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  • Forum Post: Obama's State of the Union address

    Posted 02/13/2013 10:40:11 EST

    He should start by cutting off all the junkies drunks,illegals, whor-s who have another kid every year and all the other s-it in our society who are stealing undeserved money for ssi, EBT cards,free h more »

  • Forum Post: What is your favorite piece of fitness gear?

    Posted 05/24/2012 05:45:36 EDT

    sweaty grey more »

  • Forum Post: 10 Ways Attacking Iran Could Destroy The United States

    Posted 04/28/2012 04:26:54 EDT

    Drop my mother in law out of a plane on Iran, please more »

  • Forum Post: comments

    Posted 02/03/2012 04:23:57 EST

    I have nothing better to do until the Snug opens, so I make these stupid comments, I could really care less if the bots run or not,been retired 10 years and getting bored.Hello more »

  • Forum Post: so shore ferry ride

    Posted 02/03/2012 04:21:09 EST

    the woman in the picture talking to the head of the T, looks like she forgot to see her shrink and her meds. Heaven forbid she should take the train with the peasants more »

  • Forum Post: Quincy council criticizes Fore River Bridge design

    Posted 01/23/2012 08:00:45 EST

    Maybe these idiots should have protested the design of the death trap that was installed temporarily.What imbecil would even consider a new bridge with a sharp turn,excuse me this is Quincy so the fix more »

  • Forum Post: ferry service

    Posted 01/21/2012 07:31:02 EST

    Why are all these whiners whining,if the boat stops,the train is a whopping half mile away,either in Hingham or East Weymouth,wow,thats a real long drive. And why would anyone from Deluxbury where I l more »

  • Forum Post: Affordable housing

    Posted 01/15/2012 05:06:38 EST

    These phoney snobs in this joke of a town don't want affordable housing.Between the anorexic women,the drug and alcohol problem and the dysfunctional families it's a wonder these people can get out of more »


    Posted 01/05/2012 07:01:53 EST

    Hey Comm 2 where are you,it's Nim,I was decommented from the Mariner.Hope your well and everyone else at JPE.There will not be affordable housing,cause these plastic Norwellians think they are better more »

  • Forum Post: New school and huge tax increases

    Posted 01/05/2012 05:53:12 EST

    This is insane building a new school. It's all about feeding the egos of the fools in this town.The kids can learn just as well in a rehabbed buiding at half the cost.Eventually even the well paid fak more »

  • Forum Post: New school and huge tax increases

    Posted 10/31/2011 05:10:49 EDT

    the new school was approved,and now how are these fools going to pay for it.Hingham has always been preety well off,with no shortage of phonies,but eventually it is going to be a town for just the the more »


    Posted 09/01/2011 05:53:18 EDT

    Norwell doesn't want affordable housing ,the snots in this town think they are better than people who never had a break.A lot of the lowlifes in Norwell didn't exactly make their money,let's say legit more »

  • Forum Post: no traffic light at cushing and main

    Posted 05/13/2011 05:51:50 EDT

    when are the dummies in this dysfunctional town going to realize a light is needed there.Some poor kid or old person is going to get hit,obviously they don't care more »

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