EDT

    I pumped while working full-time for 5 months without supplimenting and I found the pressure to produce and pump enough to be almost unbearable. I was putting all the pressure on myself. In hindsight, more »


    Posted 03/22/2011 07:35:45 EDT

    With my first I used a small pack n play with bassinet next to my bed for the first 2 months. I feel like DS did NOT like it. It was so big and cold compared to a cozy bassinet or Moses basket. He sle more »

  • Forum Post: hospital bag - what to pack?

    Posted 03/17/2011 12:36:14 EDT

    Pack that bag and keep it in the car! I thought I would have plenty of time to throw my stuff in a bag while in early labor. Then my OB wanted to meet me at the hospital straight from my 40 week appoi more »

  • Forum Post: Things I wish someone had warned me about...!

    Posted 03/15/2011 01:05:51 EDT

    I had too many people warn me about how much BFing would hurt and milk coming in would hurt. I was determined to do it regardless, but I got a lot of foolish advise too. Like scrub your nipples to tou more »

  • Forum Post: Movements during pregnancy vs. activity after baby is born

    Posted 01/25/2011 07:59:22 EST

    My DS never stopped moving in utero. He is now 13 months. He is a great sleeper, but an EXTREMELY active little boy. He loves to go go go. But he naps well and sleeps 12-13 hours at night. As an infan more »