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  • Forum Post: Rex Ryan request to Jets fans

    Posted 09/17/2009 01:57:21 EDT

     I can't wait for Sunday. I am so sick of the Jets and all their talk. Don't they realize it's not 1969. Just remember when the Pats start running up the scoreboard like a globetrotter game ... Who th more »

  • Forum Post: Did Belichick exit out Seymour in the right way?

    Posted 09/09/2009 05:21:59 EDT

    Seymour had no intention to cut the Pats some slack so why should Pats show him any slack. Seymour's money will go to Vince and he will get a new deal signed or he will be franchised tagged. I refuse more »

  • Forum Post: What happens if Seymour does not report to the Raiders...?

    Posted 09/07/2009 01:25:28 EDT

    Seymour will report or his career will end. He is playing the only card he has right now to try and get extra cash in form of an extension out of the Raiders. Crazy 'Ol Al will probably give him a 5 y more »

  • Forum Post: Will next stop be Canton's Hall of Fame for Tedy Bruschi?.... I say YES! POLL

    Posted 08/31/2009 10:31:20 EDT

    A great Patriot but not HOF material. Patriots HOF as soon as he is eligible though. more »

  • Forum Post: Do you agree w/Cafardo-Buchholz for Saltalamacchia

    Posted 03/09/2009 02:31:50 EDT

    Clay for Salty ... No No No ... Carfardo for Salty ... in a heart beat more »

  • Forum Post: Red Sox To Trade Lowell

    Posted 10/29/2008 05:03:51 EDT

    The rotation will be fine. We have Beck, Dice, Lester at the the top and then we have our choices of Bowden,Byrd,Buch,Wake and maybe even Masterson. When talking pitching the Sox need to solidify the more »

  • Forum Post: Red Sox To Trade Lowell

    Posted 10/29/2008 03:14:06 EDT

    First, I think the Sox will match and probably surpass the Yankees for Big Tex. the Yankees need pitching more than anything I am hearing the Yankees are eyeing Cameron for CF and then looking for D.L more »

  • Forum Post: Beyond a double standard

    Posted 10/10/2008 05:42:07 EDT

    C'mon UnderDogg ... Brett kills a animal, ties it in a sack, than allows it to rot and decompose in a locker room as a joke ??!!? That some disturbing s**t ! You can't even write it off a simple lack more »

  • Forum Post: Beyond a double standard

    Posted 10/09/2008 11:04:26 EDT

    The article states that as a practical joke .. Brett Favre killed some sort of animal, tied it in a sack and let it de-compose in a teamates locker. I guess the locker room stunk badly and I guess he more »

  • Forum Post: Lackey, Hunter "We were the best team"

    Posted 10/09/2008 03:46:16 EDT

    That's why you play the games.

    more »

  • Forum Post: Beyond a double standard

    Posted 10/09/2008 03:40:17 EDT

    It's funny how if two Patriots fart at same time the Press declares we are trying to gas the NFL. However, after reading the below article and reading in other sources as well to try and find out if i more »

  • Forum Post: rotation set

    Posted 10/08/2008 08:48:32 EDT

    Sox will be fine and this pitching order should be fine. Just keep doing what they have been doing. Pitch good, play defense, and play smart aggressive. The Rays have been hungrier all season but come more »

  • Forum Post: Dave Campbell Cry Baby TBS

    Posted 10/07/2008 05:50:28 EDT

    Well TBS should critique themselves first. Their announce crew is horrible. Is Buck Senile? I remember him being bad but not this bad. Their camera work has been horrible! Fly balls to right and camer more »

  • Forum Post: We did it!!!

    Posted 10/07/2008 03:55:51 EDT

    It was a great win. I was happy to see Jason Bay a big part of victory and real happy his hand was not stomped too bad on the winning run although I doubt he would of felt it until today anyway. more »