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About Me: HI Everyone My name is bruno campigotto and I am an american living in Calgary wife Dee, hence the name brunod. I have been a Bruinaholic since I was % yrs. old and I am now 57. I love hockey and playing the guitar and in my spare time my wife. I have the pleasute of seeing the B's win two cups and despartley waitng for their 3rd. That's about it so GO BRUINS.

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  • Forum Post: Cody Franzan

    Posted 07/23/2015 11:41:26 EDT

    The Bruins need to get a sniper and a top 4 defenceman to fill out a roaster that was not complete last season. this team needs speed to go aiong with the youth they have. If the Bruins cannot find th more »

  • Forum Post: DK on LTIR

    Posted 02/26/2015 08:30:12 EST



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  • Forum Post: Bergy and Brad are the ONLY offensive consistent scorers on this team.

    Posted 02/17/2015 03:14:20 EST



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  • Forum Post: Bergy and Brad are the ONLY offensive consistent scorers on this team.

    Posted 02/17/2015 03:06:06 EST



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  • Forum Post: Bergy and Brad are the ONLY offensive consistent scorers on this team.

    Posted 02/17/2015 03:05:06 EST

    This team is in defenisive hell, they are slow and only Chara can put a puck in the net. Without out help from CAM and PC we will slide out of the playoffs, then Mr. Jacobs will do what he has to. It more »

  • Forum Post: Game 56 - Boston Bruins at Calgary Flames - GDT - (02/16/15)

    Posted 02/16/2015 02:32:23 EST

    The Bruins will get a taste of what a hard working 60 minute game will do . IF the Bruins don't bring thier A game they will not win this game. PC better get off his high horse and do something to imp more »

  • Forum Post: MAKE A TRADE NOW

    Posted 02/10/2015 09:59:51 EST

    I have not been on this board for a while. I do not like what pc has done to this team and the soft way they are playing. This team lost some very heavy players in Iggy, boychuk and Thorny and none we more »

  • Forum Post: Anyone know who this is ?

    Posted 01/23/2015 07:57:52 EST



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  • Forum Post: Merry christmas to all Bruins fans

    Posted 12/13/2014 05:26:44 EST

    We can thank PC for the state of the Bruins at this time. He let us know this team would not be as good before training even started. PC did a poor job of mananging the cap, and let things get out of more »

  • Forum Post: Bruins linked to Chris Stewart

    Posted 10/23/2014 11:56:11 EDT

    Let stewart stay with buffalo and let the bruins get a player who really fits the bill. Players with bad reps, not serious and is lazy does not fit in Boston. The Bruins need a sniper and maybe anothe more »

  • Forum Post: Anemic

    Posted 10/14/2014 05:26:38 EDT

    Anemic is a small word for the Bruins offense and the way they are playing. I blame PC and JC for not getting a rt wing for the 1st line and not preparing this team for the season. They look unoganize more »

  • Forum Post: Chara must go

    Posted 10/14/2014 05:12:51 EDT

    Chara and many Bruins are not playing up to par, and it is very clear they need scoring and more stucture to their game. It is early but fix this now before its too late. Getting rid of Chara just mak more »

  • Forum Post: Boychuk scores first Islander goal of the season!

    Posted 10/13/2014 11:57:52 EDT

    The Rocket leads the the league in points. The Bruins sure could use him and his points, how does that make you feel right now PC, the way the Bruins are  playing?


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  • Forum Post: Boychuk scores first Islander goal of the season!

    Posted 10/12/2014 10:39:29 EDT

    The Rocket has 5pts for the the Iles after 2 games and both are wins. He leads the NHL for now in pts. but the B's could use those pts and B's D have not scored, PC how does that make your trade look? more »

  • Forum Post: Boychuk scores first Islander goal of the season!

    Posted 10/12/2014 10:30:29 EDT

    The rocket now leads the nhl in points with 5 after his first 2 games with the Isles. How does that make you feel PC after our B's are being bounced around and losing 1-2 and if they can't find scorin more »

  • Forum Post: Was there Ever Any Doubt

    Posted 10/09/2014 05:18:57 EDT

    The Bruins played good enough to win but like in seasons past it looks like scoring will be a problem for this team when it matters most. We miss DK and Campbell but Lucic did not look good without DK more »

  • Forum Post: GDT 08/10/14 Game 1: Flyers at Bruins

    Posted 10/08/2014 05:11:29 EDT

    This is not the lineup I saw for opening night and the media could be right that the Bruins take a step back from last season with the player losses they now have. I hope these new players have the he more »

  • Forum Post: A New Dawn Begins: Welcome to the RHL

    Posted 10/08/2014 04:56:27 EDT

    We are all going to miss hockey night in canada and the traditon it brought to us all. The almighty dollar will not put a better broacasting product  on our TV's.


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  • Forum Post: Caron waived

    Posted 10/04/2014 12:55:44 EDT

    Hope Caron is gone, but gets on with another team. The other 2 guys should be back with the Pbruins and I hope they take Robins with them.


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  • Forum Post: Iggy

    Posted 03/30/2014 10:56:42 EDT

    Iggy has been the best Bruin on the ice for some time now. Time to talk contract and get him signed. When the Bruins won the cup in 2011 they had 4 good lines and Ricchi. Iggy is better than him and w more »

  • Forum Post: Warning for today's game (2nd official prediction in 2014)

    Posted 03/30/2014 10:45:59 EDT

    Yes the Bruins could lose but the character of this team will not allow it to happen easy and I thiink the Bruins will win but I will not predoct the score.

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  • Forum Post: iginla, bonus clauses, salary cap

    Posted 03/22/2014 03:09:49 EDT

    When the Bruins won the cup they had 4 lines rolling and a guy like Recchi helped us alot. Iggy is better than Recchi and can score more with the same kind of heart. Sign Iggy and we will not regret i more »

  • Forum Post: 1970

    Posted 03/20/2014 04:08:49 EDT

    In 1970 the Bruins beat the Blues for the Bruins 1st cup sinmce 1941. The famous Sanderson to Orr with him flying through the air and giving us the cup is still folklore. We have no Orr or the Turk bu more »

  • Forum Post: Vanek a Bruin tomorrow

    Posted 03/05/2014 03:46:24 EST

    I have been quiet this season but I think scoring is a better move for the Bruins than D. The Bruins D is doing well and they are one of the top D teams in the NHL. Vanek the Bruin killer would be the more »

  • Forum Post: Bruins Vs Rangers, March 2, 2014

    Posted 03/02/2014 10:08:07 EST

    Bruins played well in the last 30 and scored some nice goals for what I think was a good bounce game after the loss to the Caps and Rask was the best player on the ice. The Bruins could still use a D more »

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