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  • Forum Post: Top 10 things that need to change for the Bruins to have a chance in coming back against the Habs

    Posted 04/17/2011 01:03:10 EDT

    Play Seguin - this team cant score... hes one of the most talented players on the team, he just needs a chance. aka more ice time! cant do anything when your playing 8-9 minutes a game playing alongsi more »

  • Forum Post: Pats will trade up in this years draft

    Posted 03/11/2011 12:26:22 EST

    Only guy I see the Patriots trading up to get would be if Nick Fairley slides past the #5 spot of the Cardinals. It would be a huge splash that would steal Day 1 Headlines but highly unlikely. However more »

  • Forum Post: Brady and Pats Close to Deal?

    Posted 09/07/2010 11:45:42 EDT

    Why only 3 years? I was expecting at least 4 years for this guy. This contract im not worried about. I am worried about the one after 3 years that will "burn bridges" and have people taking sides. Thi more »

  • Forum Post: Page

    Posted 09/07/2010 11:37:52 EDT

    does he play OLB? or Left guard? more »

  • Forum Post: Pats vs Saints Scimmages ( One Fans Pix & Points ) New Photos Added Thursday

    Posted 08/11/2010 03:50:17 EDT

    this is hands down amazing - i love the photos. this makes me reallly want to go to training camp. you could hands down have a better experience at a training camp practice than a regular season game, more »

  • Forum Post: Spikes or McKenzie?

    Posted 08/02/2010 10:45:31 EDT

    Cant wait to see both these players in preseason games - i think more than ever patriots fans should be interested in these preseason games. so many position battles. Between Spikes and McKenzie it wi more »

  • Forum Post: Spikes or McKenzie?

    Posted 07/30/2010 02:13:04 EDT

    Who do you think will line up next to Mayo? To be honest last year I thought Mckenzie was going to be the starter before tearing his ACL - when he was drafted in 09 Belichick raved about how instincti more »

  • Forum Post: Patriot Pass Rush?

    Posted 07/29/2010 02:01:28 EDT

    Burgess is retiring... we have officially bent over in a state max prision...our pass rush is...

      more »

  • Forum Post: Patriot Pass Rush?

    Posted 07/29/2010 12:02:00 EDT

    In Response to Re: Patriot Pass Rush?: In Response to Re: Patriot Pass Rush? : Jared Allen got 7.5 of his 14.5 sacks against Green Bay. Maybe he's just average too. Posted by Wizardsjag The year prior more »

  • Forum Post: Patriot Pass Rush?

    Posted 07/29/2010 11:56:08 EDT

    In Response to Re: Patriot Pass Rush?: In Response to Re: Patriot Pass Rush? : Right and the other sack leaders every season don't get a lot of their numbers against weak teams? Posted by themightypat more »

  • Forum Post: Most Improved Player

    Posted 07/29/2010 11:28:53 EDT

    Id like to see Chung become the most improved player in 2010 - starting alongside merriweather. Chung brings a presence that hasnt been around since Harrison. He can play near the line and threaten to more »

  • Forum Post: Patriot Pass Rush?

    Posted 07/29/2010 11:23:22 EDT

    TBC got 5 of his 10 sacks against Buffalo, which means nothing. take away those two games against the worst offensive line in generations and you have a mediocre player, who SHOULD be only situational more »

  • Forum Post:

    Posted 07/14/2010 04:47:23 EDT

    TO opens up and says hes open to coming to the patriots and playing for Belichick and Brady. He would take less money and lesser role to play here. Will it ever happen? I for one dont want him on the more »

  • Forum Post: What are the chances the hole at RDE

    Posted 07/14/2010 01:49:34 EDT

    Seymour played RDE more »

  • Forum Post: TE Preview

    Posted 07/14/2010 01:44:15 EDT

    Watch footage of Hernandez and youll quickly realize how great he could be in a Patriots offense. His yards after catch is incredible. Big mismatch when he flexs out wide or plays the flats.  Gronkows more »

  • Forum Post: What are the chances the hole at RDE

    Posted 07/14/2010 01:30:59 EDT

    I think the Patriots are going to be totally fine on the defensive line. Young players like Brace and Pryor will have a positive influence. Everyones so hard on Brace - it was his rookie year in one o more »

  • Forum Post: If they release Brady i'm done with the Pats!!

    Posted 07/06/2010 12:15:36 EDT

    moaning and groaning over nothing... Brady isnt going anywhere. This is Bob Krafts team. when Bob Kraft has a cash camel like Tom Brady he will ride that thing til the wheels fall off.   btw - Rusty g more »

  • Forum Post: Marc Savard for Robyn Regehr possible trade, according to Dale and Holley WEEI

    Posted 07/01/2010 05:14:17 EDT

    PC put himself into this situation - the cap issue AGAIN. he gave too big of a contract to an aging Tim Thomas and because TT trade to another team is highly unlikely the only other attractive alterna more »

  • Forum Post: Oilers want Seguin sorry for the Seguin lovers

    Posted 06/25/2010 08:47:38 EDT

    This whole time Ive wanted Hall. But for the past several weeks its seemed like we were getting Seguin. So I started to get siked for his arrival. Forgetting Hall. Now hearing that Oilers want Seguin more »

  • Forum Post: Two trade possibilities

    Posted 06/24/2010 12:22:29 EDT

    Trade chara and wheeler for Number #3 or #4 to grab Cam Fowler or Brandon Gormley. Charas entering the final year of his contract. Core nucleus of defenseman will be Folwer or Gromley, Seidenberg, Boy more »

  • Forum Post: B's Defense 2011

    Posted 06/24/2010 12:11:05 EDT

    Charas going to be traded

    last year of his contract - stated in a previous post on this thread my rational. I dont think you cant consider this possiblity. more »

  • Forum Post: B's Defense 2011

    Posted 06/24/2010 09:46:39 EDT

    Its interesting but without the 15th overall pick (which we were going to package to get a top 5 pick) it seems like we will need to package someone big to land in the 3-6 range. We want to get in tha more »

  • Forum Post: Last quality #15 pick was......

    Posted 06/23/2010 01:59:43 EDT

    I was under the impression that the bruins were going to use this #15 pick to bundle it with another player to move into the top 5 of the draft to get a defenseman. Now it seems like this move is high more »

  • Forum Post:

    Posted 06/23/2010 11:35:37 EDT

    With rumors of Tim Thomas leaving - who will be Rasks backup in 2010?

    Highly regarded Free Agents:
    1. Marty Turco
    2. Chris Mason
    3. Michael Leighton
    4. Jose Theodore
    5. Someone Else?

    more »

  • Forum Post: Who is next to Come or Go?

    Posted 06/23/2010 11:23:18 EDT

    I think the Tim Thomas trade is going to be tough to pull off immediately. Just a few issues stand out - 1. The market is filled with above average goalies who can start. 2. Only less than half a doze more »

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