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  • Forum Post: The Jets......(A thread of laughs!)

    Posted 08/15/2012 05:14:15 EDT

    The Jets resemble the Red Sox.  Scary...

  • Forum Post: Ellsbury offered to Rangers

    Posted 08/01/2012 05:30:39 EDT

    Ken Rosenthal reported today that Ellsbury was ofrered to the Rangers in a package with Beckett and Shoppach but it sounded like it never got very far.  Interesting.

  • Forum Post: Simply Pathetic

    Posted 05/24/2012 12:24:15 EDT

    Bad basketball and injuries are part of the game but Pierce and especially Allen aren't close to their games.  If they were this series would be over.  Love both of them and what they have done for us more »

  • Forum Post: Pathetic: Dog Doo: Awful: The Cs Stunk

    Posted 05/19/2012 12:11:09 EDT

    That was disgusting. What a disgraceful performance. You couldn't even script that.  So tired about hearing how Philly can't hang wit us, blah, blah, blah.  These guys gave away another game, deserve more »

  • Forum Post: AB may get suspended too

    Posted 04/30/2012 09:26:59 EDT

    Rondo's lack of maturity rears its ugly head. more »

  • Forum Post: Game Thread 13: Yankees at Red Sox -100th Anniversay Game*************************

    Posted 04/20/2012 06:00:38 EDT

    I have not disliked a Boston team, not a Red Sox team, but a Boston more than these guys in my 35+ year existence as a fan.  more »

  • Forum Post: Spurs vs. Celtics

    Posted 04/04/2012 09:44:19 EDT

    Hero Ball Paul dribbles out the clock and settles for another fade away 25 footer. Garbage. more »

  • Forum Post: Rasheed Wallace Signs With Lakers

    Posted 02/24/2012 09:13:55 EST

    Pass the Dutchie!

    more »

  • Forum Post: PATS beat themselves, Brady's costly pick, Congrats Giants

    Posted 02/06/2012 12:16:07 EST

    The Pats O-Line and defense played way better than anyone expected. How anyone doesn't put this loss on Brady, who turned Welker around and over threw him on the now infamous play in question and has more »

  • Forum Post: Brady retireing

    Posted 02/05/2012 11:29:23 EST

    17 points in  two consecutive SBs doesn't cut it.  If someone told you the D and O-Line would play the way they did you would take it in a heartbeat. Felt like those guys out played the Gaints and Gia more »

  • Forum Post: Did Knick Fans Get Duped?

    Posted 02/05/2012 12:24:00 EST

    You all seem to forget that the Knicks won the NBA Championship on Christmas day... more »

  • Forum Post: How many Patriots Hater "attacks" have you have endured recently?

    Posted 02/03/2012 03:56:22 EST

    I live in TX, it seems less intense than 3-4 years ago but I have never felt attacked, just razzed as Pinkie put it.  I still see a lot of Pats bumper stickers on the road here and gear in airports, e more »

  • Forum Post: Best nickname for Bobby Jenks

    Posted 01/06/2012 11:51:20 EST

    Limp Biscuit (Bizkit was taken). more »

  • Forum Post: Varitek Again?

    Posted 01/04/2012 09:29:20 EST

    Good grief, will it ever end?  more »

  • Forum Post: Who should get more blame for this loss?

    Posted 10/30/2011 08:34:17 EDT

    Another Sunday of watching and hearing all the names on defense for other teams that we pass up in the draft every year.  The pathetic garbage pf a defense we march out there in he last 3 years is lau more »

  • Forum Post: Is Anyone worried about the Steelers?

    Posted 10/28/2011 05:53:13 EDT

    I am a bit worried, road game, tough D, and the Boston press is doing the "we own the Steelers" routine a la the Sox and "best team ever."  Inevitably when the press starts crowing it seems we always more »

  • Forum Post: What is your response to Mark: Teixeira Complains That Long Red Sox-Yankees Games Are 'Brutal' and 'Ridiculous'

    Posted 09/02/2011 09:13:33 EDT

    Calm down idiots, Every is allowed an opinion.  And 4 hour games, or 4 hour and 21 minute games, are ridiculous.  more »

  • Forum Post: Crawford will never be worth the money

    Posted 08/15/2011 05:42:35 EDT

    Crawford owes about 2-3 years of his contract and some of the $ too to Jason Varitek.  If he hadn't been able to run around the bases at will for 18 games a year against us we would have never fell fo more »

  • Forum Post: Is Lester a Choker?

    Posted 05/31/2011 10:57:05 EDT

    Tito is finally addressing the elephant in the room with Lester. Lack of command and over dependence on his cutter.  Time for Lester to shut up and listen to his manager and pitching coach. more »

  • Forum Post: Trade at the Deadline= Failure

    Posted 05/11/2011 11:29:02 EDT

    We would have lost with or without Perk, Would have liked to see Doc have the stones to play Krstic instead of the awful Big Baby Davis but he went to him too late.  trade didn't work, but I understan more »

  • Forum Post: Tuesday Game Thread: Red Sox at Blue Jays

    Posted 05/10/2011 11:40:21 EDT

    Every year for the last 3-4 years there is a free agent catcher who hits .220 who can throw out base stealers on the market and every year we go back to the washed up Varitek.   The disregard in addre more »

  • Forum Post: Email the NBA about Wade

    Posted 05/08/2011 10:23:47 EDT

    What a bunch of whiners. It's a physical game and the Rondo injury was freakish and something you see a lot in the NBA, two guys jockeying after the whistle. A previous analogy to Canadiens fans calli more »

  • Forum Post: Some things to look for tonight

    Posted 04/19/2011 12:33:09 EDT

    Great thoughts: #1 - JON has had plenty of rest, if his hand is hot, play it. #2 - Agreed #3 - Agreed. On Green, yeah, it sure would be nice if Doc would tell him "don't pass the ball to an inferior o more »

  • Forum Post: Gammons:Sox 'completely shocked'

    Posted 04/13/2011 11:13:31 EDT

    Crawford should hit 5th...in Pawtucket. more »

  • Forum Post: We are officially in trouble

    Posted 03/15/2011 11:48:03 EDT

    A disappointing stretch no doubt. Lakers are picking them up and putting them down and are clearly the team to beat.  Right now I don't think we could beat the Bulls and we are about to give up home c more »

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