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  • Forum Post: What is your stupid Pats-watching superstition?

    Posted 11/29/2014 03:18:34 EST

    I always put my 2001 world champion pat the patriot bobblehead in front of my pc screen


  • Forum Post: Rusty was right all along!

    Posted 04/01/2014 12:54:23 EDT

    In response to TFB12's comment:too damn funny!! Thank you !!




    No he wasn't, Rusty has never been right!!

  • Forum Post: Boras Misreads Market

    Posted 03/19/2014 10:08:30 EDT

    Boras and   Borges two mutts from hell!

  • Forum Post: Talib goes to Denver

    Posted 03/12/2014 01:50:46 EDT

    1st day of practice, I would love to see Talib get fined; for walking over and punching welker in the mouth!


  • Forum Post: lol @ Patriot fans in Denver

    Posted 01/17/2014 05:27:42 EST

    In response to PapaJohn18's comment: Pats fans hitting up Denver pot shops before big game   New England Patriots fans are already in a Mile High state of mind for this weekend’s AFC Championship sh more »

  • Forum Post: OK Ben, lets close the door on DREW & move on as .......

    Posted 01/16/2014 10:31:47 EST

    In response to slasher9's comment:

    i believe this is the 3rd different thread you have started regarding this same exact topic.  is drew your new ortiz???



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  • Forum Post: Interesting Question Posed... Thoughts?

    Posted 01/15/2014 09:24:07 EST

    In response to joepatsfan111111's comment:just so you know...I am Russ, not rusty! Listening to Felger and Mazz, someone just called in saying losing Gronk was the best thing that happened to this tea more »

  • Forum Post: If Pats lose - Whats the excuse?

    Posted 01/14/2014 12:40:01 EST

    I guess it is time for all the trolls to come out from under the bridge!

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  • Forum Post: Merry Christmas Everyone

    Posted 12/25/2013 02:24:57 EST

    In response to royf19's comment: I'm headed out of town for the holidays and likely won't have computer access until Wednesday. So let me be the first to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. We all had a more »

  • Forum Post: Favorite sox pitcher?

    Posted 11/26/2013 11:29:10 EST

    i would have to say Eckersley or Bruce Hurst


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  • Forum Post: Stay away from Boras

    Posted 11/09/2013 01:54:48 EST

    Boras is as bad for baseball as steroids!!

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  • Forum Post: anti Boston sports writers

    Posted 09/20/2013 02:05:12 EDT

    In response to royf19's comment: In response to Hetchinspete's comment:   In response to rusco's comment:   why does let eric wilburn write columns? He is a chicago sports writer and in any more »

  • Forum Post: anti Boston sports writers

    Posted 09/19/2013 02:22:31 EDT

    why does let eric wilburn write columns? He is a chicago sports writer and in any sports show, article or column, never say anytrhing good about any Boston team!!!

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  • Forum Post: pick up Stallworth

    Posted 08/28/2013 01:49:17 EDT

    In response to Quagmire3's comment: Rusco are you CC? Because this is one dumb thread! Which one of our recievers would you cut for Stallworth? He's is 32 years old and not that good anymore. He made more »

  • Forum Post: pick up Stallworth

    Posted 08/27/2013 05:51:44 EDT


    he knows the system

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  • Forum Post: pick up Stallworth

    Posted 08/27/2013 05:51:26 EDT

    why not give him a shot??

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  • Forum Post: Off Topic - Krejci

    Posted 06/04/2013 11:54:24 EDT

    In response to ghostofjri37's comment: Funny how horton has showed up. It's amazing what playing for a contract will do for a player. man you are a dick, when he finally got over his concussion, he st more »

  • Forum Post: is it just me??

    Posted 04/13/2013 04:00:15 EDT

    or does hanrahan suck?

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  • Forum Post: NEXT UP!!!

    Posted 01/14/2013 10:34:07 EST

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  • Forum Post:

    Posted 11/03/2012 10:45:32 EDT

    if you are a nhl fan, check this out

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  • Forum Post: Seahawks Will Be A Great Test...

    Posted 10/14/2012 03:40:32 EDT

    In response to BoisesBiggestPatsFan's comment: In response to BubbaInHawaii's comment: BB will indeed confuse the rookie QB. Wilson will complete some passes but will not look like Brees. Pat's D gets more »

  • Forum Post: I have been wrong!

    Posted 09/30/2012 04:34:31 EDT

    I have made some rash statements about Tom Brady's playing. Maybe I have expected more and maybe I have just wanted more. I have made some harsh statements and as a fan of the Pats since the late 60's more »

  • Forum Post: time for a new fieldgoal kicker

    Posted 09/30/2012 02:11:33 EDT


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  • Forum Post: Since this is a Celtics forum

    Posted 09/29/2012 07:33:58 EDT

    I dont know which sounds better....Beat LA or Beat ther Heat! GO CELTS!!!!!!!

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  • Forum Post: time for a new qb

    Posted 09/25/2012 12:30:31 EDT

    this is just my opinion...i could be wrong

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