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About Me: I'm a Patriots fan living in Wales, UK and got the bug when making a film in Connecticut in '01. I'm also a fan of the other Boston sports teams. I run PFWinProgress.com, the official fansite of the Patriots podcast.

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  • Forum Post: Wilfork for Peppers?

    Posted 06/24/2009 03:21:00 EDT

    Peppers signed the franchise tender offered by the Panthers.

  • Forum Post: More misleading articles on the Pats

    Posted 05/18/2009 06:53:42 EDT

    This really annoyed me, he was put on IR with a shoulder injury. What else do you need to do, email pdfs of the x-rays to the NFL, Polian, the other teams and every journalist.

    God damn youse!

  • Forum Post: Sanchez Will Be A Bust.....

    Posted 05/18/2009 06:47:04 EDT

    I think Sanchez will be a better pro than Stafford but hope he's a bust

  • Forum Post: Predict Patriots 2009 sack numbers

    Posted 05/18/2009 06:45:42 EDT

    I think Mayo will get an extra 3-4 this year. He was talking recently about how disappointed he was in making big plays and that's what he hoped would improve next year.

  • Forum Post: Kirwan ranks Patriots 2 on NFL.com

    Posted 05/18/2009 06:42:26 EDT

    In Pat Kirwan's power rankings he ranks the Pats behind the Steelers giving the reason that "If the Patriots had secured a veteran outside linebacker, they would have been considered for the top spot. more »

  • Forum Post: PFW in Progress

    Posted 06/15/2008 01:44:05 EDT

    Hi guys, do any of you listen to PFW in Progress or read Patriots Football Weekly? more »