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  • Forum Post: Ty Warren Released

    Posted 07/29/2011 03:45:45 EDT

    only surprise is Ty Warren, otherwise these cuts make sense...undoubtedly, more moves to follow as roster is still in a complete state of flux...perhaps a run @ Cullen Jenkins or Osi (if they do indee more »

  • Forum Post: Moss trade??

    Posted 10/05/2010 08:15:16 EDT

    has to be at least a 2nd round pick...don't like the trade if it's only for a 3rd next yr more »

  • Forum Post: Moss trade??

    Posted 10/05/2010 08:12:23 EDT

    here's the link: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2010/10/05/glazer-vikings-patriots-talking-trade-for-moss/ i'm cool w/ it as long as it's for their 1st next yr or a defensive player and their 2n more »

  • Forum Post: Patriots vs. Jets Game Thread.

    Posted 09/19/2010 08:17:02 EDT

    predictable, myopic play calling in the second half...no adjustments...porous defense...another second-rate QB becomes all-pro against our defense...whatever...welcome back, your 2009 club...won't be more »

  • Forum Post: **Maroney Traded to Denver**

    Posted 09/14/2010 05:03:55 EDT

    reasonable trade...4th round pick is nice...they weren't going to resign Maroney after this season anyway, so it's good business to get something for him now, especially since he obviously had slipped more »

  • Forum Post: Thoughts on Pats Season Record:

    Posted 08/16/2010 12:34:34 EDT

    thought 9-7 for quite some time...although promising, too many young players; too many question marks on the "O" and "D" lines...transitionary period for the club this year
    more »

  • Forum Post: Aaron Schobel

    Posted 08/02/2010 12:29:12 EDT

    would love to see the club take a flyer on him if he is indeed released by Buffalo... more »

  • Forum Post: Come June 15th will the Pats sign Mankins.

    Posted 06/14/2010 04:16:40 EDT

    my bad...per profootballtalk.com he's not signing his tender and wants to be traded...so, slash his salary and trade him...no other recourse, now more »

  • Forum Post: Come June 15th will the Pats sign Mankins.

    Posted 06/14/2010 04:05:44 EDT

    http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2010/06/14/logan-mankins-wants-to-be-traded-plans-to-sign-tender/ he signed his tender but wants to be traded...since he's apparently myopic, and perhaps misinform more »

  • Forum Post: peter king...

    Posted 05/17/2010 02:57:09 EDT

    Peter King = a** clown

    hey, maybe the Patriots don't make the playoffs...who knows? but regardless, this guy is a certified tool more »

  • Forum Post: Wes Welker says there's "no telling" when he can return

    Posted 05/11/2010 12:24:23 EDT

    thinking they should shut him down for the 2010 season so he (1) won't re-injure the knee by coming back too early and (2) so that he'll be 100% for 2011...if Wes doesn't play in 2010, it will allow E more »

  • Forum Post: Albert Breer & Hernandez story

    Posted 04/28/2010 10:55:24 EDT

    In Response to Albert Breer & Hernandez story: I'm new to this board and I don't like complaining but I have to get this off my chest.  I don't know if I'm in the minority here or not but I am a littl more »

  • Forum Post: what is everyones favorite pick?

    Posted 04/26/2010 01:35:35 EDT

    Spikes and Hernandez... more »

  • Forum Post: Your prediction: Who will the Patriots pick No.1?

    Posted 04/22/2010 04:24:27 EDT

     CB Kareem Jackson or OG/C Maurkice Pouncey more »

  • Forum Post: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Posted 04/21/2010 04:08:25 EDT

    thread has been great and informative…thanks to all who have participated thus far…  here’s my take…  1st round #22: think we may trade down a few spots…possibly to #26 (Cardinals) or #28 (San Diego) more »

  • Forum Post: 10-6 for 2010?

    Posted 04/21/2010 12:19:46 EDT

    i'll reserve judgement until after the draft and the remainder of the offseason, but i'm feeling 10-6 or 9-7 at this point... more »

  • Forum Post: Trading Matt Light

    Posted 04/21/2010 11:57:05 EDT

    i'll be curious if any of the following get traded during the upcoming draft: Laurence Maroney Adalius Thomas Matt Light Regarding Light, if traded i think they may be able to procure a 4th-6th round more »

  • Forum Post: List of Players visting Foxboro

    Posted 04/21/2010 11:50:31 EDT

    30 Pre-Draft Visits:TCU DE/OLB Jerry HughesTennessee RB Montario HardestyTennessee NT Dan WilliamsFlorida QB Tim TebowUCLA DT Brian PriceWashington DE/OLB Daniel Te’o-Nesheim California DE Tyson Alual more »

  • Forum Post: how many impact players do the patriots have on the team?

    Posted 03/07/2010 03:52:27 EST

    they're as follows:




    more »

  • Forum Post: Veteran CB Bodden visiting with Texans

    Posted 03/07/2010 02:21:17 EST

    couldn't agree with you more, kebbe...hopefully, that will be the outcome so the team can focus on a pass rush and other playmakers via the draft more »

  • Forum Post: Veteran CB Bodden visiting with Texans

    Posted 03/07/2010 01:55:51 EST

    saw this same info come across on profootballtalk: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2010/03/07/bodden-will-meet-with-texans/ not a good sign, but you never know...the problem is is that the market more »

  • Forum Post: Re: Pats reach 3yr extension with Banta-Cain

    Posted 03/05/2010 03:03:16 EST

    now, Kraft needs to pony up the dough for Bodden before our secondary is even more ridiculous http://espn.go.com/blog/boston/new-england-patriots/post/_/id/4675736/patriots-reach-extension-with-banta- more »

  • Forum Post: Personal Apology

    Posted 11/18/2009 12:15:22 EST

    although your comments were over the top, you don't owe them an apology...don't take anything on these forums so seriously; there's no accountability, no decorum anyway...hell, half the people that pa more »

  • Forum Post: What did you think of Belichick's explanation?

    Posted 11/16/2009 02:03:53 EST

    BB doesn't need to explain himself...he made the right choice...he made the right call last night-period...you play to win, not to lose...put the ball in your best player's hand and let the chips fall more »

  • Forum Post: The right call

    Posted 11/16/2009 01:52:04 EST

    BB made the right call last night-period...you play to win, not to lose...put the ball in your best player's hand and let the chips fall where they may...and yes, if the game was in Foxborough, Faulk more »