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  • Forum Post: How far will Jenkins drop?

    Posted 04/13/2012 05:38:08 EDT

    BB will have insite to Jenkins issues in college. BB does what is in the best interest of the team and no reporter has even been close to understnading what the Pats do on draft day... I am shocked Gr more »

  • Forum Post: 2012 Draft Mock V3

    Posted 04/13/2012 05:35:32 EDT

    Smith and Childs seem like good picks. The other are not so impressive- Hightower is an ILB and will not have an impact Reyes is a 2nd rd pick imo. I do not see the Pats grabbing a OG/OT unless Light more »

  • Forum Post: Bucs Released Tanard Jackson!

    Posted 04/11/2012 06:58:10 EDT

    no thanks more »

  • Forum Post: Ladanian Tomlinson - the perfect addition to the Patriots backfield!

    Posted 04/11/2012 06:57:21 EDT

    LT is toast - Pats have Woody and Vereen for the change of pace and catching out of the backfield. If any vet RB then bring in Cedric Benson. He can run the rock north south and break out a few runs. more »

  • Forum Post: Spikes

    Posted 01/18/2012 06:17:01 EST

    Agree he reminds me of Cox too. He was known as the tebow of the defense in college so you know he has charisma and you can see his energy on the field. He will need BIG games in order for the Patriot more »

  • Forum Post: Interesting Stat from Mike Reiss

    Posted 12/28/2011 09:45:46 EST

    Reiss is still MR Obvious. thanks more »

  • Forum Post: If Pats were in Colts position, would you trade Brady?

    Posted 12/28/2011 09:44:25 EST

    Pats have better depth at QB so they are not in the same situation. But if I were the colts I drop Mannig and his price tag via a trade. Therefore, i would drop Brady as well. also considering it woul more »

  • Forum Post: Ben Jarvis Green Ellis sucks

    Posted 11/28/2011 04:55:24 EST

    The Pats ahve not been running th eball and are not a running team - their short passes are their run plays. BJGE Woodhead Faulk Ridley Vereen all are limited in this offense and that will not change. more »

  • Forum Post: T.O. in NE? This thread is about RUMORS! Not me wanting TO!

    Posted 11/28/2011 04:53:10 EST

    if they do that they should grab Moss at least he knows the offense more »


    Posted 11/28/2011 04:49:38 EST

    really? com'on man!

    more »

  • Forum Post: Goal line offense

    Posted 11/25/2011 07:39:35 EST

    Ninko has played on the goalline as well as fletcher more »

  • Forum Post: GROW UP Schwartz!

    Posted 10/17/2011 10:08:40 EDT

    it looked as if Harbaugh whacked Schwarz and pushed him - no repsect there.

    Schwarz had every right to be pizzed  more »

  • Forum Post: Predictions on 2011 Patriots

    Posted 09/12/2011 09:08:45 EDT

    13-3 dont care about 16-0 19-0 BS Brady gets 37 TD Haynesworth 4.5 sacks Ocho 45 catches Yes to a Mayo contract extension No Moss Split the Jests A Bomb 72 catches Edelman 0 to the house LS wont be as more »

  • Forum Post: the jets seem to win so many games that they should've lost

    Posted 09/12/2011 08:52:14 EDT

    there are 3 phases to the game and Fatty Rex has his team prepared despite Sanchize playnig like a goober. more »

  • Forum Post: taylor price production prediction

    Posted 09/02/2011 07:18:10 EDT

    32, 385, 4 TDs more »

  • Forum Post: Tate

    Posted 09/02/2011 07:16:35 EDT

    Tate played poorly on ST, but he was a guy who could stretch the field last year - unless Price is healthy the pats would only have Hernandez to go underneath when 85, Branch and Welker go long... and more »

  • Forum Post: Positions of most need

    Posted 09/02/2011 07:14:37 EDT

    Molden did a good job last night arriving on the same day and playing...  RG is a concern, but otherwise everything will take shape in the first 2 games. another possible issue could be LS more »

  • Forum Post: Could Barrett/Ihedigbo be an upgrade over Meriweather at S?

    Posted 09/02/2011 07:13:05 EDT

    trade bait - not cutting a 2x pro bowler and cheap in his last year. more »


    Posted 08/30/2011 07:48:34 EDT

    generally the C helps out the LG to protect the passers blind side. the RG is left on his own as the Qb can see the pressure.

    RG will be fine if Connolly is healthy, but so far no good when he is out. more »

  • Forum Post: Marcus Cannon

    Posted 08/30/2011 07:45:38 EDT

    PUP him then IR if he cannot make it. more »

  • Forum Post: OCHO =GALLOWAY!

    Posted 08/30/2011 07:42:15 EDT

    who cares? Ocho will get covered and can open up others even he tries to stretch the field.

    branch has nto cuaght a pass yet should we cut him too? more »

  • Forum Post: Roster cuts & WR/RB workouts...What's the logic?

    Posted 08/24/2011 07:41:04 EDT

    I agree w KyleCleric2 see hwo things take shape as other cuts move towards the final 53. Also you never know what other teams needs are if the injury bug continues as it has. BJGE, Woody, Tate, Edelma more »

  • Forum Post: ESPN takes shot at Pats again

    Posted 08/24/2011 07:08:40 EDT

    the DB Peter King still brings up Spygate as well. But we all know he is in BB's doghouse.... more »

  • Forum Post: Pats are going 19-0 this year.

    Posted 08/24/2011 05:57:13 EDT

    I don't care how many games they win in 2011 as long as the last winning game is the Super Bowl. more »

  • Forum Post: Amalie Benjiman and her hate pieces

    Posted 08/22/2011 03:16:23 EDT

    well she has an 'Ask Amily' area so maybe she is writing stories from peoples questions. Not that hard when people give you the ideas.... The overall quality of the globe has gone down the tubes for y more »