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About Me: A cancer surgery RN, now dialysis nurse, who speaks 5 languages, had lived in Europe for years, pragmatic politically with a lean to the left and a committed dog lover (or "whacko" as my mother says) who yearns for the days of political discourse when diametrically opposing points of view were discussed with passion and compassion. I have a lot of difficulty with dogma and dogmatics, right OR left. Life hurts, really hurts, and anything I can do to relieve the pain I gladly do.

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  • Forum Post: Your favorite Chinese food in the Boston area?

    Posted 12/31/2011 02:47:34 EST

    Peony Pavilion, Dedham.  Freshest vegetables with great, basic Chinese-American cooking.

  • Forum Post: Rita Kalcos: fire her or rehire her?

    Posted 02/09/2010 04:38:33 EST

    I think there's more to this story than we're getting.  Otherwise she'd have just be reprimanded or disciplined. 
    Something's a little fishy here.

  • Forum Post: Your favorite Dedham restaurants?

    Posted 12/18/2009 12:34:01 EST

    The potato pizza at Santoro's is amazing but I also love the Kouzina.  At both places the people are friendly and helpful and both are an asset in this town.

  • Forum Post: 25 Most Stylish Bostonians of 2009

    Posted 11/05/2009 09:54:33 EST

    Foolish, idiotic and boring.  We are NOT new York and why do all you newcomers try so hard to make it New York?  Move there if you want New York so badly.

  • Forum Post: What are you reading? (2009 edition)

    Posted 08/24/2009 08:37:27 EDT

    I absolutely adore the Garry Disher series on Mornington Peninsula, Australia!  A series of character driven mysteries that keep you captivated cover to cover.

  • Forum Post: What are you reading? (2009 edition)

    Posted 08/24/2009 08:35:37 EDT

    In Response to Re: What are you reading? (2009 edition): You can't go wrong w/Neville Shute....great author. Currently reading Peter Robinson's English mystery series w/Chief Inspector Alan Banks. Pos more »

  • Forum Post: VICK to the EAGLES!!! (unconfirmed two year deal)

    Posted 08/14/2009 08:27:50 EDT

    YAY, Laurie~!!!  I totally agree with your sentiment.  I'll be boycotting the Eagles and anyone who sponsors them.  The NFL is so full of crooks, pimps, murderers and general scum that I'm finding it more »